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Playing catch up!

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Haha! That’s me trying to play catch up!

But it’s not working out too well.

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Despite being back and announcing my big plans for 2018, I have so much to do that I don’t think I’ll be able to catch up with every blog that I follow at the moment. I caught up with a few, but I have to leave again. I hope to be back in the swing of things before the week is out even though I’ve scheduled some posts. Take care and God bless.Β 

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The Community

This too shall pass…

Please keep my sister Margaret in your thoughts and prayers.Β 

The Word

Hey everyone :):) I pray this finds every one happy, filled with God’s love, and blessings. I am dealing with a health issue at the moment. Reading, or even concentrating on anything , really magnifies this. I won’t be able to post anything, or read blogs until this passes.

I moderated a few comments, typed this up, and I’m exhausted but this too shall pass. Praise God for His mercy, and purpose for everything. God Bless you all :):)

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Day 01: Best book you read last year

Apart from the Holy Bible, I’ll have to go with… well, that’s odd. My mind is drawing a blank right now which means that the book wasn’t that great. I read a couple of books last year that I’m yet to write reviews for, but none… I’ll have to go with the reread of James Patterson’s Violets Are Blue. This was the book that introduced me to Alex Cross and I haven’t looked back since.Β 

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Blog plans for 2018

Okay, so, it’s janvierΒ 01st aka Page 1 of 365 days.

For the past few months, I’ve been thinking of the direction I want to take La Petit Muse in for 2018. It’s still going to be a pretty random-no-genre-attached blog, but there are some things that I want to add and some that I want to take away. Two of those things might be Poetry Wednesday and Writing Wisdom Wednesday. They may make way for Midweek Mystery and Fairytale Friday/Origins. Also, whenever I plan to write a specific topic, I tend to stray away from it, so there’ll be no more monthly planning. I still have topics from Social Media Week to complete, so I’ll try to do so by February.

This also might be my last year for blogging, so I want to make the most out of it. πŸ™‚

New Direction

This year, we’re going to talk mostly about God, books, and writing. We’re going to be open to controversial topics. We’re going to talk about gods and goddesses. Origins. Fairytales. Mysteries. Haul books. We’re going to cover the Bible – book to book – in depth, something that I started doing last year, but did not get around to posting on the blog.Β 

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I love blogging and consider it a passion, rather than a hobby, but this year, I would not be blogging daily, I would be scheduling a lot and taking lots of time off. Well, hopefully.

New Theme

I’ve been looking for a new theme since last July or so, but I haven’t met none that I like quite yet, so hopefully, WordPress gets fresher themes this year. However, before the week is out, I’ll try to choose one.

Back to the Past

I don’t watch TV shows or movies like I used to, but this year, I want to start the back to the past challenge, something that I’ve been given to do since 2016. Basically, I have to watch some TV shows and movies from my past and see if I feel the same way about them. I already chose three shows I used to love. As for the movies, I’ll just try to finish the Tom Cruise Challenge. I want to get that over and done with, so I’ll try to watch one movie every two-three weeks.

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Challenge for janvier

This is a 30 day book challenge! Try it out! Paste to FB, Blog it or write it out by hand!

What better way to kick off the monthly challenge than looking back at books I’ve read? I’ll be doing this challenge with Tammy. ❀

Blessed janvier to all.

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Welcome, 2018!

And since…

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Here’s a dose of Positive Monday!


This year, we’re going to let go and allow God. We’re going to leave behind what isn’t good for us and we’re going to make a promise to make time for ourselves whenever life starts crowding us. We’re going to put God first and hold onto the positives emptying the negatives from our lives.

May your 2018 be epic! God bless.

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