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Day 01: Best book you read last year

Apart from the Holy Bible, I’ll have to go with… well, that’s odd. My mind is drawing a blank right now which means that the book wasn’t that great. I read a couple of books last year that I’m yet to write reviews for, but none… I’ll have to go with the reread of James Patterson’s Violets Are Blue. This was the book that introduced me to Alex Cross and I haven’t looked back since.Β 

Image result for Violets Are Blue james patterson

6 thoughts on “Day 01: Best book you read last year”

    1. I’m trying! I’m trying! Haha! Honestly, I’ll be reading so much this year, I’m not sure if I’ll make time to review all that I’ll be reading, but for your sake, I’ll try. Don’t worry, I’ll email you. πŸ™‚

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