Teaser Tuesday: magazine covers!

Teaser Tuesday:

Since my adorable muse is still on vacation, I am actually spending the free time doing creative stuff and I like where it’s heading. Today (technically, it’s evening now, but hey! It’s still Tuesday!), I share what I’ve been up to lately.

I’ve been playing around with colors and I’m no expert (as yet), but I am working on it. When I was younger, I’ve always wanted to have my own magazine, something I’m currently working on in my spare time.

This cover was done for a story that I’m supposed to be writing for a friend. The model is not mine and if she belongs to you, the reader/browser, let me know and I’ll take this down.

The da Díxons belongs to me and I’m building a fictional fashion empire around them.


This one is the cover I might go with, but I ran out of color patience! I don’t like the green, but I’m too lazy to change it:


As for this other one, I’ve never written Tom Cruise into any story of mine before (I used to write Michael Jackson fan fiction, though), so when my friend gave me this challenge to include my favorite celebrity in a story, I decide to go with TC as a businessman and use his birth name. I also give him a son… but the story is yet to be written. 

I had fun creating this magazine cover and the headlines!


So, I’m not writing, but at least I’m creating. Let me know what you think.


Let’s get made; American Made!

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“I love stories of improbable heroes working against the system, and Barry Seal took the government, and our country, for an unbelievable ride. Interpreting his story has the makings for an entertaining film that is equal parts satire, suspense and comedy—and always surprising.”
Doug Liman

Originally titled Mena, American Made is set to hit the big screen on September 29th, 2017 and I’ll just have to bear it and wait patiently (Originally, it was supposed to have a Jan 2017 release). I’ve read Seal’s story and I’ve been excited for the film since filming began in 2015. 

This is the movie I’m most excited about for 2017!

The film is set in the 1980s.

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Tom Cruise will play Barry Seal, a hustler and American pilot who gets coaxed by the CIA into participating in a covert operation that involved Seal going from drug smuggler to drug informant. While working for the CIA, he spied on the infamous Medellin Cartel, including leader Pablo Escobar, during the height of 1980s cocaine drug trafficking. He also ended up involved in Nicaraguan and Contra politics, which played a role in the Reagan Administration’s Iran-Contra scandal.

We are family: Barry and Debbie in 1981 with their children, from left Aaron, Christine and Dean. At the time he was smuggling drugs from Colombia for the Medellin cartel with the US authorities in complete ignorance

‘The exciting thing to me is to get into a life and death situation,’

Barry Seal

Known as a rebel adventurer, Seal was the first American to see the inner workings of the powerful Medellin cartel. He was fearless while undercover and his inside information led to prosecutions. At that time, the Drug Enforcement Administration was battling the cocaine explosion.

A price was put on his head for turning federal witness and Seal died in a hail of bullets at the hands of Colombian hitmen. *Cringes* 

And TC does justice to any uniform he puts on. This time, a pilot’s…


Back in action: Tom Cruise was spotted in a pilot's uniform and free from bruises on the set of the new crime thriller Mena in Atlanta, Georgia on Wednesday

The film is directed by Doug Liman, who previously collaborated with TC on Edge of Tomorrow. TC always want to give the audience their money’s worth and this film is going to be a masterpiece if things go according to Seal’s story. TC had to gain weight for the role for Barry Seal weighed 280+ pounds and was known as ‘El Gordo’ (The Fat Man), but the actor did not pile on the pounds.

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Barry Seal

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I like what I’ve seen of TC’swardrobe so far on the set:

Pick a color, any color: Tom Cruise was styled in a rainbow of colors on set of his latest film in Ball Ground, Georgia on WednesdayPick a color, any color: Tom Cruise was styled in a rainbow of colors on set of his latest film in Ball Ground, Georgia on WednesdayPick a color, any color: Tom Cruise was styled in a rainbow of colors on set of his latest film in Ball Ground, Georgia on Wednesday

The brown leather jacket has already gotten rave reviews and many people are asking where they can order it.

Costume: The father-of-three was dressed in double denim sporting a chambray shirt and trousers

Image result for tom cruise american made

Image result for tom cruise american made

Related image

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I’ve always wanted to see Tom Cruise run in Paris!

Mission in Paris? Well, I certainly hope so because I’ve always wanted to see Tom Cruise run in Paris.

While it is yet to be made official and cemented in ink, reports are circulating that key scenes from the 6th installment of Mission: Impossible will be shot in Paris, France. My girl Rebecca Ferguson who is returning as the lethal Ilsa Faust confirmed that the French capital will be featured during her interview with Cinema Blend:

“I’m doing stunt work right now, so I’m not missing it. I’m on break for a minute. But it’s lovely going into it not knowing what the big sequences are going to be. Because they don’t really present it all at once, and then you train for it. You train in martial arts, and you learn the technique, and then you break it up, and from that comes movement. I’m going to New Zealand and Paris!

So, I’m holding my breath for Paris.

Meanwhile, *groans* they’ve added more British cast to the 6th installment.

Just call the upcoming Mission: Impossible the battle of the British. After the incredibly boring Henry Cavill was added to the 6th MI, they added someone by the name of Vanessa Kirby…

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… and Sian Brooke.

Reports are saying that Vanessa was brought in to play the lead opposite Tom Cruise. If Rebecca Ferguson is returning, there is no need for this Kirby woman to be lead. I do not care about anyone else being Ethan’s love interest if it isn’t Faust.

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What’s next? Inviting the Queen for a cameo appearance?

MI TRIVIA: The Ilsa Connection

In 2010, Tom Cruise told People magazine that his first celebrity crush was Ingrid Bergman in Notorious (1946).

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After he saw Rebecca Ferguson in The White Queen TC thought she looked like Ingrid and cast her in Rogue Nation. 

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Where’s the trivia in this? Ferguson’s character is named Ilsa just like Bergman’s character in Casablanca (1942). If you watched Rogue Nation and paid attention, then you would’ve appreciated the homage when Hunt and Benji tracked Ilsa to Casablanca at some point in the film.

Both Christopher McQuarrie (writer/director) and Tom Cruise shares an obsession with Casablanca’s Ilsa. I’ve never seen the movie and I don’t intend to.

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 It’s a cine fact that NO ONE outruns Tom Cruise on screen

“Don’t let anyone stop you from being creative.” Yes, you!

Hello from this part of the world. Since my muse left me for the South of France I’ve been reading motivating stuff. I don’t have writer’s block, I’m just void of inspiration to write although it’s there. Does that make any sense?

Anyway, here’s some motivation to kick start your morning/afternoon:

5 favorite quotes


Favorite quotes at the moment:

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NEVER EVER BE AFRAID to express your love for the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. For if you deny Him before everyone here on earth, He will deny you before His Father in Heaven (Matthew 10 33).

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Whenever someone comes to me with gossip, I quote this awesome scripture (John 8:7). Who are we to judge when we came into this world with sin?

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Tyler is known for his wittiness and quirkiness. I like this because my writing is worth it and practice makes perfect. ^^

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Everyone who knows me (including my supervisor) knows that I like new challenges and I’m always on the lookout for them. This quote is 100% me.

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I don’t care for unicorns and magic, but this is great advice. Don’t ever let criticism stop you from reaching your destined goal.

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