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MI:6 – Parisian premiere and that wicked fight scene!

This post will self-destruct in five seconds (possibly).

The actors of Mission: Impossible – Fallout turned out for the Parisian premiere last evening and the critics couldn’t stop raving about the movie. The movie started filming without a script. Reminds me of my own writing, sometimes. I just wing it sometimes abandoning plotting and outlining. Anyway, the City of Love was bathed in splendor and glamour last evening. 

The Eiffel Tower totally wore it better and outshone everyone else.

All eyes were on Tom…

…who proved that he isn’t a vampire once and for all. I mean, look at that aging. If that isn’t aging, then I don’t want to live on this planet anymore. He said that the movie is a “love letter to Paris”. And I honestly don’t know how can he stops to talk to every fan, sign every autograph and take every selfie even before the red carpet starts!

A few raves about the movie:

Entertainment Weekly: He’s (Tom) “ageless”, with the film getting “better, twistier and more deliriously fun with each installment.” 

Variety: “with each one (MI film) surpassing the last this one is the most exciting and ambitious of the lot”.

 The Telegraph: “spectacular and eye-popping” and “the blockbuster of the summer”

Even if the critics didn’t like it, I was still planning on seeing it because this franchize has grown on me. The spy action genre does not come better than this and I love that Paris is one of the backdrops for this film because Paris makes every movie look good even when it doesn’t deserve to. And the crew is going to do a lot of running for their lives.

Tom says that there’s some ‘heart’ in the movie. Who is he going to romance? The ex-wife? The crazy super spy who’s his equal? The blondie he’s holding hands with in the picture above as they run for their lives? Somebody, tell me! Eh, forget it. I’ll see when the film drops. I want to talk about the epic bathroom fight scene, though. I wanted to wait until I start my new series on writing, but alas! It cannot wait so let’s get to it.

The bathroom is made of cardboard or the men are just really strong. That aside, I like how the fight looks realistic despite the Asian dude tearing a drain pipe from the wall. Ethan Hunt does not beat everyone in the room singlehandedly and walks out unscathed. He gets blows and lands blows. Even August Walker gets some blows, too. He’s supposed to be “babysitting” Ethan if he tries to go rogue again and yet, he gets his butt handed to him although he does get in some nice punches. Looks like the brawler type though, and I am still on the fence with Henry Cavill. I like him better when he’s not speaking. 

The fight choreography was really well done right down to Hunt’s keysi moves and reaction timing. The Asian man is trying to take out an IMF agent and a CIA assassin at the same time! I especially love the part where August throws the man into the mirror, dude grabs the pipe just as Ethan comes running without looking (13 seconds in) and he just hurls it at Ethan, but super agent ducks in time and the pipe hits the wall. The look on Ethan’s face when he sees the pipe coming towards it was priceless. And the fact that there is no music makes it even better for the realism and the grittiness shines through. Hollywood, this is how you do a fight scene. 

Image result for Mission: Impossible - Fallout gif

This movie is definitely going to put all the other MIs to bed. Everyone has outdone themselves based on what I’ve seen so far.

Catch MI Fallout in theaters from July 27th. Summer is going to be 🔥🔥.

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Welcome to the quarter-finals!

These teams are here for they played hard and fought even harder. Uruguay and France played with passion and joy. Brazil with attitude (and Neymar slipping one too many times for many fans liking!), Belgium with pride, Russia with determination, Croatia with heart, Sweden with focus and England with pleasure. 

This World Cup is the most entertaining I’ve witnessed since France 1998. It was mostly unpredictable from the first whistle, although I got all of mine right. Some teams stole my heart all over again (Japan, Nigeria, Senegal, and Mexico) and some teams played beautiful football but were unable to it make to the round of 16 (Morocco and Tunisia). Some teams still need improvement (Saudi Arabia, Australia, and Serbia) and some teams were present, but their mindset wasn’t (Argentina, Poland, and Germany).

And I still love you, Iceland!

Image result for gif iceland football


Uruguay v France – July 06th @10 am

I love these two teams. Whichever one wins I’ll be happy, but I’m leaning more towards Les Bleus. They’ve played some of the best football during the tournament although they didn’t start off convincingly prompting the Danish coach to say that we’re nothing special. Well, we might not be anything special, but we’re giving it our all and we deserve to be here. The boys are not going home without a good fight. 

France is the youngest team in the quarter-finals and I know I’m always stressing on this, but I’m going to stress on it anyway: Room. For. Improvement. Despite playing our best game against Argentina and despite playing with beautiful passion, I still see room for improvement, especially at the back. We need to tighten defense and we need a stronger flowing rhythm in midfield. At the end of the day, we’re all about teamwork and it’s the reason why we’ve reached this far.

France vs. Argentina: Round Of 16 - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

Uruguay also did a fine job at shutting the critics up and Edison Cavani finally stepped out of Luis Suárez’s shadow and lost his scapegoat status. Antoine Greizmann is looking forward to this match because of his Atlético teammate, good friend, and godfather to his daughter, Diego Godin. Because of Godin, Greizmann feels half Uruguayan as he has immersed himself in their culture, language, and tradition. However, Suárez thinks Greizmann should stop pretending to be Uruguayan. 🙄 Like, dude, todo bien! I love Uruguayan culture and know some Uruguayan-isms and I love listening to the gentle Uruguayan Spanish coming from El Matador’s mouth, but I have no claims to be an Uruguayan… not even if I can move to the rhythm like Cavani!

Related image

It’s the same thing with French culture. I do consider myself a Francophile but at the end of the day, I do not feel or want to be French despite having French in my family.

Griezmann gave the country a beautiful compliment, so shut up, take it, and stop being so literal. At this time, we’re still unsure about the extent of Cavani’s injury, but it’s most likely he won’t start/face the French. I think Uruguay might make the mistake of focusing on Kylian Mbappé and this can cost them, so I hope that this won’t be the case. 


I won’t be able to talk about the other 6 teams like this, but I think nothing less of them.

Brazil v Belgium – July 06th @2 pm

This is going to be a good match! Brazil has a great team, but one of the reasons they’re turning fans off everywhere is due to Neymar’s unnecessary falling to the ground and then making a spectacle out of it by rolling around as if he got hit by Jack Reacher.

Related image

Image result for gif neymar falling

Sometimes, he’s barely touched and down he goes, flopping on his back and then proceeds to imitate a rolling rock. This display is appalling. Even a bar in Rio de Janeiro had invented a new drinking game: free shots every time he falls down. And this was during Brazil’s crucial game during Serbia. Dude, leave the acting to Tom Cruise.

Although I’m not a fan of Brazil, I have nothing but love for Marcelo. 

Brazil vs. Switzerland: Group E - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

Belgium is having an amazing time at this tournament! Their football makes me smile. They’ve produced exceptional players and this generation is crafting a name for themselves. I won’t underestimate them for they’re capable of springing surprises. I don’t know why, but I’m feeling a France-Belgium semi-final showdown, but like I said, I won’t take anything away from these teams for it can also be an Uruguay-Brazil/Belgium showdown. 

Belgium vs. Japan: Round Of 16 - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

Sweden v England – July 07th @10 am

Sweden’s football might not be the most beautiful, but their focus is on another level. Many have said that they wouldn’t have strived without their talisman, but they’re proving that life without Zlatan is actually sweet.

Germany vs. Sweden: Group F - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

As for England, this is the best I’ve seen them and they’re giving their nation hope of winning it all. When Gareth Southgate came on, despite not getting the backing, I just knew that he was going to be the one to propel England to greatness and Harry Kane is simply a joy to watch even more so than David Beckham.


Russia v Croatia – July 07th @2 pm

Even before the tournament kicked off last month, Russia was written off. Although I chose Russia and Uruguay to advance from the group stage, the odds were expecting Egypt to advance with Uruguay. But even after advancing, the Russians were still written off, but when they beat Spain to remain in the tournament, many people started taking them seriously. And who would’ve thought it, eh? That the host nation was going to give a good fight? I am happy with their progress.

Spain vs. Russia: Round of 16 - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

I’ve come to love Croatia a long time ago. I believe that’s when I saw them participate in France 1998 and… wait, today is the 4th of July! On this day, 20 years ago, Croatia handed Germany a 3-0 defeat in Lyon, France during the 1998 tournament! That was the first game I saw the Croatians play and they stole a piece of my heart. Just like that.

Although I didn’t get to watch most of their games this tournament, they played with heart and proved critics wrong. They deserve to be here. They can go on and win this thing and they know it.


All the best to everyone and don’t forget to check your local schedule for listings.

*** GIFs and images via Google Search and Zimbio

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Share Your World – June 25, 2018

Here again to participate in Cee’s Share Your World Challenge!

If aliens landed on earth tomorrow and offered to take you home with them, would you go? (remember this is SYW, they are friendly aliens)

No… but they can take TC!

Haha! Their friendliness can be deceitfulness, so no, I won’t go anywhere with aliens and for the record, I dislike aliens. I’ll probably go War of the Worlds on them!

Image result for gif war of the worlds

How tall are you? Are you satisfied with your height?

Model tall and yes, I love my height. 💙

Image result for gif tall

Do you think you could live without your smartphone (or other technology item) for 24 hours?

I definitely can (and I do on most Sabbaths) for technology is not the boss of me. 

Image result for gif technology

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. 

Les Bleus winning their opening games at the World Cup. Although they’re through to the round of 16 with one more group game in hand, I still see lots of room for improvement. 

Image result for gif olivier giroud

***GIFs/pictures via Google Search


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Book 121: Love is a Thief

Join the quest to take back what love stole!

Kate Winters is an ordinary girl, with a not-so-ordinary mission: take back what love stole!

Kate Winters might just be ‘that’ girl. You know the one. The girl who, for no particular reason, doesn’t get the guy, doesn’t have children, doesn’t get the romantic happy ever after. So she needs a plan. What does she like doing? What didn’t she get to do because she fell in love? What would she be happy spending the rest of her life doing if love never showed up again?

This is one girl’s journey to take back what love stole and maybe find love again along the way Feel-good, witty and addictive; Love is a Thief is the book everyone’s talking about.

I sort of just made some notes while reading and here they are:

^ Opening scene read like a Bollywood movie with Kate bawling her eyes out in the airport over the French boyfriend who left her for an upgrade.

^ British writers and their annoying footnotes. It’s not a textbook! However, the Tom Cruise footnote…

I have an obsession with Tom Cruise and his attitude to life. He is passionate about everything he does, enthusiastic, dedicated, committed. If you ask Tom Cruise to wash up dirty dishes, he’d wash them up so hard those plates would gleam. If he gets angry, he’s like a raging bull. Tom Cruise commits to everything 110% and I aspire to be more like that. So when questioning my own attitude to life or when facing its hurdles, obstacles, the odd broken heart, I ask myself the following: ‘What would Tom Cruise do?’ then I try to embody the spirit of Tom. More often than not life starts to feel pretty damn good. Try it. Say it. ‘What would Tom do?’ Feels good, doesn’t it? I love you, Tom! I actually love you!

…was unnecessary. It is the truth about TC’s commitment, but still, this footnote was never needed. Her love for TC could’ve been incorporated into the story. I love me some TC, but not in that way. 

Related image

^ Maybe she should’ve tried asking ‘What would Jesus do?’

^ Annoying Chad! I couldn’t stop seeing him as Andy Serkis.

Image result for Andy Serkis gif

^ So, I um, met Peter Parker and this was the result:

“Peter Parker, as in spider man?’ Federico asked.

“No silly,” Beatrice chortled, “although he was terribly serious…”

IT DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE! Peter Parker is obviously named after Spiderman and he doesn’t smile, but this PP is not Spiderman! Didn’t you have a childhood friend named Peter Parker, Federico? Some common sense! Are you that dense? Parker didn’t have any chemistry with Kate. I think I had more chemistry with him than Kate.

Image result for gif spiderman

^ I loved Gabriel 2.0! He was the best character in this messy story and I wish the story focused on him instead of boring Kate and the even more boring Parker.

^ The bold words were EXTREMELY annoying.

^ I love that plain old boring but good looking Peter was jealous of the even dreamier Frenchman, Gabriel. Why do most good looking Frenchmen get named Gabriel? Why do writers stereotype Frenchmen? Why can’t we get a Frenchman who is not dreamy for once? I write about Frenchmen and they’re not all dreamy. What was I saying about Frenchmen again? 

^ Kate is obnoxious, rude, inconsiderate, whiny, bratty, silly, downright annoying, childish… let’s get to the point: I hate her. 

Image result for gif hate away

^ The story jumped around from here to there to over the cliff. Half of the time I didn’t know what the writer was talking about.

^ Federico, Kate’s friend, ties with her for being most irritating characters.

^ Instead of being funny, the story ends up being whiny and trashy. In a nutshell, this story is about a stupid grown woman who still acts like a child and whines whenever a boy breaks her heart. I’m glad Gabriel did. He should’ve stomped on it too. Stomp on it HARD and leave it in smithereens.

Image result for gif heart stomp

^ Love was not a thief. Kate was just a selfish bore and this story just dragged. She should’ve just moved on with her life. I didn’t feel sorry for her and as far as I was concerned, Gabriel dodged a bullet.


Eh! I like the blue, though.


The bog standard public display of being over your last relationship is when you get yourself into a new one. It’s like holding a giant banner in the air that reads:


love coffee

Another book to set on fire!

fire animated GIF