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Day 14: Book turned movie and completely desecrated

If I read the book, I won’t watch the movie and if I watch the movie, there is no need for me to read the book, but I do make rare exceptions. However, there is one movie that I absolutely dislike and that’s The Three Musketeers from 2011. One of the most adapted stories in film and television history, Dumas’s 1884 novel of the same name, this version made failure look beautiful.

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It was an insult to the book and the characters. The story was unfocused and lazy and the casting was horrible. I mean, Logan Lerman as D’Artagnan?

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Plus, flying pirate ships? It was full of outlandish stupidity and no one in 17th century France had a French accent – they were either American or British. It didn’t even bother to try in the historical accuracy department. Riddled with cheesy dialogue, terrible acting, bad writing and horrible action sequences, this movie was complete rubbish and should’ve never seen the light of day. 

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I haven’t seen the earlier versions of this movie, but I’ve seen the one from 1993 with Charlie Sheen and Chris O’Donnell and I happen to think it’s the best version ever. Maybe if I watch it now, I may feel differently given that I haven’t seen it in a few years. Hmm…

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Tous pour un, un pour tous!

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50 Foods #16: Paella

Origin: Spain
Date: 8th century
Type: Mixed rice dish

Paella was named for a flat-bottomed pan. This dish is for the Spanish what bouillabaisse is for the French in my opinion: a simple dish made to feed hard working people in the country. Today, it has evolved.

Valencia is home to this rice dish.

Would I eat it?: Valencians used seafood instead of meat, but if it looks anything like this chicken and tomato paella, I’m down:

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