Thursday Ten: life lessons from Jesus

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When it comes to role models, there is only one person I look up to, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I’ve learned so much from Him and am still learning. Here are 10 life lessons we can all learn from the King of Kings.

1. He came not to be served, but to serve Mark 10:45 And here’s a lesson for future leaders: If you want to be great, SERVE! Matthew 23:11-12

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2. Always go beyond what is required. Matthew 5: 40-42

3. He is the King of mingling. He mingled with sinners which must have certainly caused a stir back then, but Jesus never judged. Matthew 7:1-6 

4. Forgive. Forgive. Forgive! Even if it’s a 100 times, forgive. Nobody is perfect and when you forgive someone, a heavy weight is lifted off your shoulders. And when you forgive, God forgives you. Matthew 6:14-15 & Matthew 18:21-22

5. Pray in earnest. Matthew 7:7-8

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6. Whenever He was tempted, He quoted scriptures. Memorizing scriptures can calm and reassure us during the storm. Matthew 4:1-11

7. Live for today. Whenever I feel I’m worrying too much I am reminded that I should live for today and not worry what tomorrow may bring. Matthew 6:25-34

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8. Sometimes, we need to spend some time alone. Matthew 14:12 Matthew 14:23

9. Love. Love. Love! It’s all about love. After all, God is the Author of Love, not confusion. Matthew 22:36-40

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10. Keep your promises. Matthew 5:37

Thursday Ten: La Petit Muse: A look back at 2016 ❤


Technically, it’s not morning, it’s evening and I’ve endured a rather exhausting day, but I need to write. So let me hang up my coat before I begin this post.

2016 has been one heck of a rollercoaster ride! It had its ups and downs, its pain and joys and everything else in between. One of the best highlights for me was this blog. La Petit Muse was a project that started back in 2015 and ever since, it’s been a struggle to keep things a’ float, but I haven’t given up.

This should’ve get done a few weeks ago, but I shall recount 2016 now.

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Here are my top favorite 10 posts of 2016 to write. 

1. The Promises of God

The only promises that we can hold onto because they’ll be fulfilled in due time.

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2. The Fashion Challenge

All about putting our best foot forward.

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3. Just Smile

🙂 🙂


4. The Story Behind La Petit Muse

It’s not a long story, I swear!

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5. Dangers of Trending Topics on Twitter

Especially when we’re on work.

6. 61st Filmfare Awards

The best award show I’ve viewed in 2016.

7. Covers and Moodboards

Still working on these babies!


8. Best Dressed Heroes

It’s all in the suit.

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9. Best Dressed Villains

Not too bad, eh?

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10. Unwrapping the Mummy

The pleasure of Tom Cruise screaming. 

Thursday Ten: blogging tips for beginners!

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A few of my friends are interested in starting a blog, but they don’t know where to begin. I’ve been blogging since 2012 (my first blog is football-related), but I’ve never sat down to decide what I should blog about weekly given that I’m a pretty random thinker. I blog about whatever comes to mind. 

I like spontaneity. 

The only time I had to do something like this was for an exam. I am not going to tell you how to make $$ from your blogging because I don’t blog for profits. Nor am I going to tell you that blogging is easy peasy. You have to make a commitment.

This post should be a little fun. Let’s do this!

10 starter tips for beginners… which by the way, are the EXACT tips I wrote for my Freelance Writing exam. However, I don’t want it to be too wordy so I may shorten the paragraphs and I may or may not reference some blogs.


Before you think about choosing a hosting platform, determine what type of blogger are you. Do you want to blog about your life? Dogs? Cats? Books? Movies/TV shows? Your travels? Or maybe you’re a skilled photographer and you’ll like to showcase your work with the world and while at it, dish out some friendly tips on how to get started in photography. As I tell aspiring bloggers: find your niche. It’ll make things easier.

REFERENCE: A View From My Sight (Rohit offers some beautiful photography!)


Tumblr, Blogger and my personal all-time favorite, WordPress are popular hosting platforms and not to mention, free. I started off with Blogger and experimented with Tumblr, before closing shop and moving to my new permanent residence, WordPress. You don’t have to be tech-savvy (but you can be creative) to set up a blog and you don’t have to worry about paying to open one. All you need is access to an internet-ready device and a hosting platform.

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Naming your blog can sometimes be a pain and the name you may want may already be taken, but don’t let that be a setback. Be creative, be playful, be bold. I had to compromise with La Petit Muse.

REFERENCE: My Dear Yellow World (What’s in a name? Be bold & creative as my friend Carola and just go with it.)


Posting quite often can be a problem for some bloggers due to job commitments, school, and personal issues. I try to post daily, but of late, that is certainly impossible. It is up to you to know when to post something new, but make sure you update regularly because if you don’t, followers are going to think you’ve neglected your blog and may lose interest. Write down your ideas, take pictures and turn them into posts. You can even schedule your posts.

REFERENCE: The Sarah Doughty (Sarah is very consistent when it comes to posting on a daily basis. Her posts are top notch!)


Get creative with your very first post while introducing your blog. Introduce yourself/blog via a video, a fun or silly photograph or any other creative idea.

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Choosing a suitable template for your blog would ensure that your blog looks professional and outstanding. Play around with colors and themes, but don’t over or underwhelm.

REFERENCE: A Reading Writer (Lady Rosema’s blog is easy to navigate. You’ll feel at home whenever you visit.)


This is a problem. They say don’t write too little or too much. Some bloggers would tell you to keep your posts short at 300-350 maximum, but I break the rules. The blog is my platform, my voice, so if I have something to say or rant about, believe me, I am going to blog about it even if I cross one thousand words. However, not everyone wants to read useless and boring posts, so make sure you entertain and hold the reader’s attention while writing longer posts. And if you’re debating an issue, make sure you have a point and come to it, otherwise it would have been for nothing. Ah, I think I wrote too much for this tip.

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Many bloggers would tell you that having people’s email addresses can be essential especially if you want to promote or sell something. Writing blogs often build an email list when they have a product to sell or to conduct a survey. 


You want your blog to be seen by other people (unless it’s private) so don’t be selfish. Visit similar blogs as yours, follow them and leave comments. They can probably do for the fresh new visits and you can do for the inspiration.

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Promote your blog by making use of social media. Make your blog easy to share. Take advantage of Twitter, Facebook and even Instagram. Promote by word of mouth to your friends, family, and co-workers. Allow guest posts. You are the PR Manager of your blog, so go out there and be social. You can also grow traffic for your blog this way.


Because being someone else is already taken. I’m sure you’ve heard that phrase before. Yes, you might be scared, shy, or a little nervous when you take your first dip into the blogosphere pool, but remember, your blog is YOU-nique and your blog embodies you. There are people out here waiting to hear your voice.


Thursday Ten: ‘The Mummy’ fun facts


Yes, I’ve got mummy fever this week which is my week off from writing. Well, writing story ideas because this is considered as writing. 😛

As I write this post, the trailer for The Mummy is almost at 20 million views. In one week! 

This reboot looks dead serious. Like, dead serious!

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Most deadly serious superhero ever. TC would’ve pulled off being the Dark Knight just fine. 

It doesn’t look like an ounce of goofiness is allowed. And seriously speaking, when was the last time we’ve seen a reboot with a mature cast? 

Yet, TC always seems to bring a certain level of fun in his most serious moments and I expect some humor. Rogue Nation had quite a few.

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What I like about TC is the fact that he is a risk taker. Sometimes his best roles are overlooked (Born on the Fourth of July, Rain Man, Jerry Maguire, Magnolia, Collateral) and it’s such a shame because TC gives 110% no matter how menial the role might be. He was even game enough to make light of his recurring action agent role in Knight & Day. That film was like a spoof of his action movies and I enjoyed it.

TC being a risk taker means we get to see him feature in roles that other big name actors feel that are too little (sometimes too challenging) for their resume. This man certainly knows how to get a project off the ground!

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I loved him as a lawyer, a vampire, the ultimate bad guy, and well, his recurring agent role. He risked playing a foul-mouthed Hollywood executive in Tropic Thunder and age didn’t bother him when he played a rock star in Rock of Ages. Now, he is going to take another risk by starring in a massive reboot of The Mummy. In the last decade, films with TC in the lead have made a large impact (and connection) with moviegoers. 

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In my opinion, there is not another actor that is excitable as Cruise. 

But we’re not here for that. We’re here for…

Here are 10 fun facts about The Mummy!

1. Some die-hard fans of the Brenden Fraser trilogy are unaware that his films are not the original. Rather, the original is from 1932 and it starred Boris Karloff.

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2.  This is going to sound real funny to some fans who don’t know this, but Tom Cruise was actually considered back then to play the lead role. They eventually settle for Fraser, but look! Eighteen years later, TC is starring in the reboot. What an irony, eh? 

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3. Although Russell Crowe and Tom Cruise have been great friends for many years (over 20 according to TC), this is their first collaboration together. Nothing friendly about them fighting it out on the big screen, though!  

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4. Tom Cruise’s name in the film is Nick Morton instead of Tyler Colt. Tom does not look like a Nick to me. He doesn’t look like a Tyler either. He looks more like a Jack (maybe it’s because he’s played ‘Jack’ a couple of times! Jack, Jack Harper, Jack Reacher. Jack, Jack, Jack! Didn’t they get the memo?)

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5. This is the first live action Mummy film to be released since The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.

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6. This upcoming film has nothing to do with Fraser’s trilogy. It is a reboot. Whereas Fraser’s versions were set in the mid-1920’s to 1940’s, Cruise’s version will take place in modern day. Now this is interesting!

Related image

7. The mummy is female and she is played by Sofia Boutella. The mummy’s design and gender were altered due to Apocalypse’s look from the post-credit scene of X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014).

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8. Brendan Fraser was cast due to the success of George of the Jungle. His role was not meant to be taken seriously and he pulled it off purrfectly.

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9. ‘Welcome to a new world of gods and monsters.’ This tagline is taken from another Universal-produced film, The Bride of Frankenstein (1935).

Image result for The Bride of Frankenstein (1935).

10. Boris Karloff’s mummy makeup was based on the appearance of Ramses III. It took 8 hours a day to apply.

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Tom Cruise can play any role. I’ve seen him in roles I never thought I would’ve imagined him in. The only role I’ll love to see him in now is a superhero. In this film, you can guarantee that there is no CGI. Cruise is known for doing his own stunts and I won’t put anything past him. 

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Thursday Ten: Humanizing the stalker

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Last week Thursday, I compiled my list of ten popular fictional stalkers to coincide with Obsédé, the current project that I’m working on.


Regardless of the character, we have to humanize them. We have to give them characteristics that our readers can identify with. Stalkers are pretty normal everyday people, so it wasn’t too hard in humanizing him. Here are 10 things I’ve attributed to my stalking MC:

1. He is quite charming

2. He rides a mean motorcycle

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3. He has a soft spot for dogs

4. He has an amazing laugh!

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5. When he’s lying, he tends to rub his thumb against his index and middle fingers. (One of my friends unawarely does this when she’s nervous or unsure of what to do)

6. He has a hobby.

7. He is rather possessive of what he considers his.

8. He has a job.

9. He cooks.

10. He eliminates people who gets in his way. 

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Thursday Ten: stalkers!

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I have some time to kill given that I’ve been writing, reading, and working up a storm. As I am writing about a couple of stalkers, okay, okay, I’m working on just one stalking story at the moment given that I am writing the other one by hand. 

Actually, I’ve never really given thoughts to popular fictional stalkers until I’ve started writing my very own story. I don’t think I can list 10 stalkers, but I can list 4 of Shah Rukh Khan’s films given that he is a verified stalker. 😛

1. Shah Rukh Khan as Ajay in Baazigar

You do not want this man stalking you. He is ruthless and will use anyone in his way to get his revenge. Don’t let the dimples or the baby face fool you!

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2. Shah Rukh Khan as Rahul in Darr

Obsessive stalker to the very end! Who can forget the iconic ‘I love you, K-K-K-Kiran?’

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3. Shah Rukh Khan as Vijay Agnihotri in Anjaam

Vijay meets Shivani as an air hostess for Air India and is immediately smitten. He decides to pursue her although she is married. If this is call pursuing, then I don’t want to live in this world anymore. It was down right dirty stalking.

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4. Shah Rukh Khan as Gaurav Chandna in Fan

In which the fan stalks the superstar.

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5. Jaleel White as Steve Urkel in Family Matters

He had it bad for Laura Winslow and he was very persistent in romancing her. At the time, it might have been funny (stalking was a recurring theme back then in my childhood shows), but looking at it now, Urkel was downright shady. A genius yes, but a stalker too and what we call a persistent passive-aggressive nice guy (thanks, Criminal Minds!)

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6. Kathy Bates as Annie Wilkes in Misery

Annie was full-on MENTAL! 

Image result for gif annie wilkes see what you made me do

7. Glenn Close as Alex Forrest in Fatal Attraction

The moral of this story: Husbands, don’t cheat on your wives. There is a chance that the mistress is a psychopath.

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8. Tom Cruise as Lestat in Interview with a Vampire

It is Lestat’s mission to stalk Louis over the span of a couple centuries. You can burn him alive, you can try feeding him to alligators, Lestat will just keep coming back. Lestat, you can stalk me anytime! 

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Image result for gif lestat louis

9. Robin Williams as Sy Parrish in One Hour Photo

He stalked an entire family and dedicated a shrine to them.

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10. Michael Meyers in Halloween

Creepy dude stalks and kills high school students. 

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Well, that’s my list of stalkers or wannabe stalkers. 

UPDATE (25/11/16)

Michael Ealy as Carter in The Perfect Guy

I can’t believe I forgot all about this dude when I first did this post. Carter was perfectly creepy.

Ealy takes stalking to another level

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