Thursday Ten: Aladdin things

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Since I’m in an Aladdin  mood why not? Here are 10 fun things about the movie:

1. Aladdin changed the animation game forever

The magic carpet is a hybrid of hand-drawn and computer animation. When you think of this, it’s pretty cool! 

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2. Robin Williams changed the genre of voice acting

The Genie was written with Robin Williams in mind. Back then, top-billed actors didn’t do voice-over roles. Williams changed all of that when he took on the role of the Genie.

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3. Aladdin’s mother was the first draft of the movie.

Hard to believe, but Al’s mother had screen time! They cut her out in favor of Jasmine. I don’t see why they couldn’t write her in. But then again, it’s Disney and young teens are always parentless. 

4. Aladdin is modeled after Tom Cruise

When I first met Aladdin, the first thing I noticed was his smile and I thought he smiled just like my favorite actor! Only to find out (much later) that Aladdin was in fact modeled after TC and I loved Aladdin even more.

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It’s in the nose too, LoL!

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Aladdin was first based on Michael J. Fox, but Jeffrey Katzenberg wanted the design changed because he thought that Aladdin wouldn’t be a suitable leading man for the ravishing Jasmine. So they watched a bunch of Tom Cruise movies (to nail Al’s sexy confidence) and viola! They had their model! They went for the Cruise confidence aka sexy cockiness to make Aladdin more believable for Jasmine, took his shirt off and made him older (he was supposed to be 13, but they made him 18). At that time, Cruise was dominating the Box Office with hits such as Days of Thunder and A Few Good Men.

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The animation on the movie had already started when they went back to the drawing board so you can see traces of the old design during ‘Friend Like Me’.

5. Aladdin is probably Disney’s coolest prince

The lead animator for the Aladdin character Glen Keane thought that Snow White and Sleeping Beauty fell for bland princes. This was the first time that a prince was made to be bold, cunning, funny, and lovable. In a sense, Aladdin was meant to do what for Disney princes what Ariel and Belle had done for the princesses. I’ll say job done.

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6. Disney cameos

Sebastian (The Little Mermaid), Beast (Beauty & the Beast), a Goofy hat and the directors themselves made appearances. Genie also dressed in Pocahontas drag while jumping off a plane.

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7. Aladdin’s pants were inspired by MC Hammer

Yep, you can’t touch this!

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8. Big grosser

Aladdin was the highest-grossing movie of 1992. It was also the first animated movie to gross more than $200 million. When it was first released on VHS, it sold 25 million copies.

9. Princess Jasmine

Jasmine is the first non-Caucasian Disney princess. 

10. Shout-out to Pinocchio?

Whenever Prince Ali (Aladdin) lies, the feather on his hat falls forward. Well, you guys already know the story of Pinocchio’s nose. 🙂

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Thursday Ten: Top 10 Tom Cruise fearless stunts

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“I look at cities and architecture and I’m always thinking, I want to jump off that building,”

Tom Cruise

And I look at you and I’m always thinking, How are you not dead yet? You’re almost 55 and you still want to be the best stuntman in Hollywood. You’re going to die during a stunt!

Sometime last week, I posted that Tom Cruise has been working on a single stunt for a year for MI6. And I was like…

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Yet, I wonder what could that stunt be (and how are they going to keep it under wrap once they start shooting?) seeing that Tom has already done it all. Director at the helm, Christopher McQuarrie is touting it as TC’s biggest stunt ever. *rolls eyes* Excuse me, sequence. Yes, the director called it a sequence and not a stunt…

And I’m over here, like…

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Anyway, over the years, I’ve seen Tom shake his fists and defiantly stare death in the face. I’ve seen him hang off an airplane, involve in a high-speed motorcycle chase, jump from an exploding fish tank, sword fight, bare-knuckle box, and dangle from the tallest building in the world (is it still the tallest building in the world because if it isn’t, Cruise is going to find it and climb it). He’s the most fearless actor out there and although he enjoys doing stunts for the entertainment value, I think I have to agree with McQ: it’s a hobby for Cruise.

In real life, Cruise is every inch the hero that he is on screen. I’ve read some heartwarming stories which involved him saving a family from a burning boat and paying a woman’s medical bills. But that can be saved for another time. I think TC is the last dying breed of genuine movie stars and I do appreciate what he brings to the screen, but sometimes, he leaves my heart in pieces.

Today, I bring you my top ten favorite TC stunts. I hope it’s possible to choose 10 because I had to leave out the one where he lay under an out of control truck in the 3rd Mission: Impossible.


1. Dangling off the Burj Khalifa Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Mission: Impossible- Ghost Protocol/ Jeremy Renner & Tom Cruise:

I’m not afraid of heights. I’m not afraid of heights. I’m not afraid…

Really, I am not afraid of dizzying heights, but watching TC perform this stunt gave me vertigo especially when he calmly sat on top of the building and posed for photos as if it’s part of his everyday meditation ritual. 

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Ghost Protocol remains my favorite in the MI franchise to date.

2. Hanging off the A400M Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation


This stunt stole my action packed heart! Tom was protected by a small safety harness during this scene which he shot 8 times until it was perfect. This is his most impressive stunt to date.

3. Holding his breath underwater for six minutes Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

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The 5th installment of Mission Impossible was wickedly death-defying for Cruise, but he went about it as another normal day at the office. Holding your breath underwater for six minutes is no easy feat.

4. Motorcycle high-speed chase Knight and Day

One of my absolute favorite stunt! I remember thinking that Cruise must be cut from Evel Knievel’s DNA! I love the part where he flips Cameron Diaz around on the bike so she can shoot at their pursuers. It was brilliant! 

5. The exploding fish tank Mission: Impossible

I simply love the camera angle they used from below during this scene and Tom looked cool performing this stunt. I mean, the stick of gum, the explosions, shattered glass and 16 tons of water! The exploding restaurant fish tank was Tom’s idea.

“Kittridge, you’ve never seen me very upset.”

6. Knife to the eye Mission: Impossible II

The first time I watched this scene, I was distracted by the sexy hair. The knife was real, but by this time I was already accustomed to Tom’s craziness. Yet, this could’ve been his last movie had the knife touch his eyeball. Make that a quarter of an inch to his eyeball.

7. Rock climbing scene Mission: Impossible II

In the opening sequence of this film, Ethan Hunt is free-scaling cliffs over Utah’s jagged Dead Horse Point with bare hands. Were he to fall, there was no safety net underneath him to catch him. Tom ended up tearing his shoulder while jumping between rocks. John Woo, the director, did not have the stomach to watch this scene because there were no wires involve.

8. Shootout Collateral

It’s not too often we see TC step into the shoes of a mean killing machine villain and this movie shows what he is capable of as an actor. Michael Mann and TC had rehearsed the club sequence for weeks, but it was TC’s floor-bound barrel roll which left me the most impressed.

This movie features the greatest club scene of all time.

9. Hoverpack chase scene Minority Report

Cruise was dangled from an 80 foot with 1.3 miles of cable during this stunt.

10. Breaking into Langley Mission: Impossible

This iconic scene needs no introduction. Cruise is an acrobat in this. 

Thursday Ten: Books that were disappointing


Base on the book reviews that I am currently doing weekly, you can tell that I am open to many genres. Yet, while some books appeal to me, some simply do not. I try to always come to the last page of a book, but there are simply some books that I can’t quite finish no matter what.

Today, I bring you 10 boring/disappointing books I had the displeasure of reading (some may/may not appear in later reviews). Most of them I did not finish. I do not make apologies to anyone feeling offended because my opinions are not yours.

1. Room by Emma Donaghue

Waterfall the milk… I know this book is from a child’s perspective (a five-year-old at that), but it insulted my intelligence. I was greatly annoyed and had to put this book down. Had the book been told from Ma’s perspective, then it would’ve been a heart-wrenching tale. I mean, Ma’s been kidnapped, raped, held captive, whatever, but there is no sense of that hence no emotion. I almost threw this book at the wall. Almost. It didn’t belong to me and I was happy to return it.

2. Wicked Business by Janet Evanovich

Wickedly boring.

3. Wicked Appetite by Janet Evanovich

*Rolls eyes* Wickedly boring! Had I known I was going to be duped, I would’ve run away screaming when this book was recommended to me.

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4. White Oleander by Janet Fitch

An immature novel masquerading as literature. Adults should stop writing about children in disgusting ways because it’s squirmy and uncomfortable to read most of the time. I don’t want to read about 14-year-olds having sex or thinking about climaxing on some car hood.

I would have liked to light this book on fire, but alas! It did not belong to me.

5. Missing Mom by Joyce Carol Oates

I couldn’t get into this one. I tried twice, but it was a no go. It was a pain to read, sentences were left incomplete, too repetitive, and it irritated me to no end. I didn’t even care about the narrator or the dead mom.

6. Paris Match by Stuart Woods

The cover is beautiful and that’s where I stop.

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7. Is America She Gone? by Beverley-Ann Scott

It could’ve been much better. I’ll explain this book in a solo post.

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8. Gray Mountain by John Grisham

*YAWNS* I usually love Grisham’s legal thrillers, but I couldn’t get into this one. The heroine was a complete bore and… *YAWNS* I had to put this drivel down otherwise I would’ve thrown myself in front of a coal truck.

9. Rachel’s Holiday by Marian Keyes


10. Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

I don’t care how hyped or in she is, this author is on my “do not read” list. Do you see the razor blade on the cover? It would be nice to use it to slash up this book to tiny pieces. It is depressing. It makes you want to abandon smiling and scorn love. Here is another adult writing disturbing scenes involving children. I hated this book. It was extremely boring and disgusting.

Thursday Ten: life lessons from Jesus

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When it comes to role models, there is only one person I look up to, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I’ve learned so much from Him and am still learning. Here are 10 life lessons we can all learn from the King of Kings.

1. He came not to be served, but to serve Mark 10:45 And here’s a lesson for future leaders: If you want to be great, SERVE! Matthew 23:11-12

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2. Always go beyond what is required. Matthew 5: 40-42

3. He is the King of mingling. He mingled with sinners which must have certainly caused a stir back then, but Jesus never judged. Matthew 7:1-6 

4. Forgive. Forgive. Forgive! Even if it’s a 100 times, forgive. Nobody is perfect and when you forgive someone, a heavy weight is lifted off your shoulders. And when you forgive, God forgives you. Matthew 6:14-15 & Matthew 18:21-22

5. Pray in earnest. Matthew 7:7-8

bible, church, hands

6. Whenever He was tempted, He quoted scriptures. Memorizing scriptures can calm and reassure us during the storm. Matthew 4:1-11

7. Live for today. Whenever I feel I’m worrying too much I am reminded that I should live for today and not worry what tomorrow may bring. Matthew 6:25-34

Yellow Sunflower Macro Photographyt

8. Sometimes, we need to spend some time alone. Matthew 14:12 Matthew 14:23

9. Love. Love. Love! It’s all about love. After all, God is the Author of Love, not confusion. Matthew 22:36-40

Three Red Hearts Hanging With White Flowers

10. Keep your promises. Matthew 5:37

Thursday Ten: La Petit Muse: A look back at 2016 💙


Technically, it’s not morning, it’s evening and I’ve endured a rather exhausting day, but I need to write. So let me hang up my coat before I begin this post.

2016 has been one heck of a rollercoaster ride! It had its ups and downs, its pain and joys and everything else in between. One of the best highlights for me was this blog. La Petit Muse was a project that started back in 2015 and ever since, it’s been a struggle to keep things a’ float, but I haven’t given up.

This should’ve get done a few weeks ago, but I shall recount 2016 now.

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Here are my top favorite 10 posts of 2016 to write. 💙

1. The Promises of God

The only promises that we can hold onto because they’ll be fulfilled in due time.

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2. The Fashion Challenge

All about putting our best foot forward.

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3. Just Smile

🙂 🙂


4. The Story Behind La Petit Muse

It’s not a long story, I swear!

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5. Dangers of Trending Topics on Twitter

Especially when we’re on work.

6. 61st Filmfare Awards

The best award show I’ve viewed in 2016.

7. Covers and Moodboards

Still working on these babies!


8. Best Dressed Heroes

It’s all in the suit.

Image result for tom cruise ghost protocol blue suit

9. Best Dressed Villains

Not too bad, eh?

Image result for bram stoker's dracula gary oldman

10. Unwrapping the Mummy

The pleasure of Tom Cruise screaming. 

Thursday Ten: blogging tips for beginners!

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A few of my friends are interested in starting a blog, but they don’t know where to begin. I’ve been blogging since 2012 (my first blog is football-related), but I’ve never sat down to decide what I should blog about weekly given that I’m a pretty random thinker. I blog about whatever comes to mind. 

I like spontaneity. 

The only time I had to do something like this was for an exam. I am not going to tell you how to make $$ from your blogging because I don’t blog for profits. Nor am I going to tell you that blogging is easy peasy. You have to make a commitment.

This post should be a little fun. Let’s do this!

10 starter tips for beginners… which by the way, are the EXACT tips I wrote for my Freelance Writing exam. However, I don’t want it to be too wordy so I may shorten the paragraphs and I may or may not reference some blogs.


Before you think about choosing a hosting platform, determine what type of blogger are you. Do you want to blog about your life? Dogs? Cats? Books? Movies/TV shows? Your travels? Or maybe you’re a skilled photographer and you’ll like to showcase your work with the world and while at it, dish out some friendly tips on how to get started in photography. As I tell aspiring bloggers: find your niche. It’ll make things easier.

REFERENCE: A View From My Sight (Rohit offers some beautiful photography!)


Tumblr, Blogger and my personal all-time favorite, WordPress are popular hosting platforms and not to mention, free. I started off with Blogger and experimented with Tumblr, before closing shop and moving to my new permanent residence, WordPress. You don’t have to be tech-savvy (but you can be creative) to set up a blog and you don’t have to worry about paying to open one. All you need is access to an internet-ready device and a hosting platform.

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Naming your blog can sometimes be a pain and the name you may want may already be taken, but don’t let that be a setback. Be creative, be playful, be bold. I had to compromise with La Petit Muse.

REFERENCE: My Dear Yellow World (What’s in a name? Be bold & creative as my friend Carola and just go with it.)


Posting quite often can be a problem for some bloggers due to job commitments, school, and personal issues. I try to post daily, but of late, that is certainly impossible. It is up to you to know when to post something new, but make sure you update regularly because if you don’t, followers are going to think you’ve neglected your blog and may lose interest. Write down your ideas, take pictures and turn them into posts. You can even schedule your posts.

REFERENCE: The Sarah Doughty (Sarah is very consistent when it comes to posting on a daily basis. Her posts are top notch!)


Get creative with your very first post while introducing your blog. Introduce yourself/blog via a video, a fun or silly photograph or any other creative idea.

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Choosing a suitable template for your blog would ensure that your blog looks professional and outstanding. Play around with colors and themes, but don’t over or underwhelm.

REFERENCE: A Reading Writer (Lady Rosema’s blog is easy to navigate. You’ll feel at home whenever you visit.)


This is a problem. They say don’t write too little or too much. Some bloggers would tell you to keep your posts short at 300-350 maximum, but I break the rules. The blog is my platform, my voice, so if I have something to say or rant about, believe me, I am going to blog about it even if I cross one thousand words. However, not everyone wants to read useless and boring posts, so make sure you entertain and hold the reader’s attention while writing longer posts. And if you’re debating an issue, make sure you have a point and come to it, otherwise it would have been for nothing. Ah, I think I wrote too much for this tip.

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Many bloggers would tell you that having people’s email addresses can be essential especially if you want to promote or sell something. Writing blogs often build an email list when they have a product to sell or to conduct a survey. 


You want your blog to be seen by other people (unless it’s private) so don’t be selfish. Visit similar blogs as yours, follow them and leave comments. They can probably do for the fresh new visits and you can do for the inspiration.

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Promote your blog by making use of social media. Make your blog easy to share. Take advantage of Twitter, Facebook and even Instagram. Promote by word of mouth to your friends, family, and co-workers. Allow guest posts. You are the PR Manager of your blog, so go out there and be social. You can also grow traffic for your blog this way.


Because being someone else is already taken. I’m sure you’ve heard that phrase before. Yes, you might be scared, shy, or a little nervous when you take your first dip into the blogosphere pool, but remember, your blog is YOU-nique and your blog embodies you. There are people out here waiting to hear your voice.