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Genesis cont’d: The making of mankind and the Sabbath

In case you missed it:

Genesis: in the beginning

The last time we looked at how the world began and how many days it took for God to create the world and all that there is in it. Today, we’re going to pick up where we left off, but let’s go back to Genesis 1:26-28 as we look at the first human.

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Scripture in focus: Genesis 1 & 2

GOD, THE FATHER: “Let us make man in our image”

The origin of the human race is recorded in the story of Adam and Eve for they were the first human beings to ever walk the earth. In 1:26 God is speaking to the heavenly court when he said, “Let us make man in our image, after our own likeness”. Humans enjoy a unique and special relationship with God and they represent Him as His ambassadors here on earth. Now, the term “likeness” can sometimes get lost in translation so if we can quickly go to 5:3 we’ll find an example of children being described in the “likeness” and “image” of their parents. Before words such as “resemblance” existed, the mentioned terms (image and likeness) were commonly used in the ancient world to show that the child bore the look and features of the parents. 

Therefore, God is the Father of humanity. 

CROSS REFERENCE: Deuteronomy 32:6 & Isaiah 64:8

After creating man in His image/likeness, I guess it’s safe to say that God makes beautiful things out of dust. 

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The garden of Eden sure sounded like a paradise I wouldn’t have wanted to leave (2:1-14)! God put the first man in the garden of Eden. The first man or father of the human race was to take care of this beautiful paradise and he wouldn’t have wanted for nothing for he had everything. In 2:18, God came to the conclusion that man shouldn’t be alone and decides to make a helper. In 2:19, we finally learned that the first man’s name was Adam and he named every living creature which was his first recorded act (2:19-20), but still, there was no help meet for him, so God creates woman as a helper for Adam.

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Adam was made to deep sleep while God took one of his ribs and made woman. I call this event the first surgery (2:21-22). When God brought the woman to Adam, one can safely say that this was the first marriage hence the comments made in 2:23-24. It was like a vow. A beautiful one, too! I wish I was at that wedding! 😃So God gives Adam his bride (yes, He gives the bride away to the groom. He was the divine witness of the mariage covenant) and it is man who leaves his parents to join to his wife. God created them as sexual beings for they were meant to populate the earth (1:28). 


Now, God did not need to rest. It’s highly unlikely for an all-powerful being to become exhausted after creating the world. But he led by example when he carefully planned and structured the world showing that we must know how to manage time wisely and He led by example when He rested from all His hard work showing that we weren’t created to work 24/7. 

Over the years, there have been major arguments over which the day the Lord called the Sabbath and rested upon. In 2:2-3 we can clearly see that God rested on the seventh day from all His work and He sanctified it which means we are to follow after our Father and rest on the seventh day. Also, it is the ONLY commandment in which God tells us to remember in Exodus 20:8.

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The Sabbath is to be observed on the seventh day and it doesn’t matter how many times man has modified the calenders, Saturday stays the same: the 7th day. In French, Samedi which is Saturday also means Sabbath. One can read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, but one would not find any authorization of the Sabbath changing days for no other day has been sanctified as the day of rest. God instituted the Sabbath in the very beginning and His Word is law for we were created to worship Him. Over the years, we’ve been misled and went astray, but Jesus will set everything right once again when He returns to reign as the ultimate King of Kings. 

Next, we’ll look at chapters 3 and 4 and if possible, 5. 

Additional Notes/Recap

^ The Hebrew word for earth is adama. God formed man from the dust of the earth, therefore, the connection here is strong with the first man. Adam means ‘red’ and it can be a reference to either the red skin or the red earth of Eden. 

^ Eve’s name means ‘living’ for she was the mother of all living.

^ God could’ve made Eve from the ground just as he did Adam, but everything He does is symbolic. When He made Eve from Adam’s flesh and bone, God illustrated that through marriage, man and woman symbolically becomes one. This is the unity that God intended for man and woman in marriage.

A couple holds their fists against one another, showing off their wedding bands

^ No one knows exactly where the Garden of Eden was for sure, but it doesn’t stop many from speculating. The Bible mentions a spring in the garden which parted into four major rivers (2:10-14). Today, many researchers and scholars are convinced that southern Iraq was where the prosperous garden once stood. The Bible does not mention where the garden was exactly, but it was most likely destroyed in the Flood.

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When (False) Idols Fall.

Short Story #23
Christian YA (or sort of)

When Agnes found her best friend, Reece, she was bawling her eyes out in the girls’ washroom. Thinking that someone did something terrible to her BFF, Agnes quickly dove into action in comforting her.

“Reece, what’s wrong? Why are you crying like this? Who hurt you?”

Reece blew her nose into a tissue and looks at her friend with teary chocolate brown eyes. “Didn’t you hear?” she babbled. “He… He was just arrested.”

Agnes was confused. Her best friend had two older sisters and no brothers. Reece’s father was the principal of the school they were currently attending and he gave a speech to the morning assembly half an hour ago. So “Who was arrested?”

“They found him with an underage girl…”

This was getting weirder by the second. She helps Reece off the floor and took her over to the sink to wash her face. She was thankful that the bell had gone for the second period and the students were currently in class. Yet, she was aware that anyone can walk into the washroom at any given moment and she didn’t want them to find Reece this way.

“Come now, we have French and…”

“I’m not going to that stupid French class!” Reece yelled in anger. “Not when Matty is probably going to prison for a lifetime and the class is going to make fun of me.”

The remark made Agnes’ blood run cold. So this is what the tears were all about? Some Hollywood B-lister who didn’t know that some California native existed and was the president of his so-call fan club?

Agnes didn’t want to know how she’ll feel when/if it was her favorite celebrity’s turn to fall. But after witnessing her best friend falling victim to celebrity worship, the illusion was shattered and she wondered if she too was guilty of such idol worship. When she got home that evening, she ripped posters of her favorite boy band off the wall and got down on her knees to ask God to forgive her of putting man on a pedestal and to give her a new heart in which He could dwell in.

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And the spirituality theme continues in my stories. 🙂 People will worship anything and anyone because they’re sheep looking for a shepherd to guide them. In this present world, many people worship celebrities, sometimes without even knowing it. We put too much effort in idolizing celebrities (including social media stars) instead of God. We tend to put them on a pedestal forgetting that in the end, they have selfish desires and tendencies just like us. None of them are sinless.

God does not grant dual citizenship: you cannot eat at the Lord’s table and dance with the devil at the same time. 

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This is where I take some time off

Hey, it’s that time already. March is here. 😃

I don’t know about you, but February went by slowly. March is here now and I look forward to what this month may bring… besides the books I’m planning to read of course! This is also the month in which I’ll be seeing less of WordPress, although I’ve started to distance myself from blogging late last month. I’m also slow in visiting blogs I follow. But fear not! I’ve scheduled enough posts and I’ll be popping in twice a week or so to catch up with blogs.

The future of La Petit Muse?

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Well, at the moment, I can’t really say, but I’ll be continuing the Bible study series from next Sabbath God’s willing. Maybe I’ll share some of the stories I’m currently working on just for the fun of it. I also have some tags that I want to complete this month, so might as well do that along with some book reviews. Also, I aim to complete those long overdue social media articles! I dislike it when I start something and never finish it. 😆

How long is this ‘break’ going to continue for? I don’t know, but I’ll be around.

Somehow, this month’s challenge ties into my current blogging situation. 

Challenge for mars

Seems Appropriate: 30 Day Blogging Challenge | BlogHer

Looking at it now, it’s kind of eh, but I’ll see how best I can complete this challenge.

Blessed mars to all.

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Bible’s Most Asked Questions #2: Who cut Samson’s hair?

Samson and Delilah could’ve been a beautiful epic romantic story for the ages, had Delila felt the same way love-stricken Samson felt about her. Talk about unrequited love to the max!

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The strongest man who ever lived was a Nazirite* who possessed great strength. His source of weakness was Delilah, a cunning and deceitful Philistine woman who used her powers of deception and seduction to wear down and eventually destroy Samson.

The chief of the Philistines saw that Samson had a schoolboy crush on the beautiful Delilah and recruited her to find the source of his strength. After three failed attempts, Samson finally gave in and spilled that the secret of his superhuman strength was in his beautiful locks. Hair has always been a symbol of beauty and power in the Bible and I’ll love to look into hair sometime in the near future.

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Upon realizing that Samson spilled his heart to her, she put him to sleep on her lap and the seven locks of his hair were shaved off, thus making him weak and subdued. But who cut his hair? Many people argued that it was Delilah because he was sleeping on her lap when his hair was cut. Let’s consult our Bible:

After putting him to sleep on her lap, she called for someone to shave off the seven braids of his hair, and so began to subdue him. And his strength left him.

Judges 16:19 (NIV)

So it was not Delilah, but a co-conspirator who cut Samson’s hair. I remember some people arguing that it was Delilah who performed the big chop because of some Hollywood movie they had watched.

Don’t let the devil cheat you of your victory like he cheated Samson. Keep your eyes on God. 

*A Nazarite is an Israelite who was consecrated to the service of God and took on the vow prescribed in Numbers 6:2-21. The Nazarite’s vow included abstinence from alcohol, forbearance from cutting the hair off the head, and avoidance of contact with the dead.

When the period of the vow came to an end, the Nazarite will then present himself at the door of the sanctuary with 3 animals: a he-lamb of the first year for a burnt offering, a ewe lamb of the first year for a sin offering, and a ram for a peace offering. After the priest accepted these sacrifices, the Nazarite then cut off his hair at the door and threw it into the fire under the peace offering.

A Nazarite’s vow lasted only 30 to 100 days, but they were left at liberty to fix his own time. Only 3 men mentioned in Scripture were Nazarites for life: Samson (Judges 13:4-5), Samuel (1 Samuel 1:11), and John the Baptist (Luke 1:15).

Sources: The KJV Bible and the Easton Bible Dictionary.

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My last Sunshine Award

My blog is usually awards-free, but I tend to accept one or two awards from time to time. However, I realize that I don’t accept it in a timely manner. Two months later, I’m now accepting the award when the time past and it kind of put me off. Anyway, let’s get this started.

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The wonderful Abhishek nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award since last month, but I’m just now getting to it (Forgive me, Abhishek!). Abhishek is a wordsmith and his gift of writing can sometimes make you sit and ponder. If you haven’t visited his blog as yet, what are you waiting for? 

The Sunshine Blogger Award is awarded to those who are creative, positive and inspiring while spreading sunshine to the Blogging Community.

Here are the rules:

Write a post thanking the person who nominated you and provide a link back to their blogging site. Answer the 11 questions asked to you by the person who nominated you. Nominate 11 new bloggers and write them 11 new questions. List the Rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo on your site or in your post.

And now, my answers to Abhishek’s questions:

1. What’s your favorite hobby?

I’m looking to add more hobbies to my list soon, but writing trumps all.

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2. Have you ever fought with your best friend?

We may have our disagreements, but we don’t ever fight… or did we? 🤔

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3. Any experience when you let your parents down.

None that I can recall. 

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4. What will you choose, a book of wisdom or a bag of gold?

Definitely a book of wisdom! Wait, I already have such book: the Bible. 💙

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5. What’s your favorite Hollywood movie?

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol and Rogue Nation.

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6. Which is your favorite music band?

When I was a slave to music, I liked many bands, but Depeche Mode always stood out for me the most because I identified with their songs.

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7. Would you like to be a space traveler?

Yes… in my dreams! Why? Because it’s safer there! 😜

Related image

8. When do you think the world would end?

When all of the prophecies in Revelation come to pass.

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9. What would you do if you are elected as a world leader for one day?

I’ll be a spiritual world leader for one day and I’ll use this platform to tell the world about Jesus Christ and how He’s the only way and the truth. 

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10. Can you control your anger?

All the time. I know getting angry is normal for any sane human being, but I dislike this emotion. 

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11. What are your life goals?

To continue to die every day as I try my best to live for God. Sometimes my best is not enough, but He’s always there to pick me up and put me back on the right path.

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I nominate… you know what I’m about to say: it’s open to everyone. 

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Where are you travelling to?


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Day 17: Your Favorite Blogs

All of the blogs that I follow. They’re all unique and I learn something new every day from their content. 

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3 reasons to smile today!

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Day 16: Thoughts On Education

How about I share my favorite quotes instead? Yes? Good.

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***Images via Google Search

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French Friday: À bientôt?

Welcome back to French Friday! I don’t know how to say that in French as yet, but I’m guessing it’s Bienvenue au vendredi français? Come on French speakers, help une fille out, oui?

This week flew by pretty fast, but I managed to make time for some French, although it was more like a walk through since I managed to cover the topic a long time ago. Anyway, enough musing. 

How do you say “See you later” in French? Well, I know there are a few ways to say it, but I’ve been using “à bientôt” for as long as I can remember. I recently had a conversation with my French-speaking South African friend and he told me that “à tout à l’heure” means the same thing, but “a plus tard” is the best form to use when telling someone that you’ll see them later. And if you’ll like to tell someone that you’ll see them tomorrow, one can use “à demain”. 

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So basically, upon parting company, one must know the right term to use just as we do in English. 

  • à bientôt – see you soon {bien + tôt = very + soon = adverb}
  • à plus tard – see you later {au plus tard means at the latest}
  • à demain – see you tomorrow
  • au revoir – goodbye 

On a side note, I learned the word for thunder in Japanese is kaminari and I know how to say coffee in 5 languages:

Hindi: kofi (KOH-fee)

Finnish: kahvi

Swedish: kaffe

Italian: caffe (KA-fee)

Icelandic: Kaffii

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I have no idea why I even learned to say coffee in a few languages, but I found it fun. Thanks for joining me this week as I continue to pursue French. What about you? Any language that you’re learning? What interesting things have you learned this week?