Short Story #15

Glassy green eyes met icy gray ones across the mahogany desk, the only thing separating the men and the thickening atmosphere in the small, but cramped room.

“This can only work one way,” the goon in the blue powder suit from behind the desk rose to his full height thinking that it would send a threat to the man still seated in the ugly plush green chair. The gray-eyed man didn’t flinch. He just sat there with a smirk on his stern, but handsome face that the goon wished he could wipe off with just a backhand slap, but he had heard things about this Monsieur. “You have to agree with my terms otherwise the deal is off.”

Jean-Pierre Papin sadistically smiles. “I work only for money. If you want loyalty, get a dog.”

“They say you are the best!”

“And I am the best, but I don’t work on your terms. I work on mine. If you think you can do the job better than me, then you have no need for my help.”

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Hello, Wattpad!

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I joined Wattpad in 2014 but never fully utilized it and over time I’ve forgotten my password. Until recently when a friend of mine told me about a really exciting story that she wanted me to read. When I finally got on and looked around, I decided that I’ll like to live there and thus, my interest in this platform was renewed.

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What is Wattpad?

Wattpad is a community where writers post/share their work be it recipes, fiction, poetry, articles, non-fiction, fan fiction etc. It is a fun platform for writers to showcase their work and there are also contests available. It is a social network for authors to build a connection with their readers.

What can it do for you?

You can showcase/promote your work (even if it’s already published). Wattpad is a gift to writers given that it is changing the publishing game right now. Yes, stories have been getting published directly from the site, thanks to contests and publishing companies in search of the next best novel.

But don’t get too excited.

I see Wattpad as a stepping stone for authors who are interested in building their readership. Or you may have an idea for a novel and you’re not quite sure about it. Using this platform to talk about it can bring you feedbacks.

Why should you join?

Well, the choice is certainly up to you. Even if you’re not a writer, it is a reading haven for readers. Genres range from historical, romance, thriller, fantasy, young/new adult, teen fiction and TONS of fanfiction if you’re into that sort of thing. What I’ve noticed is that the bad boy is a favorite character to write.

What’s best about joining Wattpad? It’s free.

If you’re on Wattpad, I’ll love to hear your story.


Merry March!

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Well, February sure was a bit long, wasn’t she? If your February wasn’t outstanding, then make March count.

I intend to pursue the few blog goals I listed for this month:

^ Post topics on spirituality and continue to share my verse of the day.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the many ways there are to pray for your husband. Above all, don’t give place to impatience. Seeing answers to your prayers can take time, especially if your marriage is deeply wounded. Be patient to persevere and wait for God. Keep in mind that you both are imperfect people. Only the Lord is perfect. Look to God as the source of all the good you want to see happen in your marriage. And don’t worry about how it will happen. Leave it in His hands.:

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^ Book reviews. I’ll post reviews 2-3 days a week until I’m caught up with all the books I want to review. I don’t know which days as yet, but I may choose them at random.

^ Keep up with the 365 Days of Writing Prompts. I’m not one who writes at will every day, so this challenge has been helping me to write something every day even if it’s just one sentence.

^ The Top 5 Challenge! I’ve compiled some challenges over on Pinterest which I would try to compete over the next few months… or perhaps, for the rest of the year. I’ll kick off March with the top 5 challenge:

Wonderful March to all and remember to…

June plans! – La Petit Muse:

“Don’t let anyone stop you from being creative.” Yes, you!

Hello from this part of the world. Since my muse left me for the South of France I’ve been reading motivating stuff. I don’t have writer’s block, I’m just void of inspiration to write although it’s there. Does that make any sense?

Anyway, here’s some motivation to kick start your morning/afternoon:

Book #7: Wedding Night

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Author: Sophie Kinsella
Publisher: Dell (April 23rd, 2013)
Pages: 446
Chapters: 36


#1 New York Times bestselling author Sophie Kinsella returns with her trademark blend of sparkling wit and playful romance in this page-turning story of a wedding to remember—and a honeymoon to forget.

Lottie just knows that her boyfriend is going to propose, but then his big question involves a trip abroad—not a trip down the aisle. Completely crushed, Lottie reconnects with an old flame, and they decide to take drastic action. No dates, no moving in together, they’ll just get married . . . right now. Her sister, Fliss, thinks Lottie is making a terrible mistake, and will do anything to stop her. But Lottie is determined to say “I do,” for better, or for worse.



Why does Sophie Kinsella hate her characters so much? I swear she’s got nothing better to do than sit down and conjure up the evilest embarrassing things she could do to her characters and laugh like a maniac because she thinks it’s funny to have crazy characters.

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Anyway, the story starts off promising and quite entertaining. The momentum leading up to the so-call proposal was really funny and that’s just the first chapter. I was hoping that the author was going to keep in theme for the entire story, but boy was I wrong! I met some of the stupidest people I wished I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting.

Lottie rushes into marriage with a former teenage flame from 15 years ago – yes, that’s a rather long time, mind the gap – on the heels of a break-up, all because she assumed her boyfriend was going to propose to her (he didn’t). Then we have Lottie’s sister, Fliss (What kind of name is this? I wouldn’t even name my dog Fliss!). Fliss is hopelessly addicted to Google and is bitter, bitter, BITTER about her ex-husband. Floss, sorry, Fliss is also controlling and tries to stop her sister from getting married. What ensues is one bad decision after the other. Ben, the man whom Lottie hastily tied the knot with, turns out to be nothing like the Ben she knew 15 years ago. Ben only wants to get in her panties and can’t wait for their honeymoon night, which turns out to be a major disaster. Lorcan has issues, but he too is irritating. Richard. Poor, stupid Richard! The author ruined your character and this is wrong, this is very wrong, but I felt myself wanting to hit Noah so hard.

And he is only a child!

Things escalated too quickly in this book causing the story to go downhill. I couldn’t sympathize with any of the characters and there was no connection … apart from the old lady in the beginning and that was brief. I don’t think I’ll read this book again. I don’t even know why it was published in the first place. To quote a reviewer over on GoodReads, ‘it’s one of the worst Jen Aniston comedy you can imagine.’

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Kinsella is normally the Queen of mishaps, but this time around, she wrote a book based on stupid people. In short, this book fell flat which is too bad given that ‘I’ve Got Your Number’ was a major blockbuster. I can see why some people don’t waste money to buy books anymore and frankly, some of these books should be free downloadables.


“In my day, the men got married because they wanted sex. That was motivation all right!” The old woman gives a brisk laugh. “All you girls with your sleeping together and living together and then you want an engagement ring. It’s all back to front.”

– Chapter 1; Page 16

You tell ’em granny!



March 22nd: Stranded

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You’re stranded in a foreign city for a day with no money and no friends. Where do you go; what do you do?

Oooh, if I get stranded in a foreign country, let it be Corsica (France)! I don’t need any money to take in the landscape and relax on the beach. It’ll be like a mini vacation even if it’s for one day.