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Exploring the Bible: Abel and Cain 🔎

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I like to explore the Bible. It’s a wealth of adventure, history, wisdom, and knowledge and some topics need more than just one post, so this new series is a branch of the Bible Study series which I’ve been doing for the past few months. 

Welcome to Exploring the Bible. I’m your host Diana Tyler and today, we’re going to look at Abel and Cain and the similarities between Abel and Jesus Christ.

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While reading the account of Abel and Cain in Genesis 4 regardless of how short Abel’s lifespan was, I couldn’t help but to note the similarities between him and Christ. As a matter of fact, the Old Testament is littered with many resemblances/symbols pertaining to Christ for they were a sign of things to come. 

Outside the garden, Adam knew his wife and she bore him children: the firstborn Cain (Gen 4:1) and then his brother Abel (Gen 4:2). These two sons are very different. Cain tilled the field while Abel was a shepherd. When it was time to bring the offering before God, by obedience Abel chose the fat of the firstlings of his flock (4:4) whereas Cain disobeyed and brought what he wanted: some of his crops (4:3) therefore disobeying God.

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Abel and Cain with their offerings

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Just like his parents, Cain chose to willfully disobey God and do things his way. It was like rejecting Jesus (Isaiah 53:3). The offering of the lamb is a picture of the pure, perfect, sinless Messiah (Jesus Christ). There was a reason why the lamb had to be spotless (unblemished) during offering for it represented Christ. Cain represents false doctrine that teaches we don’t need Christ and we can do like Frank Sinatra and do it our way. Whereas true doctrine teaches that we cannot save ourselves and it’s the reason why we need a Savior. I also have to agree with Philo of Alexandria (50 BC – 25 AD) when he said that Cain and Abel symbolize two parts of one’s personality: the part that seeks material things and the part that seeks holy things, respectively.

Abel and Christ: the similarities

* Abel was “a keeper of sheep” (Gen 4:2) which means he was a shepherd and our Lord is the good Shepherd (John 10:11). Psalm 23 is known as the shepherd chapter for it shows how some process involved in keeping sheep is related to us. In taking care of the sheep, Abel typifies Christ as caretaker.

* As a shepherd, Abel presents his offering to God (Gen 4:4) and it was as a Shepherd, Jesus Christ presented His offering to God (John 10:11). 

* Abel owned sheep, so it’s obvious that he had his own flock to tend. Christ calls His people the “little flock” (Luke 12:32).

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* Abel was killed by his brother (Gen 4:8); Jesus was crucified by His brethren (the house of Israel) as they shouted for Him to be crucified (Luke 23:21 also see Acts 2:22-23). This was all part of God’s divine plan (Acts 2:23).

* Abel obeyed God when he brought his offering and because of his obedience, he was killed by his jealous brother. This humble death is symbolic of Christ’s death (Philippians 2:8).

* Abel’s offering foreshadowed the Great Offering for sin and anticipated the coming of the Lamb of God.

* Abel obtained witness that he was righteous at the presentation of his offering (Hebrews 11:4); Christ was an offering on the cross to God when he obtained witness of his righteousness by the centurion (Luke 23:47).

* Abel’s example of faith still speaks to us, his name appearing first in the Hall of Faith (Hebrews 11:4) so he did not die in vain; Jesus Christ’s offering now speaks to God (Hebrews 12:24).

Abel was a hero of faith and a righteous man (Hebrews 11:4). He is one of my Biblical heroes. Now, let’s venture where the curious roam.

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Abel via JW.org

Were Cain and Abel twins?

Although this is somewhat implied, the Bible does not explicitly states that they were. Genesis 3:15 is mostly taken out of context by eager Bible students. While this verse is the first messianic prophecy of the Bible (cross-reference Romans 16:20), many use it to point out that Cain and Abel were actually twins in Gen 4:1-2 with Cain being the son of Lucifer and Adam being the father of Abel.

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To be fair, there is no time interval between verses 1 and 2 (Gen 4) and the phrase “and he knew his wife again” was not used when Eve conceived Abel, but they’re separated into 2 verses suggesting two separate births. Adam and Eve were created by God; they were the first two human beings to inhabit the earth. When Cain was born, Eve declared that she had created a man with God’s help (intervention in pregnancy) (Gen 4:1). She did not declare the same when Abel was born for it was not as remarkable as the first birth. Cain was the first human child to be born. There was no one before him otherwise the Bible would’ve recorded the historic moment.

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How did Abel know what to offer if the Bible did not state it?

It might have been based on previous knowledge in Genesis 3:21 when God had to sacrifice an animal in order to make clothes for Adam and Eve. Also, this was the first animal sacrificed for man and it was God who did the sacrificing. Despite Adam and Eve disobeying Him, His concern was still with mankind. How can you not love God? He did not have to provide for the disobedient, but He did because He cares and loves us. I also like to think that God would’ve talked to them at some point laying down the laws for He never forsakes us.

What weapon did Cain kill Abel with?

The Bible does not record it for it was not important to know (Gen 4:8). Cain was a farmer so I like to think that he used one of his tools or even a stone (in order to spill Abel’s blood), but regardless of the weapon he used to slew his brother, his action was sinful and it all started with jealousy which eventually bubbled over into anger and led him to commit the first recorded murder. 1 John 3:12 tells us to not be like Cain.

Who was Cain’s wife? (Gen 4:17)

The unnamed wife of Cain can cause the wrong kind of speculation. Let’s look at it this way: Adam and Eve were created by God. They were the first and only human beings on the earth and they did not have any genetic defects that would’ve caused genetic abnormalities to their generation. They were genetically pure and would’ve produced healthy and normal children. Besides Cain, Abel, and Seth who came much later, Adam and Eve had other “sons and daughters” (Gen 5:4). Their children would have no other choice, but to intermarry at the time so Cain’s wife could’ve been one of his sisters or another close relation, say, a niece or even a great-niece (?). When there were enough people to put an end to intermarriage, God forbid it in Leviticus 18:6-18

If you’re interested in reading more, click on and visit this link: Incest in the Bible


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*** Images and GIFs via Google Search

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The goal of the tournament! ⚽

After this post, I believe that there are just three more posts to go before I get back to regular scheduling. Until July 23rd, you can vote for the goal of the tournament on FIFA here: Goal of the tournament but I already know who my winner is regardless of the end result from the very first time I saw it.  

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Benjamin Pavard v Argentina



The curly head defender’s wonder goal changed the entire match. For me, it’s the best goal of the tournament and the best goal of the year. It was a wicked glorious ice-cold beauty which delighted not only the fans of Les Bleus but also the footballing world. 

Other goals I loved:

Ángel Di María v France

This was such an amazing goal!

Edinson Cavani v Portugal 

He is too good with his head!

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So, it’s July…

…and it still hasn’t settled in as yet.

We welcomed July with heavy rains last evening, so I thought this scripture was fitting. 

The World Cup wraps this month – the 15th to be precise – and I’ve been loving the atmosphere so far. The euphoria of the greatest event on the planet – it was never you, Carnival – has captured many attention and hearts globally, but please, make sure it doesn’t capture your soul. I’ve read a news article in which two fans took their lives in two separate incidents. One took his life when Argentina lost 3-0 to Croatia and the other when they got knocked out of the tournament by France. 

Bottom line is, this is just football and there is no need for anyone to take his/her life over it. The young men who took their lives were not even Argentinians; they hailed from India. I’ve been supporting France for years now and if they don’t win this WC, it’s not going to be the end of the world for me. It is selfish to take our lives over trivial and meaningless things.

We die for mortal idols, yet, we won’t die for the One who gave His life for us if the chance presented itself. Be careful of who/what you worship for these mortals aren’t gods; they’re flesh and blood just as us.

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Challenge for juillet

Again, I won’t be doing any challenges this month. Last month, I said I wanted to complete the tags and challenges I’ve been neglecting for months, but never got around to it. I’ll try to see what I can do this month. 

Blessed juillet to all and keep walking with Jesus. 


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The Substitute ⚽

Short Story #26
A very short football short

The stadium lights blinded for a little bit, but that was all right. This was the moment he dreamed of for so long. This was what he had put in the extra training for long after his teammates left the training ground. The fans have just given the star of the team a standing ovation after he went down from a nasty uncalled for challenge from the defending opponent. The coach already used two substitutions and was not counting on the star, Ricky Davis, to be injured as there were only ten minutes left in the normal ninety minutes of game time. It was a frustrating night. His side was down one nil and just when Ricky was through on goal, he was taken down and off. The opponent was shown a red card and a penalty was taken but saved because the goalie had quick reflexes like Hugo Lloris.

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The coach was piling pressure on the substitute because it was now down to him to prove that he earned his call-up. To make the ball speak with his feet like he usually does on the training ground. To dazzle the spectators with his twisting and dribbling trickery as he bobbed and weaved pass defenders. He was like a bullet and once he took off, you couldn’t stop him unless you tug on his shirt, trip him or simply foul him. The coach was impressed with him in training but felt like he was not ready for a first-team place.

Until now.

The time has come for him to deliver and to show not only the team and coach but also the fans he was about to play in front of, that he was more than just the substitute and after tonight, his name will be on every lip.


I’m not writing a lot lately, but I wanted to write something for football, so I came up with this short short. 😄And kudos to all the subs who come off the bench to change the game up! I think I enjoyed making the cover more than writing the story, though! Also, excuse my grammar; it’s not my forte, but I take responsibility for grammatical errors.

Thanks for reading. 💙

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New to blogging? Start here.

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Hey, you there! 

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You-ooh! Over here!

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Yes, you! If you’re new to the blogosphere (even as new as late last year or early this year), the community welcomes you with open arms and if you’re reading this post, here’s a pretty good place to start so don’t be shy. Introduce yourself in the comment section below, leave links to your blog/tell us what your blog is about if possible (no profanities please!), and make some new friends. 

Although I won’t be able to follow every single blog, I’m happy to have you on board. Again, welcome to the blogosphere! Enjoy your stay.

To the not-so-newbies: feel free to share a post that you’ll like to highlight or get more reads on.

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Rain pours down on France as they celebrate World Cup title. 🏆

The tournament is over, but I’ll be wrapping up WC blogs this week.

July 15th, 2018 is a day that I'll always remember 

July 15th, 2018. 

Another unforgettable experience in my book. France won the World Cup for the second time and it was also my bestie’s birthday. 💙

France faced Croatia in the final of the World Cup and won 4-2 in what was an entertaining final. Les Bleus took the lead on 18 minutes when Mario Mandžukić scored an own goal from an Antoine Greizmann freekick. I dislike his Fortnight celebration, though. 


Croatia equalized in the 28′ from a wicked left-footed finish via Ivan Perišić and it was game on for both sides!


In the 36′ France was awarded a penalty after the use of VAR decided that Perišić handled the ball. After what seemed like ages, Griezmann converted from the penalty spot to make it 2-1.


In the 59′ Paul Pogba missed with his right foot, but he made no mistake with the left curling home a great effort that extended France’s lead.

Six minutes later, Kylian Mbappé joins the party with a wicked strike to put the French in the driving seat.

There were no more goals to come from the French, but Hugo Lloris made a disastrous error in the 69′ which saw Mandžukić pull one back for Croatia. 


Other than that, Lloris had a great game. 

France did not lose a game in this tournament and they performed well to the very end. Croatia also had the tournament of their lives. There were some fans whining about possession, but here’s a news flash: modern football is not about statistics and it certainly does not care about possession for possession does not win games. You have to be decisive in front of goal and the French were just that. 

And nature came out to celebrate victory with the French after winning their second WC after 20 years. 


France Achievements:

1998: World Cup champions

2000: Euro champions

2006: World Cup finalists

2016: Euro finalists

2018: World Cup champions

Vive la France et vive la République!