Let’s get made; American Made!

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“I love stories of improbable heroes working against the system, and Barry Seal took the government, and our country, for an unbelievable ride. Interpreting his story has the makings for an entertaining film that is equal parts satire, suspense and comedy—and always surprising.”
Doug Liman

Originally titled Mena, American Made is set to hit the big screen on September 29th, 2017 and I’ll just have to bear it and wait patiently (Originally, it was supposed to have a Jan 2017 release). I’ve read Seal’s story and I’ve been excited for the film since filming began in 2015. 

This is the movie I’m most excited about for 2017!

The film is set in the 1980s.

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Tom Cruise will play Barry Seal, a hustler and American pilot who gets coaxed by the CIA into participating in a covert operation that involved Seal going from drug smuggler to drug informant. While working for the CIA, he spied on the infamous Medellin Cartel, including leader Pablo Escobar, during the height of 1980s cocaine drug trafficking. He also ended up involved in Nicaraguan and Contra politics, which played a role in the Reagan Administration’s Iran-Contra scandal.

We are family: Barry and Debbie in 1981 with their children, from left Aaron, Christine and Dean. At the time he was smuggling drugs from Colombia for the Medellin cartel with the US authorities in complete ignorance

‘The exciting thing to me is to get into a life and death situation,’

Barry Seal

Known as a rebel adventurer, Seal was the first American to see the inner workings of the powerful Medellin cartel. He was fearless while undercover and his inside information led to prosecutions. At that time, the Drug Enforcement Administration was battling the cocaine explosion.

A price was put on his head for turning federal witness and Seal died in a hail of bullets at the hands of Colombian hitmen. *Cringes* 

And TC does justice to any uniform he puts on. This time, a pilot’s…


Back in action: Tom Cruise was spotted in a pilot's uniform and free from bruises on the set of the new crime thriller Mena in Atlanta, Georgia on Wednesday

The film is directed by Doug Liman, who previously collaborated with TC on Edge of Tomorrow. TC always want to give the audience their money’s worth and this film is going to be a masterpiece if things go according to Seal’s story. TC had to gain weight for the role for Barry Seal weighed 280+ pounds and was known as ‘El Gordo’ (The Fat Man), but the actor did not pile on the pounds.

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Barry Seal

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I like what I’ve seen of TC’swardrobe so far on the set:

Pick a color, any color: Tom Cruise was styled in a rainbow of colors on set of his latest film in Ball Ground, Georgia on WednesdayPick a color, any color: Tom Cruise was styled in a rainbow of colors on set of his latest film in Ball Ground, Georgia on WednesdayPick a color, any color: Tom Cruise was styled in a rainbow of colors on set of his latest film in Ball Ground, Georgia on Wednesday

The brown leather jacket has already gotten rave reviews and many people are asking where they can order it.

Costume: The father-of-three was dressed in double denim sporting a chambray shirt and trousers

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Short Story #15

Glassy green eyes met icy gray ones across the mahogany desk, the only thing separating the men and the thickening atmosphere in the small, but cramped room.

“This can only work one way,” the goon in the blue powder suit from behind the desk rose to his full height thinking that it would send a threat to the man still seated in the ugly plush green chair. The gray-eyed man didn’t flinch. He just sat there with a smirk on his stern, but handsome face that the goon wished he could wipe off with just a backhand slap, but he had heard things about this Monsieur. “You have to agree with my terms otherwise the deal is off.”

Jean-Pierre Papin sadistically smiles. “I work only for money. If you want loyalty, get a dog.”

“They say you are the best!”

“And I am the best, but I don’t work on your terms. I work on mine. If you think you can do the job better than me, then you have no need for my help.”

WORDS: 175



Hello, Wattpad!

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I joined Wattpad in 2014 but never fully utilized it and over time I’ve forgotten my password. Until recently when a friend of mine told me about a really exciting story that she wanted me to read. When I finally got on and looked around, I decided that I’ll like to live there and thus, my interest in this platform was renewed.

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What is Wattpad?

Wattpad is a community where writers post/share their work be it recipes, fiction, poetry, articles, non-fiction, fan fiction etc. It is a fun platform for writers to showcase their work and there are also contests available. It is a social network for authors to build a connection with their readers.

What can it do for you?

You can showcase/promote your work (even if it’s already published). Wattpad is a gift to writers given that it is changing the publishing game right now. Yes, stories have been getting published directly from the site, thanks to contests and publishing companies in search of the next best novel.

But don’t get too excited.

I see Wattpad as a stepping stone for authors who are interested in building their readership. Or you may have an idea for a novel and you’re not quite sure about it. Using this platform to talk about it can bring you feedbacks.

Why should you join?

Well, the choice is certainly up to you. Even if you’re not a writer, it is a reading haven for readers. Genres range from historical, romance, thriller, fantasy, young/new adult, teen fiction and TONS of fanfiction if you’re into that sort of thing. What I’ve noticed is that the bad boy is a favorite character to write.

What’s best about joining Wattpad? It’s free.

If you’re on Wattpad, I’ll love to hear your story.


Merry March!

Kid in Pink Tanktop Playing Bubbles

Well, February sure was a bit long, wasn’t she? If your February wasn’t outstanding, then make March count.

I intend to pursue the few blog goals I listed for this month:

^ Post topics on spirituality and continue to share my verse of the day.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the many ways there are to pray for your husband. Above all, don’t give place to impatience. Seeing answers to your prayers can take time, especially if your marriage is deeply wounded. Be patient to persevere and wait for God. Keep in mind that you both are imperfect people. Only the Lord is perfect. Look to God as the source of all the good you want to see happen in your marriage. And don’t worry about how it will happen. Leave it in His hands.:

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^ Book reviews. I’ll post reviews 2-3 days a week until I’m caught up with all the books I want to review. I don’t know which days as yet, but I may choose them at random.

^ Keep up with the 365 Days of Writing Prompts. I’m not one who writes at will every day, so this challenge has been helping me to write something every day even if it’s just one sentence.

^ The Top 5 Challenge! I’ve compiled some challenges over on Pinterest which I would try to compete over the next few months… or perhaps, for the rest of the year. I’ll kick off March with the top 5 challenge:

Wonderful March to all and remember to…

June plans! – La Petit Muse:

Spotlight: Jérôme Jarre

I want to do something for the people who are trying to make the world a better place through their actions and for the people who love what they do passionately. Today, I start with Jérôme Jarre.


Jarre is a twenty-six-year-old French entrepreneur who is also a Vine (known as the funniest and happiest person there) and Snapchat star. He also made an appearance in Zoolander 2. Jarre had started several businesses in China and Canada and learned to speak English and Chinese after moving to China. In 2013, he started a project on Vine called Humans in which he asks strangers the question “What is the most important message you would like to share with the world right now?”

But the Frenchman is more than just a prankster and a celebrity (in his own right).

He talks the talk and walks the walk with a big bright infectious smile on his face.

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Doesn’t that smile makes you want to break into one?

 Jarre is using his platform (social media) to help people in Somalia. The drought caused a famine that is affecting about 5 million people. After the Frenchman read about the famine, he went on to set up the Love Army For Somalia movement.

He is keen on getting the word out about the famine there and how it is affecting the people. Shows that social media can be used for more than just selfies.

This movement started with a crazy idea, what if we could convince Turkish Airlines to let us use one of their flights to Somalia? And fill it with food!
One shipment – providing immediate relief for immediate need.

What was Turkish Airlines response?

And well done to Turkish Airlines who are “…making available a full cargo flight that can fly 60 TONS OF FOOD, but they agreed to let us ship food containers on their commercial aircraft to Somalia, UNTIL THE END OF THE FAMINE !!!”

Also, kudos to Ben Stiller who is letting Jarre and the team use his charity “STILLER FOUNDATION in order to receive and manage the funds. This means U.S. DONORS WILL BE ABLE TO WRITE THIS DONATION OFF YOUR TAXES if you wish.”

I enjoy reading stories like these because they restore my faith in humanity. It doesn’t matter if one is a celebrity, a priest, or even a cleaner. I’ll be shining the spotlight on their efforts to help make the world a better place. 

If you’re interested in donating to LoveArmyForSomalia, you can do so via gofundme.com/LoveArmyForSomalia. Read the amazing story behind this movement.

It is utmost refreshing to see young people trying to make a difference in the world. 

Jarre updated his status two days ago while on his way to Somalia and he said that he and his crew have been listening to ‘Love Army’ by Machel Montano during the entire flight. This song is from 2013 (has nothing to do with the current situation in Somalia) and Machel is one of our very own. Fun Fact: several parts of the video was shot in the area where I live: Carenage/Gulf of Paria. 🙂

So, French boy with the bright smile (that’s what I call him), keep spreading that wonderful enthusiasm and may God bless you and your family. Don’t let the anti-white racists stop you from trying to help Somalia.

Bravo à Jérôme Jarre!

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Share your world – week 12


Cee’s Share Your World Challenge continues this week!

Does your first or middle name have any significance (or were you named after another family member)?

I don’t like my middle names and I refuse to talk about them.

Music or silence while working?

It depends on what I’m doing.

app, apple, business

If you had a special place for your three most special possessions (not including photos, electronics, people or animals), what would they be?

I don’t hold onto possessions (save my Bible) because when I leave this world I wouldn’t be able to take anything. 

The Never List: What are things you know you never will do?

Never is a word that is becoming scarce from my dictionary because the things I say I’ll never do, I somehow end up doing them.

Optional Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

Being alive! I’m so grateful just to be able to breathe. 🙂 As for the upcoming week, I’ll like to be surprised. 🙂


5 favorite memories


^ When I was allowed to first drink coffee ❤

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^ When I first came to know about Jesus and what it meant by Him dying for our sins. ❤

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^ Walks on the beach with Dad ❤

Image result for beach walk dad daughter

^ Mom’s baking. She doesn’t bake anymore, but those were some ymmy times! ❤

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^ The first time I held hands with the boy I was heels over head for. 🙂

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Teaser Tuesday: magazine covers!

Teaser Tuesday:

Since my adorable muse is still on vacation, I am actually spending the free time doing creative stuff and I like where it’s heading. Today (technically, it’s evening now, but hey! It’s still Tuesday!), I share what I’ve been up to lately.

I’ve been playing around with colors and I’m no expert (as yet), but I am working on it. When I was younger, I’ve always wanted to have my own magazine, something I’m currently working on in my spare time.

This cover was done for a story that I’m supposed to be writing for a friend. The model is not mine and if she belongs to you, the reader/browser, let me know and I’ll take this down.

The da Díxons belongs to me and I’m building a fictional fashion empire around them.


This one is the cover I might go with, but I ran out of color patience! I don’t like the green, but I’m too lazy to change it:


As for this other one, I’ve never written Tom Cruise into any story of mine before (I used to write Michael Jackson fan fiction, though), so when my friend gave me this challenge to include my favorite celebrity in a story, I decide to go with TC as a businessman and use his birth name. I also give him a son… but the story is yet to be written. 

I had fun creating this magazine cover and the headlines!


So, I’m not writing, but at least I’m creating. Let me know what you think.

Book #8: Hunting Eve

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Author: Iris Johansen
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press (July 16th, 2013)
Pages: 375 (Including an excerpt from Silencing Eve)
Chapters: 17
Series: Eve Duncan #17, New Eve Duncan Trilogy #2


She was taken for a reason. Chosen for her skills as a forensic sculptor. Abducted by the deranged father of a serial killer and forced to reconstruct his dead son’s skull from bone fragments. Now Eve Duncan has escaped her captor – and she’s running for her life. Alone. Unarmed. In the mountains of Colorado, Eve must use all of her strength, courage, and wits to survive this madman’s obsession. But Jim Doane is not the only player in the game. While Joe Quinn, Jane MacGuire, and Kendra Michaels search for Eve in the abandoned mining town that could be her ultimate refuge – or her grave – a stranger with ties to her long-ago past is closing in, circling like a wolf, and HUNTING EVE.  


*sighs* This book was so overwhelmingly boring that I couldn’t finish it.

Eve this, Eve that (Hello Mary Sue!). If she is so ordinary, plain interesting and unattractive, why the hell is she getting all those praises as if she was the second coming? I swear I was reading about Eleanor of Aquitaine, the way everyone was going on and on and on and …

 tom cruise sd knight and day tom cruise appreciation life roy miller GIF

The MAIN point is, this novel should have been a stand alone. I feel as if the author rambled throughout the book because she had to stretch the trilogy. I am not sure what was worst, the character interaction (very insipid) or the writing. The plot was good, but the writing was not good enough to keep my attention as it was boring and repetitive. 

A word to the author: put Eve to bed, it’s time. The cover might be good looking, but the writing isn’t.

I won’t be touching another book in this series. They could kill Eve for all I care.


Vision is such a wonderful gift that I don’t take anything for granted.

– Chapter 3; Page 45