Between My Bleeding Lines Now LIVE in Amazon!

Rosema‘s book is now available! It’s a collection of 100 poems about love, loss, and finding yourself in the process. I still can’t get over the cover!

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My baby is here! Between My Bleeding Lines is now available in Amazon and Createspace! Please see the following links:

Between My Bleeding Linesis a collection of 100 free verse poems about love, loss, and finding yourself in the process.

The art of loving, the pain of losing, and the beauty of healing are shown in the book’s three chapters: For Granted, Forgotten and Forbearer.

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Majestic May!


They say April showers bring May flowers, but in this case, April flowers bring May showers! 😛 We haven’t had any rain in the month of April (except some drizzles), but we sure had lots of beautiful blooming beauties! ❤ But it’s May today and we were welcome with some showers! Praise God!

Time is flying by so fast, sometimes we want to scream for it to slow down.

But I am always grateful for every living breathing moment for it brings me closer and closer to my Maker, something I won’t ever take for granted. 

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Concerning the blog this month, I plan to continue what I’ve been doing last month. *sighs* April, I miss you already!

^ Book reviews! This is something that would continue until I tire of reviewing books. I am thinking of posting two reviews a week given that I read faster than I blog.

^ The 365 Days of Writing Prompts continues this month. I’ve come to dislike some of the repetitive prompts, but it won’t stop me from completing this challenge.

^ Challenges. I won’t be doing any this month. 

^ Positive Monday topics! I’ve been asked to do more PM topics, so I’ll see what I come up with. 

^ Now and then (or on a weekly basis), I post about the world’s greatest actor (I don’t care if you don’t agree with me! The man is 110% committed to his career.) I am not going to apologize for liking this actor. This is the man who gave me the best memories movie-wise and if I talk about TC a little too much, it’s not my fault. He’s excitable. ^^

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^ Since the Worshipful Living Scripture Writing Challenge ends today, I’ll be posting the KJV verse of the day from tomorrow God’s willing.

^ I hope to update my Humanity category this month. There are still so many good people in the world out here and I intend to showcase some of their good deeds.

^ An influx of posts. Guys, I just went through my Drafts and guess how many posts I’ve been erm, storing over the past months? 120? No, try 306! I am so embarrassed! 😦

I’m all fired up for May and I hope you are too! Thank God that you’re alive and remember to…

June plans! – La Petit Muse:



Short Story #16

Pepe thinks he will have plenty of time to tell Jezelle he may be interested in more than just friendship. He believed that they were soulmates and that their fate was written in the stars.

Then suddenly, time seems to be slipping away from his fingers because he is standing in front of well-wishers as a best man at Jezelle’s wedding. It seems completely unreal and he distinctly thinks if only he didn’t leave to further his studies in Switzerland to become a better person and to earn wealth. If only he only had more time to tell her his feelings, then she wouldn’t have been getting married to his best friend today.

When the priest asks if anyone objects to the union and to “speak now or forever hold your peace,” Pepe looks at the bride and she looks at him, a fleeting moment passing between them. He doesn’t object and when the couple kisses and became a new union, his heart sinks and shatter quite unexpectedly.

WORDS: 168


I didn’t know what I was going to write today until I was going through the Ideas folder on my pen drive. I came across this title and immediately thought of Depeche Mode’s ‘It’s No Good’ and viola! I had my Sunday short! 🙂

I’m going to take my time
I have all the time in the world
To make you mine
It is written in the stars above
The gods decree
You’ll be right here by my side
Right next to me
You can run, but you cannot hide

Don’t say you want me
Don’t say you need me
Don’t say you love me
It’s understood
Don’t say you’re happy
Out there without me
I know you can’t be
’cause it’s no good

Book #21: Big Girl

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In this heartfelt and incisive new novel, Danielle Steel celebrates the virtues of unconventional beauty while exploring deeply resonant issues of weight, self-image, sisterhood, and family.

A chubby little girl with blond hair, blue eyes, and ordinary looks, Victoria Dawson has always felt out of place in her family, especially in body-conscious L.A. Her father, Jim, is tall and slender, and her mother, Christina, is a fine-boned, dark-haired beauty. Both are self-centered, outspoken, and disappointed by their daughter’s looks. When Victoria is six, she sees a photograph of Queen Victoria, and her father has always said she looks just like her. After the birth of Victoria’s perfect younger sister, Gracie, her father liked to refer to his firstborn as “our tester cake.” With Gracie, everyone agreed that Jim and Christina got it right.

While her parents and sister can eat anything and not gain an ounce, Victoria must watch everything she eats, as well as endure her father’s belittling comments about her body and see her academic achievements go unacknowledged. Ice cream and oversized helpings of all the wrong foods give her comfort, but only briefly. The one thing she knows is that she has to get away from home, and after college in Chicago, she moves to New York City.

Landing her dream job as a high school teacher, Victoria loves working with her students and wages war on her weight at the gym. Despite tension with her parents, Victoria remains close to her sister. And though they couldn’t be more different in looks, they love each other unconditionally. But regardless of her accomplishments, Victoria’s parents know just what to say to bring her down. She will always be her father’s “big girl,” and her mother’s constant disapproval is equally unkind.

When Grace announces her engagement to a man who is an exact replica of their narcissistic father, Victoria worries about her sister’s future happiness, and with no man of her own, she feels like a failure once again. As the wedding draws near, a chance encounter, an act of stunning betrayal, and a family confrontation lead to a turning point.

Behind Victoria is a lifetime of hurt and neglect she has tried to forget, and even ice cream can no longer dull the pain. Ahead is a challenge and a risk: to accept herself as she is, celebrate it, and claim the victories she has fought so hard for and deserves. Big girl or not, she is terrific and discovers that herself.



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I’ve never read any material by Danielle Steel until Big Girl. I chose this book because the topic sounded promising. 

Steel wrote the story passively, meaning she doesn’t show it, she tells it – something most readers and authors consider the cardinal sin. If you’re not a fan of storytelling, then this book isn’t for you. It was frustrating to read.

Steele missed an opportunity to go all out with this out. Big Girl could’ve driven home a fantastic message on how to celebrate you and accept yourself for who you are regardless of size and beauty. It had the promise to be something spectacular, but it, unfortunately, fell flat. Body image is an issue that is prevalent in our society and it isn’t going away anytime soon. I think the author could’ve taken the subject and make it relatable to females.

The story was also redundant and it didn’t help that the author kept reminding the reader what happened in the last chapters concerning Victoria. It was not empowering at all given that Victoria’s motivated desire was to lose weight and find a man. What about loving herself first? How the heck you gone love someone if you can’t love yourself? She fails to stand up to her cruel family, but she finally comes to accept herself when she gets a nose job?

Well, like I said, it was my first DS book and although it was not done justice, I am open to suggestions.

So, any DS fans out there, leave your comments and suggestions for me.





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I’m not too sure as yet. It’s a book that a friend wants me to read. 

Photo Challenge Wednesday: Cake Extravaganza!


Our wonderful Baking and Pastry Arts students here at the Trinidad and Tobago Hospitality Institute (TTHTI) was given a Disney theme for their final exam and they brought their A game, but two cakes stood out for me. 


This Cinderella take was outstanding! It was love at first sight. It was done by Hafsa.


My overall favorite! This is Jonathan Lee and his cake was well-structured and very neat. The details were fantastic! He is also a very well-mannered outgoing individual. This photo was taken by my co-worker Corrine. Thanks Corrine for letting me use it on my blog given that I was lazy to take photos!

May 24th: The next big thing


What will the next must-have technological innovation be? Jetpacks? Hoverboards? Wind-powered calculators?

I’ve been staring at the screen for the past five or so minutes now… I don’t have any idea given that technology is a beautiful (and scary thing) that blows my mind away whenever the next big thing comes along. I’ll wait.

Word of the Day: sarcophagus


I am in love with words. Long words. I like spending time trying to pronounce the word accurately before using it in a sentence. Thanks to The Mummy, I can’t unhear today’s word. >.<


A stone coffin (that is associated with the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Rome, and Greece).

Sarcophagus in a sentence

The tomb raider tangled in front of the ancient mummy’s sarcophagus as it was being lifted out of its prison.