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Positive Monday: My scripture and song for 2018


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I’m leaving bitterness
Behind this time
I’m cleaning out my mind
There is no space
For the regrets
I will remember to forget

I can’t believe that two weeks have already been shaved off January! It’s crazy at how fast time is passing us by. This post should’ve been scheduled for earlier, but I did not have time over the weekend to do so. Enough talk. I just want to share my scripture for 2018 and it comes from Revelation 3:20.

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This scripture is going to be vital for me this year as I continue to walk with God. As I continue to search, pray and study His Word. It brings peace to my soul knowing that He is there for me always hence the Depeche Mode song, Peace.

I’m leaving anger in the past
With all the shadows
That it cast
There is a radar in my heart
I should have trusted
From the start

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Day 15: Favorite male character

I might have mentioned them a few times since I’ve started this challenge. James Patterson’s Alex Cross.

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Alexandre Dumas’s d’Artagnan who was based on real-life Charles de Batz-Castelmore d’Artagnan. Charles served Louis XIV as captain of the Musketeers of the Guard.

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50 Foods #17: Spice

Origin: Across the East Indies
Date: From the 8th century
Type: Pepper, nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, and many others

I recall the Spice Wars that involved the Portuguese and the Dutch Republic. It has been an important ingredient in food ever since it started existing, but whenever I think of spice, I think of Indian food. 

India has been considered as the “Spice Bowl of the World” and in the ancient and medieval ages, Indian spices played a great role in strengthening its economic condition.

Would I eat it?: I love using spice and I love spicy food!

Red Chili

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