The 48-hour challenge. Really, Facebook?

Last month, I read that Facebook introduced a new game in which they encouraged young children to go missing for up to 48 hours. Basically, they were to hide from their parents/guardians for 48 hours, and I find myself wondering what kind of sick twisted game was this?

Children are given a higher score if their names are mentioned on social media by their loved ones desperately seeking them. 

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This sick and twisted game bear a striking resemblance to the ‘Game of 72‘ in 2015 which encouraged children to disappear for 24, 48, or 72 hours. 

Every day, children go missing and this 48 Hour Challenge game targeting children saw children as young as 14 go missing for days at a time. This game was devised by the mind of evil with no regards for the people who go missing every day. One terrified mother who has been searching for her children found them in a different town only to then discover that they were in on the game with their social peers. 

Within the first 48 hours of a crime, crucial evidence mostly disappears and after 48 hours, it becomes harder to find a missing person because the trail goes cold. Is this what these idiots want? For children to go missing to make them easier to kidnap?

Parents, stay vigilant. This world is becoming messier by the second.

For all the lost children
This is for all the lost children
This one’s for all the lost children, wishing them well
And wishing them home

Home with their fathers,
Snug close and warm, loving their mothers
I see the door simply wide open
But no one can find thee

 Michael Jackson – Lost Children


November 02nd: Conflicted


You’re in the middle of a terrible argument, and everyone turns to you to help resolve it. How do you respond? How do you react to conflict?

Me? I always try to avoid conflicts at every cost and I’ve never been in the middle of an argument where anyone can turn to me to resolve it, so I guess I’ll be walking out of the room thus leaving them to resolve it on their own.

No, seriously. 

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Fall Again

Short Story #21
A Fall Romance

I apologize in advance for the story cover being better than the actual story. Please proceed with caution.


My Love,

I know we’ve been through a lot in the past two years and with us being separated for almost one, it brought me back to where I needed to be. I had the time to cleanse my system and re-purify my soul.

Dari, I know no one is perfect. No, not even I, but I’ve acted the hypocrite with you. For that, I apologize. I am writing this letter to make a promise to you that I am going to try as hard as I can for us this time. Also, it’s Fall.

The trees are shedding their old to make way for the new, the leaves sway, rushing against the many leaves on the floor, the wind blows a burst of fresh cold air, I can smell apple spice bread baking from Mrs Darcy’s shop down the hill and I know it’s your favorite…You know how Fall makes me sentimental! We first met in the Fall after all! I was biking through the park enjoying God’s grandeur when I almost knocked over a man in uniform! We laughed about it, chatted a bit, and then we went our own way. I did not expect to see you again, but I did, the very next day, at the same spot and what were the odds that you were riding a bike? As leaves softly fell to the ground making a blanket around us, you presented me with a flower and asked me out and of course, my answer was yes.

It didn’t take long for us to confess the most powerful words in the world to each other and we were married by the next Fall.

I hope this letter finds you well and that you’re in good spirits, Dari, for I never want to take our love for granted again. We’ve wasted too much time during this separation. However, if you go back on your promise on waiting for me, I’ll understand.

As long as you’ll have me, I am yours for the long haul.




Sergeant Darius reread the letter once again with a goofy grin on his face. You can fall in love twice when second chances won’t leave you alone and he was determined this time to make things work until the rest of their lives. He folded the letter and placed it in the jacket near his heart. He had work to do in winning back his wife’s heart and he knew just the place to start; after all, the bikes were parked in the garage for way too long.

WORDS: 428

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***I was leaning towards a sad story, but there’s just something romantic about Fall! I also admit that I had quite a few story ideas before landing on this one and sticking with it. I wanted to write the story based on a soldier falling in love again with his wife, but I ended up with this cheesy thing.

And Michael Jackson’s ‘Fall Again’ set the mood right. This beautiful song tells the story of my story that I wanted to tell… if that makes sense. 🙂

I wanna spend, time to live in
I wanna fall with you again
Like we did, when we first met
I wanna fall with you again

Entertainment then and now

Reflecting on entertainment.


I was a music lover growing up. I loved Michael Jackson, Aerosmith, Daft Punk, Backstreet Boys, soft rock music, and the occasional R&B. I used to keep abreast of my favorite musicians so when they drop new music, I’ll be the first to hear/get it. I would stay up late, my eyes glued to the TV screen watching movies until I fell asleep. I also used to write songs and I almost joined a record company in Michigan (?) as a songwriter. I’m glad that did not work out. It took me a while to open my ears to realize that the music I was listening to was not glorifying God. 

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It’s pretty hard for me to listen to music now. I gave away my Michael Jackson CD collection and it was not even hard to do. I don’t miss it. I don’t even look back and go ‘Man, I wished I had kept them!” I also threw out music from Madonna, Def Leppard, Ciara etc. I listen to hymns and spiritual songs, but I also have to be aware of some of these so-call Christian artists. Now and then, I’ll listen to a song with clean and pleasing lyrics.

I am now down to two TV shows which is Criminal Minds and Riverdale. A few months ago, I mentioned that I was losing my interest in movies. I watch movies once in a blue moon now if it holds my interest. The last movie I saw was American Made and I haven’t watched any movies since then. 

Now, when I want to be entertained, I pick up my Bible.

Airport lights at night. Hate the flights itself, but love getting away.

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On the Real Tho

Hahaha! I laugh because I actually like the Dobre Brothers and this song shouldn’t have made it on the list given that I already watched the video.

I don’t know how many of you know the brothers, but they might not ring a bell because they’re not famous (as yet) and they’re actually YouTubers currently trying their voices out on the YouTube rap scene. 

Maybe I’ll just talk about the lyrics or point out how many times they do a backflip because, really, I’ve seen this video so it’s going to be hard to react to it and they’re known for doing backflips.

Also, my reactions may not be your cup of tea. It might be sarcastic and I also tear lyrics apart. Let’s react to it in 3…2…1…

0:01: The beat, though! And it’s shot in New York City, once the city of big dreams.

0:08: Their jackets are SLAYING! If it’s one thing, these boys know how to dress.

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But I am not a fan of ripped clothing:

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0:13: Cyrus is up first and boy, can he rap!

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0:25: Money talk, money walk. But it ain’t alive… Preach, Cy!

0:29: He’s hitting the Michael Jackson! Thet leg kick, though!

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GIF via Folomojo

0:34: Backflip. Lucas.

0:36: That escalated quickly. Another backflip; this time by Cyrus.

0:37: You can’t judge. You can’t talk. You just sit and hate. Step it up. Show us up. Show what you create… Currently just nodding my head along.

0:44: And another backflip! Thank you, Marcus.

0:45: Time to stick the truth. If you don’t change the game. Nobody won’t remember you… But I don’t want to be remembered! 

0:50: On the real tho. On the real tho. On the…

1:01: Come in Lucas!

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1:03: You didn’t know before, but now make sure you better know… I feel so threatened! Why is he threatening me?

1:16: Try to bring me down. I stay above. We doing well… Don’t let people bring you down. Regardless of what they try to do to bring you down, stay focus because with God on your side, who can be against you?

1:21: You can’t break me. God has eyes on our back and our phones… Honestly, I don’t know if he’s saying ‘God has eyes on’ or just ‘God has our’ because he’s saying it so fast. Eh!

1:25: On the real tho. On the real tho… 

1:29: Lucas be getting his dance groove on with that fancy hand gesture. Haha!

1:37: And here comes the brother who can’t wait for his name to be written in the stars: Darius. Lowkey, his eyebrows are goals.

Image result for darius dobre instagram

1:46: That smiling shot of the brothers is the best shot of the video.

1:47: I got my brothers. We counting we counting. No, we ain’t stopping… The Count, is that you, bro?

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1:58: Haters wanting this. They just sit and wish… Yes, because it’s easy to hate someone who is going after their dream wishing that you were in their place. I mean, why hate when you can be happy for others?

2:01: On the real tho. On the real tho… 

2:12: Last, but not least, Lucas’s other half, Marcus. *shrugging* I don’t understand how people mix up the twins. They’re very easy to tell apart. 

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2:18: Backflip! Brought to you by Marcus. 

2:19: Listen to them haters. They just beggin for attention. Sit yourself down. I’mma take you to detention… SAVAGE!

2:28: You just hating like the rest. You ain’t nothing new. Words mean nothing. I’m all about the action…

Image result for gif mic drop

2:38: HAHAHA! 

2:47: Backflips! I think it’s 7 in total. I lost count.

On the real tho, you don’t need a million dollars to make a video look good. On the real tho, the Dobre twins give you happy vibes. 

On the real ‘tho, this is Dobre Brothers before fame. When they blow up, I won’t be expecting any more family-oriented content videos or music videos such as these. 

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***GIFs and pictures via Google Search

This Reaction Music Week theme was a blast! I’ll like to do Part two next week God’s willing (if you’ll like to leave suggestions), but I already have another theme in mind so I’ll probably do part two next month. God bless and I pray you have a safe and blessed weekend.

Versace on the Floor

The title of the song! I can use it in a short mystery story. 😛

I remember liking Bruno Mars when he first came out. He had a great voice, but he was vastly underrated. He sang about love, heartbreak, and regrets. I liked ‘Just the Way You Are’, ‘It Will Rain’, ‘When I Was Your Man’, and ‘Marry You’, but my utmost favorite song of his was ‘Old & Crazy’ although it’s only a minute and fifty-five seconds. It has that old jazzy vibe that I love and I thought the song was adorable.

Will you still call me baby when I’m old and crazy?
When I’m old and crazy, will you still call me baby?
Will you act the same? Will you laugh the same?
Will you think I’m pretty when my hair’s grey?
Will you still call me baby when I’m old and crazy?

It’s still so beautiful! ❤

Anyway, I’m not here to talk about that song. I’m here for his latest, something about Versace whispering as it falls silently to the floor. I don’t listen to music like I used to and I don’t watch music videos anymore. I don’t think I’m out of the loop or missing anything because it’s only garbage that has been polluting the airwaves lately.

Also, my reactions may not be your cup of tea. It might be sarcastic and I also tear lyrics apart. Let’s react to it in 3…2…1…

0:06: Bruno’s wardrobe is already clashing with the hotel elevators and he’s not even singing a note as yet. His outfit looks like his pajamas. 

Image result for gif versace on the floor

Also, ALSO, if that’s the look of love, then I need whatever drugs he’s taking asap!

0:24: Oh, hi Zendaya! Wait… Zendaya? As the love interest? I know she is of age, but this already looks creepy, dude!

Image result for gif versace on the floor

And that dress looks like tin foil. 

Image result for gif foil paper

0:27: Just call him Michael Jackson! He even smiles like MJ. 🙂

0:35: Oh, they’re going into separate rooms.

0:48: His room comes with a wicked glass piano so we know he’s about to get his groove on and Z is going to be listening to his vocals from the other side of the wall. Think I’ll skip a bit.

Image result for gif versace on the floor

GIF via catching moonlight

1:34: Underneath the chandelier, We’re dancin’ all alone Haha! No, you’re not. She’s in the other room and she’s not even underneath a chandelier. You’re not even underneath one, either. Come on, Bruno, match the lyrics of your song to the video if you’re going to be singing about chandeliers. This is how you dance alone underneath the chandelier:

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GIF via Adamtopia

2:15: Versace on the floor… Yes, because Dior is too precious to hit the floor. Wait, did Donatella approve this? Why couldn’t it be Vera Wang on the… oh, right, it doesn’t sound as sophisticated as Versace and Vera Wang wouldn’t sponsor this. *shrugging* Oh, well!

2:29: Bruno is feeling the music more than Zendaya. He probably wishes he was the one wearing Versace instead and singing to himself. 

2:41: I unzip the back to watch it fall… Yes, because you have telekinesis and you can totally unzip the back of her dress from the other room. Even science can’t explain this.

3:08: I’m sorry. I can’t get over the fact that Zendaya is in this video. Why? Just why? It just feels so wrong to be objectifying her sexually. Plus, she looks so cheap in that tin foil. That is Hollywood for you.

Image result for gif versace on the floor

3:12: Don’t be confused by my smile. ‘Cause I ain’t ever been more for real, for real… So, when you smile at other times, does it mean that you’re simply conceited? Or does it mean that you’re deceiving your fan girls?

Image result for gif bruno mars smile

Image result for gif bruno mars smile

Eh! Too bad because, sir, you have a great smile.

3:22: Zendaya lip syncing along to the song. How can she know the words if this is the first time that she’s hearing it? How can she know the words if she has never met him before (as the beginning of the video suggests)? Maybe he played in the hotel bar earlier singing that very same song and she somehow memorized it word for word? Whatever the case may be, that’s going to be her favorite karaoke song from now on until a new Bruno Mars’ song comes along.

4:50: This pose!

Image result for gif versace on the floor zendaya

It’s like you see this somewhat crucifixion pose in almost everyone’s music videos. 

5:14: Of course, the dress ends up on the floor. That was the goal for the last 5 minutes of this boring video.

5:30: That’s the end? Thank goodness! 

I was told how classy and elegant this video is because this world is blinded by the stars and the glitters that they fail to actually watch the video with open eyes. There is nothing classy or subtle about this video. The lyrics are not even pleasing to the ears. I don’t miss listening to this sexually-objecting-women Bruno Mars at all.