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Unrequited love?

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30 days of gratitude: Days 22-24

Day 22: What story are you grateful for?

The birth of our Savior. 💙

Had Jesus Christ not come into this ungrateful world to save us, the world would’ve been a lost cause. Thank you, God!

Day 23: What tradition are you grateful for?

Sister Day in which my sisters and I choose a day to do something fun. The last thing we did on Sister Day was to complete a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle.

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Day 24: What challenge are you grateful for?

The challenge of trying to do the right thing in a world where wrongdoing is king.

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Genesis: in the beginning…

Book #1

55 chapters

Genesis is the foundation on which the remaining sixty-five books of the Bible are built. 

The purpose of Genesis is to trace the beginnings of history.

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

And so it begins…

The book of beginnings: of sin and its disastrous effects, of humanity, and of God’s plan to restore the world through His chosen people, the Israelites. Genesis covers the creation and fall, the descendants of Adam and Eve, the flood, the tower of Babel, Abraham’s call, right down to Joseph’s death. In short, it is about creation, fall, and redemption.

Genesis is intended to be read as an account of the family history of the Hebrew people. “This is the account of” (Hebrew elleh toledoth) occurs eleven times in the book. These accounts include family histories and family genealogy. The first section (1:1-2:3) does not have the elleh toledoth heading given that it’s the account of the creation.

Moses is attributed as the writer of the Pentateuch or Torah (Genesis to Deuteronomy) by both Scripture and historians. His intimate communion with God gave him the spiritual understanding to write God’s Word. Yes, regardless of what non-believers might say, the Bible is God’s inspired Word. Had it not been for God, we wouldn’t have had this spiritual guide.

The book is a source of instruction and edification. We’re going to explore blessings and curses, good and evil, God’s plan, Israel, and why it’s important to be faithful to your heavenly Father.

Do you have your Bible in front of you? Good. Open it with me to Genesis 1.

Rays from the sunset burst through the Daytona Beach clouds and reflect perfectly on the calm sea waters

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Scripture in focus: Genesis 1

Science asks: Who created the world? Where did it come from? How did it come about? What is the age of the earth? When did humans first come into existence? How were they created?

Instead of relying on Science, you can find the answers in the Bible. Genesis 1 does not offer any clues to the age of the earth for the Divine Designer does not have to account for everything under the blazing sun. Who are we puny beings to question His Supremacy?

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth (Gen 1:1) so begins Genesis and a key question is already answered: WHO created the world? No beating around the bush there. This cements and affirms God’s role in creation. The earth was formless (Gen 1:2) before God’s master plan to fill that was empty.

Let us take a closer look at the six days of creation:

DAY 1: Light & Darkness 1:3-5

DAY 2: Sky & Waters (the Firmament of Heaven) 1:6-8

DAY 3: Land (Earth), Sea & Vegetation 1:9-13

DAY 4: The Sun, the Moon & the Stars (Lights in the Firmament of Heaven) 1:14-19

DAY 5: Fish, Fowl, Beasts & Cattle 1:20-25

DAY 6: Man in the image of God & Animals 1:26-31

I marvel at His creation.

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With light (day and night), God fills it with the sun, moon, and stars, thus creating TIME, something we take for granted. With the waters above (rain) and waters below (seas, rivers, lakes etc.), God fills it with birds and fishes thus creating WEATHER. Isn’t He amazing? He then fills the dry land (Earth) and vegetation with land animals thus creating AGRICULTURE.

But of all the beautiful creations, only one was created in the Father’s likeness: Man (1:26-27). At each stage, God declares His work “good” so next, we’ll look at the seventh day on which God rested after creating the world in six days and how it ties into mankind serving Him.

FUN FACT: God is the only name mentioned 30 times in Genesis 1.

END NOTE: We’re not clones or replicas of God. We were created in His images and likeness to worship Him. Although God is all-knowing, holy, perfect and all-powerful, we share certain common characteristics with Him: emotions, spirituality, and communication. 

ALSO NOTE: I’ll like to know in the comments down below, if you prefer this method or if you’ll prefer an overall summary. Also, let me know if this method is too slow or if it’s okay. Until next time, God bless and keep you.

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Phobia Challenge: S

A few more letters and it’s over!

Image result for gif phobia

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Samhainophobia – Fear of Halloween

Satanophobia – Fear of satan

Scabiophobia – Fear of scabies

Scelerophobia – Fear of criminals

Sciophobia – Fear of shadows

Scoleciphobia – Fear of worms (esp. parasitic worms)

Scolionophobia – Fear of school

Scopophobia/Scoptophobia – Fear of being seen or stared at

Scotophobia – Fear of darkness

Scriptophobia – Fear of writing in public

Selaphobia – Fear of light flashes

Selenophobia – Fear of the moon/darkness on a moonless night

Sesquipedalophobia – Fear of long words

Sexophobia – Fear of the opposite sex

Siderophobia – Fear of stars

Image result for stars gif

Look at the stars. Look how they shine for you…

Sinophobia – Fear of Chinese/Chinese culture

Sitiophobia – Fear of food/eating

Soceraphobia – Fear of parents-in-law

Social Phobia – Fear of society/people

Somniphobia – Fear of sleep

Sophophobia – Fear of learning

Soteriophobia – Fear of dependence on others

Spacephobia – Fear of outer space

Spectrophobia – Fear of specters/ghosts

Spheksophobia – Fear of wasps

Stigiophobia/Stygiophobia – Fear of hell

Suriphobia – Fear of mice

Symbolophobia – Fear of symbolism

Syngenesophobia – Fear of relatives

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Thursday Ten: Languages

My mother tongue is English, but I love tasting different languages. 

Learning a new language takes time, effort, and determination, but it’s something that I can’t seem to commit to. Yes, I have commitment issues. Today, I’m going to talk about 10 languages I like, love, or has/have/had an impact on me at some point in my life. I am not fully fluent in any of them, though, but one day, I’ll love to be in a few especially from 6-1.

Ooh, boy, this post looks like it’s going to be lengthy. 

10. German

This language is not for me although I can say good morning, hello, a few other greetings and “God is love” in German.

Image result for gif Jesus Christ is love

Ich spreche nicht gut Deutsch. Yeah, I don’t speak German very well. 

09. Dutch

When I was working at Vie de France, there was a former model working with us and she spoke Dutch thanks to some of her modeling years living in the Netherlands. She taught me how to count in the language and introduced me to some basic phrases. Dutch is one of the languages closest to English while being in the same family as German. 

Now whenever I think of the Dutch, I automatically go back in time to when Robin Van Persie scored that screaming stunner on Spain.

Image result for dutch football gif

Ah, good times! I look forward to the World Cup this year.

08. ASL

One day, I sat down to write a story about a boy and a girl, but the boy was deaf. I might have spoken about Jai and Diana at some point here last year during the NaNo period. Anyway, Jai being deaf made me look into ASL although I was interested in it before, but never quite got into it until now.

I am currently learning how to sign. I’m supposed to be practicing with an Instagram friend, but your girl doesn’t do Skype. So meet my teacher:

Image result for gif nyle dimarco signing

He basically taught me how to say nice to meet someone…

…how to say no…

…and how to say hello with such enthusiasm:

I think it’s beautiful and this is one language that I’ll love to be fluent in. I try to keep up with my learning on Duolingo by using their flashcards. 

07. Spanish

A pretty cool language and I understand many phrases although I may not know how to pronounce them despite having Spanish in the family (most of them are from Venezuela). 

Image result for spanish gif

However, I have no passion to learn this language. When I was in junior secondary school, my Spanish teacher showed no interest in teaching it. She mostly skipped the class with an excuse. When I got to Secondary school, I was the one making up excuses to skip the Spanish class because I wanted to take French, but there was a mix-up and I ended up in the Spanish class with another teacher who was not on fire when it comes to teaching it. 😒

06. Romanian

I love this language! My love for this language began when I started adding diversity to my character pool. I learned some basic phrases here and there, but not enough to get me around any Romanian town! 😆

Image result for Romanian gif

My interest in this language was renewed when I discovered the Dobre twins YouTube channel. Their mom is Romanian, they speak the language sometimes when they communicate with their non-English speaking grandma and the comment section is always lit with the language. 

Dați like dacă sănteți romăni.

05. Japanese


I blame Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters for this.

Image result for gif yugioh duel monsters

I was never interested in anime before (or after) Yu-Gi so when I came across this one, it was a rather pleasant delightful way to pass time. Eventually, I watched the series in Japanese and I picked up a few things such as one should mainly use “moshi moshi” when answering the telephone. It loosely translates to “speaking, speaking” or “I say, I say”. If you can’t hear the person clearly on the other end, you can ask, moshi moshi kikoemasuka? (Hello, can you hear me?). I also learn that one must not use moshi moshi off the phone too much unless you want to get someone’s attention. You can also answer the phone by saying hai (yes).

Image result for gif moshi moshi

Another thing I learned is that Japan loves their karaoke so don’t be surprised if your Japanese friend asks “Karoake ikanai?” Overall, I love this language and I hope to pick it back up soon. 

04. Hindi

This language moves me!

Image result for gif hindi speaking

And I’m so happy that it exists!

Image result for gif hindi

I learned some Hindi from watching Bollywood movies in my childhood. I can sing ‘Malhari’ in Hindi although I haven’t watched the movie (Bajirao Mastani) to date. The language still appeals to me today and I hope to get serious about it one day. 

03. Greek

Ya! I am currently learning this beautiful and poetic language. I feel so calm whenever I listen to someone speak it.

Image result for gif greek

I mean, look at these beautiful words: Kalimera, Kalispera, and Kalinihta. *sighs* What’s not to love? 

02. Italian

This is the world’s tastiest language! They make everything sound tasty. Even the word keyboard is tasty: tastiera. I could hug this beautiful language tight and never let it go.

Image result for gif italian

Once I become fluent in it, I’ll be like…

Image result for gif italian

I’m currently learning the alphabet. 

01. French

I have to leave the best for last. This language is downright the most beautiful, most romantic, and sensual thing that I’ve ever heard and it pleases my ears whenever I hear it being spoken.

Image result for gif french

There’s a reason why almost all of my characters are French or why most of my stories are set in France. I won’t go into the language in detail for we’ll be here for a long time, but I’ll be starting French Fridays soon, so stay tuned.

Okay, over to you now. What’s your mother tongue and what other languages can you speak, want to speak or simply excite you?

***All GIFs and photos via Google Images