Word of the Day: sarcophagus


I am in love with words. Long words. I like spending the time trying to pronounce the word accurately before using it in a sentence. Thanks to The Mummy, I can’t unhear today’s word. >.<


A stone coffin (that is associated with the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Rome, and Greece).

Sarcophagus in a sentence

The tomb raider tangled in front of the ancient mummy’s sarcophagus as it was being lifted out of its prison.

Universe Pictures reveal Dark Universe cast and official trailer

Universal Pictures

Official logo

Universal Pictures is so confident that Tom Cruise is going to revive their Dark Universe with The Mummy, that they’ve gone on ahead to introduce their DU cast, release an official trailer and announce the next movie.


Russell Crowe as Dr. Jekyll, Javier Bardem as Frankenstein, Tom Cruise as Nick Morton, Johnny Depp as the Invisible Man and Sofia Boutella as the Mummy. 

I am not sure how much further my interest in this Dark Universe can extend beyond Tom Cruise. I don’t have any interest here although when I was young, I enjoyed The Invisible Man. I’m only here for Nick Morton.


The Bride of Frankenstein was announced as the next movie in this shared dark universe. It will be released on February 14, 2019. Universal has canceled their plans to release a 2018 film.


*sighs* Those black and white films were wickedly awesome back then!