“Don’t let anyone stop you from being creative.” Yes, you!

Hello from this part of the world. Since my muse left me for the South of France I’ve been reading motivating stuff. I don’t have writer’s block, I’m just void of inspiration to write although it’s there. Does that make any sense?

Anyway, here’s some motivation to kick start your morning/afternoon:

Smile. It’s Monday and here’s some inspiration to…

“You can let your smile change people, but do not let people change your smile.”

Marc-André ter Stegen  (FC Barcelona goalie)

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via Twitter

Too many times we let others dictate our happiness. We want to please others more than we please ourselves. We are not here to please people, but God. Don’t feel bad because you don’t like your best friend’s favorite movie or the color pink. You are you. You are unique. And smile. It’s totally free. 🙂