August 17th: Three-tenths


Scribble down the first ten words that come to mind. Pick three of them. There’s your post title. Now write!

Okay, I’m at the office, so let’s see: write, bag, morning, love, lotion, spicy, cruise, garden, magazine, clean

Every morning she comes to clean
and when she’s done
it always smells like a spring garden. 

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** I dedicate this short… poem?… to the wonderful cleaner who comes every morning to clean our office. Not that it needs any cleaning because we tend to keep it clean anyway (something that she likes), but we appreciate her very much. ❤

August 15th: Freaky Friday


You experience your own Freaky Friday, and switch bodies with someone you love/hate. Tell us what happens.

Dude, yes! I normally choose James Patterson for prompts such as these, but if I could switch bodies with someone for the weekend, I want it to be Hugo Lloris. I know he’s a dude, but he’s the reason why I have immense respect for goalkeepers. I’ll be goalkeeping for Tottenham Hotspur… or Les Bleus… I’m not picky. 🙂

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Best darn goalie in the PL!
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Daily Prompt catch-up: August 12th-14th


August 12th: Lifeline

You’re on a long flight, and a palm reader sitting next to you insists she reads your palm. You hesitate but agree. What does she tell you?

Of course, I am going to hesitate, ain’t nobody reading my palm because I don’t believe in palm reading. That’s what I have God for.

August 13th: Drawing the line

Can anything be funny, or are some things off limits?

When it comes to making jokes, I think it is important to know what is appropriate and what is not. You don’t want to go on stage and be making insensitive jokes about terrorist attacks and I disagree with people who said that rape is funny. When is it ever a good moment to joke about rape?

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August 14th: Mirror, mirror, on the wall

Think of your blog as a mirror: what does it reveal? Consider your blog name, theme choice, design, bio, posts… what does every element tell you about yourself?

Well, La Petit Muse is a reflection of me where it concerns my spiritual life, passion for writing, what I watch etc., and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The only thing that I am trying to work on is a new theme and signature (for the past 4 months or so. I know. I know. I am pretty lazy.) 

petitmuse logo official

August 11th: P.C.


Is political correctness a useful concept, or does it stifle honest discussion?

While it allows people to focus on the facts, political correctness can also discourage people from thinking differently. While it’s okay to point out a person’s race and status in society, some things can be wrong to say because it can be disrespectful towards someone. In a way, political correctness can take away our freedom of speech.

I always tell people that if you don’t want anyone saying “things” about you, then don’t say judgemental things about other people. Don’t go around slandering others because you see other people doing it. Use your brain when you talk and… I’m straying away from the topic aren’t I? 😛

August 10th: Moved to tears


Describe the last time you were moved to tears by something beautiful.

Oh, great, I get to keep up with my YouTube Week theme. Yay! 

I am a sensitive crybaby. There, the truth is out. The simplest things may move me even if it’s a sunset splendidly setting in all its glory. I get moved by the stories I read and the movies I watch. I returned to YouTube recently and caught up with some of my favorite channels. I know you might be sick by now of seeing the Dobre twins, but hey, it’s YouTube Week and I am answering the prompt. 🙂

So, to reply to today’s question, the last time I was moved to tears was when Lucas brought his twin his dream car. I mean, I know the car is materialistic, but the feeling of fulfilling your dreams, the appreciation and unconditional love from family, is beautiful. And this is why some of us work, so we can reap the rewards and benefits and share it with our loved ones. ❤ Lucas could’ve bought himself a car because I am certain he has a dream car in mind, but he selflessly brought his twin’s dream car. If this is not a beautiful gesture, then I don’t know what is.