Riverdale: Never trust snakes

Poor acting, poor writing, so dramatic, but yet, it still lives to make me bash it. 🙂

WARNING: Spoilers ahead! Duh!

S2 E7 Chapter 20: Tales from the Darkside

It was the battle of the friendships: Archie and Jughead; Betty and Veronica; Josie and Cheryl. The story felt dreamlike and I thought that any minute now, someone was going to wake up and go, ‘Got chu!’ 

This was the second time this season that Jughead did not provide a voiceover, but the narrator meant business last night:

Penny Peabody calls in the favor

*sighs* Why did you have to pick up the phone, Jughead?

Penny knows Jughead would do anything for his father, so she uses his father as bait to test Jughead’s loyalty by claiming that FP was beaten in prison and it’ll take money to get him out. Jughead says that he only has $18 to his name (Dude, how do you even take your girlfriend out on dates? No wonder why he’s always hungry!) and Penny agrees to pay him if he’ll deliver a crate of “pancake mix” from the South Side to Greendale… by midnight. The crate does not fit on his bike so he has to look for a bigger mode of transport.

Jughead and Archie’s bromance game is strong

The first person Jughead turns to for help is not Betty, but his bestie, Archie, for Archie would do anything for him. Archie is legit ride or die. Every girl or boy needs a best friend like him although he can be quite dense at times. 

They borrow Archie’s dad’s truck to deliver the crate of “pancake mix” to some creepy old gangster lady in a wheelchair (I couldn’t even make this up myself!), but it’s a setup and Penny has insurance on him: security footage of him delivering drugs, something that can come back to haunt her for she doesn’t know who she messing with. 

This is why you never trust snakes. And this is why Jughead SHOULD HAVE CALLED the prison enquire after his father’s status before doing Penny’s biddings. A lesson to be learned here for he keeps making the same mistakes whenever it comes to his father.

The Candyman makes an appearance

Tony Todd put in a guest appearance as Farmer McGinty. Many of us would know him from that horror movie from the early 90s call Candyman. He comes into play when Archie’s dad’s truck pops a tire and he offers them a ride, but the catch? He can only take Jughead and the crate for $18. Coincidence? I think not. Candyman, I mean McGinty, rambles on and on about the “Riverdale Reaper”, stops for gas and attempts to steal the crate after planning to leave Jughead stranded, but thank goodness for Archie showing up to save the day! Boy is getting smarter each episode!

Josie has a stalker

Okay, I am not Josie’s biggest fan although she’s a pretty decent singer, but, her stalker is a mess and I think it’s the creepy janitor or Cheryl.

Cheryl thinks that she owes Josie after Josie saved her from Nick St. Clair and wants to repay her. She encourages Josie to practice for a solo act after school, but this does not sit well with her group members when they received notes in their lockers informing them what Josie is up to.

Betty gets on the Sheriff’s case

Betty suspects that Sheriff Keller is actually the Black Hood (me too), while Veronica thinks that he is simply having an affair. Betty does not buy it and sets out to prove her theory right. She breaks into his home office and discovers tons of research including the mask that he took from Archie’s locker earlier in the season. She is caught by none other than the Sheriff and told to back off, but she persists and it turns out that Veronica was right about the affair all along. He’s having an affair with Mayor McCoy aka Josie’s mother. 

They’re all sinners

The ending of this episode kind of sets Jughead up to be the Black Hood. As soon as he leaves the diner to visit his father in prison, the phone in the diner rings, Pops answers and informs the remaining customers (Archie, Betty, Veronica, Cheryl, and Josie) that the town failed the Black Hood’s test and the reckoning is coming.


^ Archie. Archie. Archie. He seems surprised that Josie’s name is actually Josephine, but is nonplussed that his best friend name is Jughead Jones.

^ I can write an entire story about this broship.

^ To update my Black Hood suspect list: the school janitor Mr. Svenson, Sheriff Keller (yes, I know, he’s having an affair with the Mayor, but I’ll still put his name on my list), Hal Cooper, Chic Cooper, and Hiram Lodge. I am too lazy to go through my old list.

^ So to recap: Josie has a stalker, the Sheriff is having an affair with the Mayor, and Jughead is now a delivery boy.



Until next episode. {This may or may not be my last review of Riverdale.}


Riverdale: The Sugar Man cometh

And this is where I learn Spanish. 😛

WARNING: Spoilers ahead! Duh!

S2 E6 Chapter 19: Death Proof

Drama, drama, drama! Where does it end, Riverdale? Where does it end? However, I did enjoy that plot twist last night. Well played. 

Anyways, this is going to be short. I am reminded why I even sit through this show whenever Cole Sprouse is on screen. The story is somewhat being rushed and it throws everything off balance. The kiss last week between Jughead and Toni was misleading, something that I mentioned in last week’s review.

Betty rights her wrongs

Last week, Betty confided in Archie about The Black Hood and neglected to let her other friends in including Jughead. This week, Betty clues in Veronica and Jughead (or did she tell Jughead? Read on) about the Black Hood and why she had to do what she did. Veronica forgives her; Jughead broods.

Bros fight, but they always have each other’s backs

Archie and Jughead’s bromance continues to rival that of Dr. Spencer Reid and Derek Morgan… I’m kidding, but I enjoy their friendship. 

Tall Boy wants Jughead to endorse a wartime partnership between the Serpents and the Ghoulies. The Ghoulies is represented by Malachi. Not knowing who or where to turn to, Archie and Jughead head to the prison to seek advice from F.P. who gives them some advice that only a gang member could give all right: challenge the Ghoulies to an illegal race for control of Southside High.

The race is on and Jughead is eager to win that he is willing to risk his and Archie’s lives on a bridge that is much too narrow to fit both cars. Archie grabs the gear shift and saves them, but Jughead is mad and pushes his friend. They hear sirens up ahead and when Jughead races there, he discovers that Sheriff Keller has stopped the Ghoulie’s car. Later, Archie would reveal that he had called the authority. I tell you, this boy is not the brightest star in the sky.

The Coolest shot

You say ‘jingle jangle’ I say Sugarman

The Black Hood has another task for Betty: identify the town’s jingle-jangle supplier known as ‘Sugar Man’. This made me laugh out loud. Sugar Man is an anonymous drug lord who has eluded the cops for years and for Betty to discover his identity was far-fetched, but the work was done when she gets the Sugar Man’s name from none other than Cheryl. And in a twist that I didn’t see coming, the Sugar Man is none other than Mr. Phillips, Jughead’s school advisor! I was SHOOK!

No wonder why he didn’t want Jughead to write about drugs in the school paper! I know he was up to something, but I honestly did not see this one coming. It is always someone in authority who deals drugs to teenagers as it has been proven over and over again.

All’s well with Bughead?

Jughead is writing again! It was great to hear his voiceover at the beginning of the episode for I missed it last week. I’m all for Bughead, but I think their reconciliation was rushed. Here’s why: Prior to Jughead racing the Ghoulies, Betty the mechanic promises Jughead that one day she’ll explain everything, especially her hasty break up while she preps Reggie’s car for the race. I was not expecting it in this episode for there was not a scene with Betty telling Jughead what was going on with the Black Hood. So, are they just friends for now? Or did they really reconcile? It’s just hard to believe at the moment.


^ That bromance between Archie and Jughead! ❤

^ When Betty finds out about that Toni-Jughead kiss, will Jughead insist that “We were on a break!” Ross Geller-style? 

Image result for ross geller we were on a break gif

And here’s a bonus fun fact: Cole Sprouse played Ross’s son on that awful Friends show:

Image result for Ross Geller son gif



Until next episode… in two weeks. {This may or may not be my last review of Riverdale.}

Riverdale: About Jughead and Betty

The inevitable happened.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead! Duh!

S2 E5 Chapter 18: When a Stranger Calls

This review is going to be short… sort of.

I won’t call last night’s episode of Riverdale intense for it was kind of messed up and wild. There were no Jughead voiceovers from the beginning and as the story progresses we see why: Jughead is out of the loop of the happenings on the Northside. He gets secondhand news from Sweet Pea about the rumble because Archie couldn’t pick up the phone and call. He wasn’t even invited to Veronica’s friend’s hotel party.

Betty spends the majority of this episode communicating with the Black Hood. We still don’t know who he is, but we do know that he knows Betty Cooper to a ‘T’. Throughout the episode, he keeps telling Betty that “we are the same” in wanting to make Riverdale a good place again for the citizens. Betty confides in Archie about the Black Hood calling her phone and threatening her. And while on the topic of the phone please get rid of that horrible ringtone! The sixties called and they want their ringtone back.

So, we’re back to square one with the identity of the Black Hood and if he’s that guy who has been helping Jughead, then I don’t want to live on this planet anymore. Okay, that was a little dramatic, but I might have to rule Chic Cooper out. I mean…

Image result for Hart Denton

Chic (Hart Denton) looks like he doesn’t have the strength to lift a heavy box, but I won’t put it past him. He is yet to make an appearance on the show as Betty’s long lost brother, so I anticipate his arrival. Maybe his father was/is a ‘serpent’. This show needs a wicked plot twist and I can give them one: make Chic FP’s son. 

Anyways, moving on. The Black Hood wants Betty to cut everyone out of her life starting with Veronica and she does just that. Next target: Jughead. This devastates Betty, but she asks Archie to break up with Jughead for her hoping that they can undo it later.

this was an amazing shot!

Archie catches Jughead just before his final Serpent initiation and WENT IN on Jughead. Although Jughead is all like ‘Betty would never do that,’ he’s officially welcomed into the Serpents which he was going to do anyway, so he was just fronting in front of Archie and the Sweet Pea. Prior to the so-call breakup, Betty and Jughead were actually talking about running off together and leaving Riverdale behind. Even though it was Archie who broke up with Jughead for Betty on her behalf, this breakup just was not believable. I bet Jughead knows something’s up.

At the beginning of this season, I thought that it was about Archie who was back to a normal teen last night, but it’s now leaning towards Betty. She is being separated from her loved ones and if the Black Hood keeps this up, pretty soon, she’ll be alone in her battles. 

Although Toni waited until after the breakup to make her move on Jughead, he was emotionally vulnerable when she kissed him. This was such a cliche scene, that I literally went…

Also, the writers need to do something about Cheryl. She is not exactly my favorite character, but I feel as if they’re losing her identity every week. Give her something Cherylcentric to do.


^ I’ll stick with the Sheriff, Hal, Chic and a Hiram Lodge minion behind the Black Hood.

^ At some point, we know that Jughead and Betty were going to break up, but the writers did them dirty with the messy way it was done. Also, I don’t understand the point of this Toni character. I think she’s being wasted and I think the kiss she shared with Jughead is pointless because she’s into girls. 

^ To recap: Betty lost Jughead, Betty still refuses to go to the police about the Black Hood, Hermione and Hiram Lodge are still scheming real estate tycoons, Jughead and Toni kiss and we still don’t know who the Black Hood is (here’s a wild theory: what if Hal and Alice are in this together? I’ll also stick Tall Boy and the Sheriff in here as suspects).



Until next episode.

Riverdale: North Side v South Side

Oooh, Archie’s in trouble!

WARNING: Spoilers ahead! Duh!

S2 E4 Chapter 17: The Town That Dreaded Sundown

“Every time that you walk out that door. Every time, that I call you and you don’t pick up the phone, my heart stops.”

I know how you feel, Mama Cooper because that is exactly how I feel when I call my family and they don’t pick up.

Anyway, last night’s episode of Riverdale was a chaotic hoot. I feel as if Jughead and Betty are drifting apart slowly, but surely to make way for Toni and Jughead and I did not sign up for this ship.

Related image

Archie is told to disband The Red Circle by the principal, but he refuses to give in. Betty receives a letter from the Black Hood and he says that he is doing the killing for her. Betty’s brother? A secret admirer? A Riverdale High footballer? What if it’s actually Jughead? Ah, Dilton Doiley? I think I’ll the Sheriff to my Black Hood list. With the Sheriff, it’ll make sense why crimes are not being solved in Riverdale. Anyway, she shares the letter with Kevin and refuses to admit it into evidence instead she hands over the cipher, which her mother publishes before handing it over to the Sheriff.

Archie buys a gun supplies with a fake ID while Betty asks Jughead to crack the cipher with her only to find out that he has started working on it with that horrible Toni creature. Betty then suggests that they have a code-cracking party: her, Juggie, Kevin, and that creature. The get-together takes place at Jughead’s but things do not go down well especially with Toni’s lame attempt at a joke in trying to rile my girl Betty up. 

Jughead asks all the right questions about the town’s very own serial killer, while Betty tries to remember where exactly she saw the cipher. Toni and Betty get into an argument about the north side and south side. With Toni finally openly showing her disdain for Betty, she tries to drive a wedge between Bughead by saying that Jughead actually hangs out with the Serpents at school, something that Jughead has been trying to hide from Betty. She then leaves with Kevin leaving Jughead to face his displeased girlfriend.

Toni failed anyway (for now) because the couple continued to solve the cipher. 

that lighting at night, though!

Archie is a lone vigilante. He enters South Side territory and sprays graffitis of red circles on all over town in hopes of sending a message to the Black Hood; instead, he has attracted Sweet Pea *wipes tears from laughing so hard at a gang member’s nickname* who threatens him with a knife and what did Archie do? He pulls a gun on him. More bad news follows Archie the next morning at school when he is suspended after the Sheriff and the principal finds Reggie’s black mask in his locker.

Remember that letter from the Black Hood that Betty didn’t want to tell her parents about? Well, she left some books behind at Jughead’s and he happens upon it after it fell out of a notebook. Why does every character in a movie or a book hide things that they don’t want others to find in a book? WHY? That is not safekeeping. Anyways, Jughead tells his girlfriend that she’s “Nancy Drew meets Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.” and alarm bells go off and the couple suddenly knows how to decode the cipher… well, Betty.

Archie asks Veronica to retrieve his gun in the school’s toilet. She blows him up about his foolishness and then tells him that she threw the gun into the river. Their quarrel is interrupted by a knock and she got the door because it was Domino’s. Joking. Joking. It was only Reggie and co. arriving at Archie’s with pizza.

The Red Circle is back on, but the Serpents show up to challenge Archie and his buddies to an old-fashioned The Outsiders rumble with the one rule being no weapons. Meanwhile, Betty decodes the cipher at the library thanks to a Nancy Drew book she used to obsessively check out as a child. The Black Hood is going to strike right where it all began: at the town hall where it all began with Betty’s speech. The town hall where a conference with the mayor is currently held. Meanwhile…

Image result for riverdale sweet pea

For all his tough talk, Sweet Pea is a softie. *sighs* Moving on, Betty and Jughead bursts into town hall alerting everyone present that the Black Hood is coming, and the power goes out. Betty pulls the fire alarm and saves the night. Back at the rumble, the Bulldogs are not faring well and they’re saved when Veronica fires a shot in the air with the gun she supposedly threw into the river. Archie and Veronica eventually dispose of the gun in the river with Jughead narrating: “And so the young lovers went back to where it all began, Sweetwater River. To try and end a cycle of violence.”

And wait! There is more.

Betty gets a call from Black Hood and it ends right there! 


^ Cole Sprouse’s narrating voice is a treasure and they should preserve it. He can probably do audiobooks because some of the audiobooks that I’ve tried to listen to put me off because of the voice. The only other voice that I actually appreciate while narrating is Tom Cruise. His voice can even lull you to sleep if it calls for it.

^ Toni is bad news. That creature’s intention is to get closer to Jughead. I don’t like it. She needs to go… although it’s good for the suspense.

^ I think Jughead joining the Serpents to protect his girlfriend would eventually result in them breaking up.

^ Hiram Lodge is a psychopath and he’s playing his wife and daughter pitting them against each other.

^ I was rooting for Archie to do some growing up this season, but he’s just going about everything wrong.

^ Jughead food report: he ate cereal without milk for breakfast. You’re welcome. 🙂



Until next episode.

Riverdale: The Black Hood

Yesterday, I wrote a recap of the 3rd episode of Riverdale, but I did not talk about The Black Hood in detail, so I decided to make this short post.

The Black Hood is terrorizing the town of Riverdale. He killed Mrs. Grundy and shot Fred, Moose, and Mitch. He has no intention to stop until he rids Riverdale of all the evildoers. This is the face of the Black Hood:


In season one, I made a comment about almost everyone having green eyes in Riverdale and this man has green eyes. Co-incidence? I think not. The writers want us to play along with this mystery and I am game. 


Hal Cooper

He fits the bill to a capital T! However, his intentions are unclear. He kept a family secret in season 1, but I can’t see any reason for him going after Fred, Miss Grundy who does not concern him or the teenagers. Eh, it’s Riverdale, reasons don’t matter. The Coopers are probably trying to clean up the town to make it cleaner. They don’t want another Polly and they don’t want Betty to be influenced by the bad things going on around her. 

Image result for Hal Cooper gif

Hiram Lodge minion

Hiram hires minions to do his dirty work and although I can see him hiring someone to shoot Fred Andrews, I don’t get why he’ll go after Miss Grundy or the teenagers.

Image result for gif hiram lodge

Hermione Lodge minion

I won’t put it past this woman to hire her own hitman. 

Image result for gif hermione lodge

Reggie Mantle

He supplied Archie with jingle jangle *insert eye roll here* and I think he might have an underlying motive. He could’ve killed Miss Grundy if she had spurned his advances and he could’ve shot the teenagers because he supplied them with jingle jangle *insert eye roll here* and didn’t want to get caught.

Image result for Charles Melton riverdale gif

Kevin Keller

Why not? I don’t always trust the nice guys… but I do trust this little marshmallow, so just let’s move along… still, I’ll put him on my list.

Image result for gif kevin keller


He is Betty’s older brother and yet to make an appearance this season. 

Overall, this post is pointless because I think it’s Hal Cooper or a new guy (Chic) or Hiram Lod… okay, not pointless. I think I am forgetting someone. I am leaning more towards a male, but I want to throw Ethel in there too.

If you’re a Riverdale fan, leave your thoughts below.


Riverdale: Into the woods!

Toni Tapez is introduced.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead! Duh!

S2 E3 Chapter 16: The Watcher in the Woods

Instead of the traditional recap, I’ll be doing this one in notetaking form.

Riverdale cast (Art Streiber/The CW)

^ Kevin is taking late night trips into the woods! Is he not afraid of the wolf that might get him? Sorry, bad joke, but I couldn’t resist throwing out some Little Red Riding Hood reference. 

^ Hiram and Hermione Lodge. Although I can’t seem to trust either one at the moment, I think Hermione is going to orchestrate Hiram’s downfall. For now, she’s just playing along and dancing to his tunes. Last season, the Blossoms had the spotlight, this season, it’s the Lodges.

^ The season premiere of the what? Did she just say Matchelorette? I don’t even watch The Bachelorette. Veronica is asking her father’s permission to invite her friends over to watch Riverdale’s in-universe knockoff of The Bachelorette. 

^ So Mitch and Moose are alive. 

“There’s a shooter terrorizing the town. You really want us to watch a gross reality dating show?”

The voice of reason. This is why I love Jughead! 

^ Betty is the best friend that you’ll love to have. She is always concerned for her friends and I love that she’s constantly looking out for them. Right, Kevin?

“Because nobody is who they say online. At least in real life, what you see is what you get. There’s no surprises.”

What Kevin said.

^ Archie interrogates Mitch in the hospital and realized that the man in the mask with the green eyes who tried to kill the teens is the same perpetrator who shot his father.

^ Jughead goes to school at Southside High. And who is that creature taking a photo of him?

Oh, the creature is Toni and she is giving Jughead the tour of the school. I don’t like the looks of this creature and I don’t trust it.

^ Graffiti everywhere, students taking jingle jangle *insert eye roll here* like its water… welcome to Southside High, Jughead. 

^ “I self-identify as a loner.” said Jughead as he goes to sit alone in the crazy cafeteria that is divided by gangs. He’s going to get a beatdown by the Ghoulies or whatever their name is. 

^ Hiram inviting Archie over for dinner? It’s a trick!

^ Archie wants to start a watch group. How cute.

^ I actually dislike it when Veronica calls Archie ‘Archiekins’. It just doesn’t sound right. Archiekins. Eew. What is that?

^ Mrs. Cooper gets some interesting fan mail. The man who killed Mrs. Grundy, shot Fred, Mitch, and Moose is calling himself the Black Hood and he wants Alice Cooper to publish a letter he wrote.

^ Jughead is reopening the school newspaper at South High and he wants the creature to be his photographer.

^ Is that Polly? I have forgotten all about her and what do you know? She’s still pregnant. She must be pregnant for almost two years now.

^ Cheryl sees Kevin ‘jogs’ off into the woods and she calls Betty. The girls confront him in the woods… I mean, really, with a mad perpetrator on the loose, you’re going to stand there in the middle of the woods and give the dude a lecture?

“You live in this pale pink world of milkshake and first kisses.” 

That was poetic, though. I give Kevin his props.


Too late! He gets beaten up by someone from the rival gang, the Ghoulies and lies to his girlfriend about falling off the motorcycle with that creature in the room interestingly watching the exchange. Betty is like, “Toni, will you keep an eye on him for me.” And the creature is gleeful to retort, “All over it.” More like, all over him. I still think that its Sweet Pea who beat Jughead up because it was only one person. Hahaha! Sweet Pea. *sighs*

^ It’s dinner time at the Lodges!

^ Polly is leaving Riverdale and it’s about time because, with Jason Blossom dead, her character is now useless.

“We’re called the Red Circle and we’re coming for you. We will find you. We will hunt you. And we will end you.” Wow, Archie, that’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever done! Hiram Lodge just made you look like an idiot on YouTube.


^  I’d be worried if my boyfriend were going to another school and suddenly was hanging out with Toni. I mean, look at that creature!

And I could tell that she likes Jughead. A lot. I know Riverdale is straying from the comics, but in the comics, Toni shares a voracious appetite with Jughead and she wears her hat year round like Jughead. She even wears her shirt around the waist like Jughead. She’s like the female Jughead for crying out loud!

Image result for toni topaz jughead

Image via PopBuzz

^ What Jughead ate last night: popcorn. It’s a running gag every week about Jughead the foodie.

^ Hiram is the villain I never thought Riverdale needed!

^ So to recap: Kevin has a low self-esteem, Jughead lies to protect his girlfriend, Archie starts a watch club, Toni is into Jughead, the Black Hood strikes again through a letter and Hiram is threatening his own family.  He should be in jail. 



Until next episode.

Riverdale: Don’t mess with Betty!

I am sorry, but Jughead stole this episode again. I think they should rename this show in his honor.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead! Duh!

S2 E2 Chapter 15: Nighthawks

Someone spray-painted “Death Diner” on the side of Pop’s Chocklit Shoppe and it’s literally a ghost town so he has no choice, but to close, but Betty and Jughead won’t stand for it. And how can it be a death diner when Fred survived the attack? 

No one is save on Riverdale this season if it seems that someone is attacking the people Archie loves. Speaking of loved ones, Jughead goes to Penny Peabody for help with his dad’s case. Penny is bad news and Jughead owes her one in the near future. She tells Jughead that he can help his dad by getting the Blossoms to testify on FP’s behalf. It might be the lawyer in me, but how does a sentence go from 20 years to time served because of “forgiveness”? FP may not have killed Jason, but he is not exactly a rose in a flower garden either. 

Anyway, so Jughead takes Penny’s “advice” and he visits Cheryl with his girlfriend in tow so they can ask the Blossoms to forgive his father in court in order to reduce his jail sentence. Cheryl says no… well, at first. All she needed was a little pep talk to reconsider her decision.

The best highlight of this episode was Betty wanting to save Pop’s for Juggie and to help his father get his sentence reduced. She kills two birds with one stone when she confronts Cheryl in the locker room and demands that Cheryl testify on FP”s behalf and to let the Vixens (cheerleaders) sing on retro-night at Pop’s. Actually, she threatened Cheryl and it was fun to see the redhead in a vulnerable position.

Cheryl asks the court for leniency for FP and although I enjoyed the father and son moment, I still say that FP is not a rose in a flower garden.

Retro night at Pop’s is successful. Jughead, Veronica, and Betty are extra staff and Pop gleefully thank Betty for singlehandedly saving his shop, not knowing the sinister Hiram actually owns the place now. He is going to get his comeuppance this season along with Hermione.

Betty’s mom Alice attends retro-night to snoop and boy, did her snooping pay off when she captures Reggie Mantle (now played by Charles Melton) passing jingle jangle *insert eye roll here* to Moose in the carpark. 

Jughead’s end narrative: And far from the glow of Pop’s neon sign, on Sweet Water Bridge, Archie Andrews had arranged a secret rendezvous with Dilton Doiley. That night, for the first time in weeks, Archie would sleep before waking up the next morning to a living nightmare.

Yep. Mitch and Moose are now dead to the world. 


^ Archie is going to get hooked on drugs. They’re going there, aren’t they? 

^ This does not relate to what happened on last night’s episode, but some fans were complaining about the show being ‘painfully heterosexual’. I think that’s a wonderful thing! But Josie. Is she in a relationship with her bandmate? When Pops was thanking Betty, I caught the way what’s her name again leaning into Josie somewhat “intimately” in the background. Or maybe I am making nothing out of it. I hope I am wrong.

^ That man helping Juggie is suspect.

^ Who needs a relationship when you can watch Bughead? 

Pop is like a father figure to Jughead, so I imagine him asking about Betty after she left them in the diner to go fix things. As for Varchie, they’re not at that beautiful point as yet in their relationship no matter how invested Veronica is. 

^ Is Betty’s father the one who shot Fred and killed Miss Grundy? Or did Hermione hire someone to kill Fred?

^ Jughead looks like the dude who’ll make fun of you for watching a show like Riverdale.

Image result for gif jughead

^ So to wrap up, Archie thinks he’s going crazy (I am rooting for him), Jughead is still coming up with all the best references, Betty is that chick, Cole Sprouse can act and the others are just props.



Until next episode!

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