Featurettes: American Made

Yep, it’s that time again. Time to plug another Tom Cruise movie. 🙂

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The movie that I’ve been most excited for ever since it was announced is almost upon us. I don’t feel like going into details about the film as I’ve already done so in an earlier post, but enjoy these lovely featurettes. 

The cocaine crash featurette:

MI6 pushed back by ‘months’ after Tom Cruise hurt himself during a stunt

Meh! I told him to take a vacation and now, he’s getting one.

McQuarrie. Cruise. Cavill. MI6:

During the promotional tour for The Mummy, Tom said that he loves what he does, has never been late to a set (right!) and never got injured (or did he say hardly? Rarely?). I remember telling my sister that he just jinxed himself because he is/was filming MI6 and a stunt could go wrong and he could injure himself. Welllll… on Sunday, Tom hurt himself during a roof-jumping stunt by slamming into a brick wall in London. 


Tom reportedly broke his ankle in two places and he will be out of action for a period of two months tops. This also means that filming is postponed until further notice. I bet he’s going to love telling the story of his injury when he starts promoting the film.

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For the bitter people laughing at Tom’s pain, it is just sick and twisted wishing sickness and death upon a human being. Find something to do to occupy that hatred because Cruise is going to be okay and he’s going to be back.

Recover well, Tom. And I hate to say it, Tom, given that you don’t like to take vacations because every location you go to film is like a mini trip, but you’re going on vacation! 😛

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This might be my last post, guys. 😢

Sometimes, you have to know when things should grind to a halt.

YouTube Week was a success because I’ve completed all of the topics I set out to do, so I close here for the weekend. 🙂

See what I did there with the headline? That is called clickbait. It’s like trolling on YouTube. For the sake of gaining more likes and subscribers, some YouTubers attempt to deceive viewers with a juicy title and when you click on it expecting what the title says, it’s usually something else.

Well, that’s it for YouTube Week and I thank you wonderful readers for coming along for the ride. The regular schedule should be back next week God’s willing including book and movie reviews. Have a blessed weekend everyone. 🙂 

Here’s a funny take on clickbaits by a fellow YouTuber:

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The dark/weird side of YouTube

Like every other site out there, one must be careful of the content that they choose to watch on YouTube for you might just be on the dark side of YT.

YouTube is a nice place to unwind, but sometimes you can find yourself on the strange side of it and it’s not a nice place to be.

The Dark Side

It is unfortunate that some of the sites on YT are geared towards luring young children (and pedophiles) to disturbing material. Unsupervised young children are watching sexually suggestive videoes which feature the likes of Elsa and Spiderman in comprising positions (as the video explains below).

Channels such as SevenSuperGirls was recently exposed by several websites as catering to perverts’ fetishes. The channel recruits girls (all under 18) worldwide and they’re featured wearing bikinis and leotards most of the time. Why? Aiming the channel at teens is just a cover for the dark and disturbing exploitation of young girls. 

Tosh.O exposed the channel as a dark pedophile corner which has over 12 billion views. 

Parents, you shouldn’t be leaving your young children unsupervised on the web period. Please, open your eyes, for there are many sick and twisted people out here who neglect to think about children when they’re creating so call “entertaining” content. Just as social media sites, YouTube seem content on not doing anything, because of the views and revenue.

The Weird/Creepy Side

I don’t know how these videos even get made because they’re the most messed up clips online and they can scare the bees out of the hives. From creepy animations to ads you’ll never see on TV, the creepy side of YT can forever scar you. Well, those who can’t stomach the creepiness. I keep wondering if some of these uploaders are demon possessed because the creepy level is unreal!

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Thursday Ten: favorite YouTube channels

Subscribe? *shrugging* why not?

I have a few YouTube channels that I frequent whenever I get the time. It’s around 15, but I’m going to just randomly put down whatever comes to mind first. Let’s do this!

1. Matthew Santoro

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This lovable shiny bald head goof probably has the brightest smile you’ll ever see on YouTube. He is my utmost favorite YouTuber. Santoro mainly posts “50 Amazing Facts” and top 10 lists videos. I dubbed him the Dr. Reid of YouTube and I love learning from every area he covers on his channel even if its haunted history. 

2. Lucas and Marcus

They make me wish I had a twin.

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My twins! Well, I’ve featured them quite a bit this week so I won’t go into many details. They post videos about pranks, gymnastics, and challenges and sometimes the entire family makes an appearance.

Related image

One day, these two lovable idiots would go far with a prank and their mom would kick them out of the house. They’re lucky they have cool parents.

3. Dobre Brothers

“We’re the Dobre brothers and we do backflips.”

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This channel is relatively new and they have 12 videos so far. It consists of twins Marcus and Lucas and their older brothers, Darius and Cyrus. So far, they’ve posted some really cool harmless pranks like the sticky note on the twins’ car (video below).

4. Fédération Française de Football

This is the national French football team channel. They mostly post training sessions, highlights from games, and interviews with the players. 

5. Tottenham Hotspur

Another football channel that I like. I recently enjoyed captain Hugo Lloris’s saves against Juventus. 

6. Comme une Française

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Geraldine is my overall favorite French teacher on YT. She takes her time to explain what words and phrases mean making you pay attention. I highly recommend her channel for English speakers interested in learning this beautiful language. 

7. Lily Petals World

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I love interracial couples and this Blasian family is too cute. Lily is from Korea and James is from Kenya. The pair met and fell in love in Korea. I love their channel because it gives you an intimate insight into the Korean culture. Love is a feeling, not a color.

8. Meet The Eagles

I recently came across this couple and I think they were cute, so I stayed a little bit. I am relatively new to them so I’ll watch more of their videos in my spare time. Ovoke and Giuseppe are an interracial pair (Nigerian/Dutch/Italian) and they live in the Netherlands. Love is a feeling, not a color.

9. Learn French With Frencheezee

This channel was actually recommended by YouTube and I am happy that they did because this channel is incredibly helpful when it comes to learning French.

10. Saddleback Church

I came across this channel also recently by accident and decided to stay. 

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Reaction videos

I don’t know what it is with reaction videos on YouTube, but we love them!

Some YouTubers are popular for dancing, twinning, dissing, or tutorials, and then there are the ones who react to videos. 

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Reaction videos are the rage! YouTubers react to any and everything once it’s a video. They react to newly released movie trailers, music videos, video games, TV shows, fandoms, and fellow YouTubers’ videos. I think the reason why we love them so much is the fact that there are people out there who might have the same reaction as us while watching a video and we can discuss what we like or didn’t like about it.

I tend to choose my reaction videos wisely, though, for some of the people doing the reacting tend to curse a lot and it turns me off. The last one I watched was a YT suggestion for Marcus and Lucas’s I Brought My Twin His Dream Car (Emotional) by ReactBros. The twins made a lot of big guys cry with this video, but this reaction was one of my favorite.

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Twinning is winning!

Over on YouTube, you’re either in a gang or in an army. Then there’s twinning. If you have a twin, then think about how many people you can make happy on YouTube.

People are fascinated by twins (whether identical or fraternal) and now that many of them have YouTube accounts and have amassed millions of followers, I can safely say that twinning is winning. We love to see how they interact with each other because they have that twin telepathy that we normal people don’t have… or do they? Whatever, I love twins. I think they’re awesome!

Although many twins are taking over YT, three pairs stand out for me because on almost every reaction/compilation video I watch regarding Musical.ly or Vines, people are always commenting about…

The Dolan Twins

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Grayson and Ethan Dolan has amassed over four million subscribers on YT. The twins are from New Jersey and they mostly perform stunts and challenges on their channel. I can’t say much about them because I don’t know them well.

Here’s their most popular video which has over 11 million views. Grayson, I’m sorry about your wisdom teeth, but I laughed my face off.

Fun Fact: this was actually the first video I sat through of the Dolan Twins given that I don’t follow them and I enjoyed it.

The Martinez Twins

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Emilio and Ivan Martinez are from Barcelona, Spain (I think. I am not quite sure). Their fan base is still growing, but they seem to be doing all right.

I have not watched any of their videos, but I’ll post their most popular video which has over six million views. In this video, Emilio pulls a prank on Ivan. And like the Dolan Twins, this is the first time I’ve watched a video from these Latin twins.

The Dobre Twins


These are my twins and they’re literally the cutest thing on YouTube! They started in the grocery store (dancing) and they were known as Twinbotz back then. Marcus and Lucas Dobre are the offsprings of former Romanian gymnast Aurelia Dobre and former Iranian gymnast Boz Mofid. 

They’re known for their backflips so we basically call them The Flipping Twins and they make me want to do backflips too. Hey, if you’re reading this and you can do backflips and front flips, you are AWESOME!

The Dobre twins have the sweetest merch ever! They’re very energetic and I like their smiles, too. Have you met their smiles?

Image result for marcus and lucas dobre cuteImage result for The Dobre Twins smile

Lucas over there with the bear. Marcus above there with the merch.

Their most popular video has over 11 million views, but my favorite video of theirs is the 100 Layers of Pancakes one, not because I love pancakes, but because of what they did at the end of the video by giving the remainders to the homeless instead of throwing them away. Stay lit, Marcus and Lucas. Stay lit.

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