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When (False) Idols Fall.

Short Story #23
Christian YA (or sort of)

When Agnes found her best friend, Reece, she was bawling her eyes out in the girls’ washroom. Thinking that someone did something terrible to her BFF, Agnes quickly dove into action in comforting her.

“Reece, what’s wrong? Why are you crying like this? Who hurt you?”

Reece blew her nose into a tissue and looks at her friend with teary chocolate brown eyes. “Didn’t you hear?” she babbled. “He… He was just arrested.”

Agnes was confused. Her best friend had two older sisters and no brothers. Reece’s father was the principal of the school they were currently attending and he gave a speech to the morning assembly half an hour ago. So “Who was arrested?”

“They found him with an underage girl…”

This was getting weirder by the second. She helps Reece off the floor and took her over to the sink to wash her face. She was thankful that the bell had gone for the second period and the students were currently in class. Yet, she was aware that anyone can walk into the washroom at any given moment and she didn’t want them to find Reece this way.

“Come now, we have French and…”

“I’m not going to that stupid French class!” Reece yelled in anger. “Not when Matty is probably going to prison for a lifetime and the class is going to make fun of me.”

The remark made Agnes’ blood run cold. So this is what the tears were all about? Some Hollywood B-lister who didn’t know that some California native existed and was the president of his so-call fan club?

Agnes didn’t want to know how she’ll feel when/if it was her favorite celebrity’s turn to fall. But after witnessing her best friend falling victim to celebrity worship, the illusion was shattered and she wondered if she too was guilty of such idol worship. When she got home that evening, she ripped posters of her favorite boy band off the wall and got down on her knees to ask God to forgive her of putting man on a pedestal and to give her a new heart in which He could dwell in.

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And the spirituality theme continues in my stories. 🙂 People will worship anything and anyone because they’re sheep looking for a shepherd to guide them. In this present world, many people worship celebrities, sometimes without even knowing it. We put too much effort in idolizing celebrities (including social media stars) instead of God. We tend to put them on a pedestal forgetting that in the end, they have selfish desires and tendencies just like us. None of them are sinless.

God does not grant dual citizenship: you cannot eat at the Lord’s table and dance with the devil at the same time. 

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Day 2: 20 Facts About You

20 facts? I don’t know if I can get up to 20, but let’s try.

1. I dislike talking about myself.

2. I love God so much that words can’t describe the feeling.

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3. I write. A lot. Hence the reason why I have a lot of incomplete stories as far back as 2009. Or maybe it was from 2007? Eh, who’s counting anyway!

4. My favorite number is 4.

5. I’ve never worn make-up and don’t intend to start anytime soon or later.

6. I am a Christian.

7. I love cheese pizza… topped with pineapple, green peppers, and onions!

8. I have a little reminder (a bump) on my right leg from when I fell off the bunk bed ladder. I was about ten or less. Eh, stuff happens when you play too much. But it was worth it!

9. I’m a nerd. 

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10. I often get mistaken for a model and when I correct them, people often ask, “So, have you ever thought of modeling?” Non. I mean, do you not see what’s passing for fashion lately? I’d rather be a writer.

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11. My favorite song of all time is ‘Save the Last Dance For Me’ by Ben E. King.

12. My favorite sport to watch is football. Go Les Bleus!

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13. I’m mixed, but for the most part, I’m Indian.

14. I like Shah Rukh Khan, Mattew Gray Gubler, and Will Yun Lee, but my all-time favorite actor is Tom Cruise… even when he’s throwing things in anger.

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15. Tyler is a pseudonym.

16. I don’t have a dream car.

17. I once wanted to be a lawyer.

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18. I like ice cream, just not Häagen-Dazs.

19. I love blue eyes.

20. I want to live in France one day. If that does not work out, Los Angeles can call my name on her lips.

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And that’s it. Nothing tabloid juicy. 😆 I scheduled some posts for this weekend and for the rest of the month. I also scheduled the rest of this challenge. I’ll see you guys sometime next week God’s willing. Take care and God bless. 💙

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30 days of gratitude: Days 25-30

I know February doesn’t have 30 days, but it doesn’t matter.

Day 25: What moment this week are you grateful for?

I was grateful for many moments this past week, but I love the ones where time seemed to slow down as my colleagues and I laughed up a storm. Good times!

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Day 26: What form of expression are you grateful for?

The written expression! 💙

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Day 27: What small thing that you use daily are you grateful for?

I’ll have to go with my comb, headband, pen, and floss.

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Day 28: What small thing that happened today are you grateful for?

I was actually grateful that today was peaceful for I got many pending things done. 

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Day 29: What friend/family member are you grateful for today?

My sister, Denise. 💙

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Day 30: What talent or skill do you have are you grateful for?

I love writing and designing (cards, bookmarks etc.), so I’ll say the ability to create.

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Thank you for joining me this month for 30 Days of Gratitude and for reflecting along with me! 💙

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December 31st: A brand new you, effective tomorrow!


Tomorrow is the first day of a brand new year. Tomorrow you get to become anyone in the world that you wish. Who are you? If you decide to stay “you” share your rationale.

I wish to be myself for I can’t be anyone else. I am going to strive to be a better me in 2018 God’s willing as I continue to live for Him.

Thank goodness we’ve come to the end of this challenge! It started off well, but then I lost interest somewhere in the middle when the prompts became repetitive. Nevertheless, I thank you for sticking around and even joining me during some of the prompts.

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December 29th: Brainwave


What’s the best idea you’ve ever had? Regale us with every detail of the idea — the idea itself, where it came to you, and the problem it solved.

The only thing that comes to mind right now was an idea I had for a library display project which did not involve problem-solving. I know I answer these prompts half-heartedly, but I don’t like starting something and not finishing it, even if my heart isn’t in it anymore.