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The Holy Bible.

Some of us think it’s difficult to read, and I was there once, too. I used to read it without taking the time to actually sit and understand it. I also used to think that it was difficult to understand and I even went as far as to criticize some parts of the Bible that I deemed too violent. However, as I sit and studied His Word, I came to understand why God created us and why some accounts in the Bible are bluntly written. Why He rebukes, chastise, and encourage us to walk in His ways. 

The Bible is the greatest love letter ever written signed from God to us.

I do intend to cover all 66 books, but I had no intention of doing so before. 

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“Bible” actually means “books” and it’s filled with history, poetry, prophecies, and letters. The two main parts of the Bible are called the Old Testament and the New Testament, and they work pretty well together. They can be divided into sections as seen in the illustration below:


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Explore God’s living and holy Word with me:


PART 1: Genesis: in the beginning

PART 2: The making of mankind and the Sabbath

PART 3: The Original Sin

PART 4: The first murder and genealogy of the Patriarchs

PART 5: The wickedness of the world and the Great Flood

PART 6: Noah leaves the ark and God blesses him

PART 7: Noah’s Generation, a geographic history lesson

PART 8: Language Confusion and Abram’s Blessing

PART 9: God renews the promise and a kingly battle

PART 10: The Promise of an Heir and Ishmael is Born

PART 11: Sarai’s name is changed and she is reproved for laughing

Part 12: Wicked cities are destroyed and Lot is saved

PART 13: Abraham pulls the sister card again and Isaac is born

PART 14: Abraham proves his faith and Sarah dies

PART 15: The servant’s journey and Isaac meets Rebekah

PART 16: Death, twins, birthright, and wives

PART 17: A mother and son conspiracy, a vision, and love at first sight

PART 18: Rachel conceives and Jacob leaves Laban

PART 19: Jacob’s name is changed a twintastic reunion and revenge for a sister

PART 20: Back to Beth-el and Esau’s legacy

PART 21: Joseph dreams of greatness and is sold

PART 22: Joseph interprets dreams

PART 23: Pharaoh promotes Joseph

PART 24: A lesson in repentance and salvation

PART 25: The return to Egypt

PART 26: Jacob learns that Joseph is alive

PART 27: Israel dwells in Goshen

PART 28: The deaths of Jacob and Joseph

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Exodus: A short introduction

PART 1: The Israelites in Egypt

PART 2: Moses

PART 3: The Return to Egypt


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