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Phobia Challenge: L

It’s Friday and you know what time it is. New phobia list! ^^

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Lachanopobia – Fear of vegetables

Laliophobia/Lalophobia – Fear of speaking

Leukophobia – Fear of white

Levophobia – Fear of objects to the left side of the body

Ligyrophobia/Phonophobia/Sonophobia – Fear of loud noises

Lilapsophobia – Fear of tornados and hurricanes

Limnophobia – Fear of lakes

Liticaphobia – Fear of lawsuits

Lockiophobia/Maieusiophobia/Parturiphobia/Tocophobia/Tokophobia – Fear of bearing a deformed child or fear of deformed people

Logizomechanophobia – Fear of computers

Logophobia – Fear of words

Lutraphobia – Fear of otters

Lygophobia – Fear of darkness

Lyssophobia – Fear of rabies or of becoming mad

Books & Reviews 📚

50 Foods #7: Beer

Origin: Sumer
Date: By 2000 BCE and most likely older
Type: Malted grains and water

Beer is the ultimate beverage whenever friends or family get together and many consumers around the world create excuses just to have one. It also arouses teenagers’ curiosity and one of the main causes of death at the wheel.

I’ve read about the fascinating history of beer a few years back while doing bartending research and it was pretty much interesting. Beer was first developed in the cities of Sumer, the southern region of Mesopotamia. The Egyptians picked up beer-drinking from the Sumerians and I recall from my reading that the workers who built the Great Pyramid of Giza were paid in beer and bread.

It’s well covered in this beer chapter.

Today, Oktoberfest is the world’s largest beer festival that is held annually in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. This too has some interesting history behind it.

A few popular beer brands:



Bud Light

Coors Light

Would I eat it?: More like drink it and the answer is no for I don’t drink alcoholic beverages.