Fall in Rhode Island 🍁

The essence of Fall!

Beautiful photo @ wonderful_places (Instagram).

Although the island doesn’t experience Fall as this engaging capture, I look forward to this beautiful season every year. 

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Short Story #7

I am beginning to dislike some men. The way they act, the way they always let you down, their way of thinking and their grand ego. Ugh! I am so fed up of them! They think that they’re God’s gift to women. Newsflash pretty boy, we can do without the likes of you! You’re not God’s gifts to us, but we’re gifts to all of you, men.

All you need to do is show us, women the respect we deserve, show that you value us, show that you’re worth our time, love, and energy. Tell us and show us that you appreciate us. You know what makes us worthy? The fact that we give our all to a man we love only to get hurt in the end when we find out that you’re on games!

Faithful women don’t like games!

Then there are those men whose only concern is getting into our jeans. Once he gets what he’s after, he’s gone in a jiffy. 

Men, stop messing around and playing games with the ladies who care about you. Be a man. Don’t make a woman fall for you only for you to start avoiding her after moving on to the ‘catch of the day’. Did ‘chu ever stop to wonder why there are lesbians and heartless women out here? It’s because of you, man, and what you did to break her fragile heart.

Be a man and act like one. Don’t act like boys whose main goal in life is to treat women as toys. If you start treating us the way we should be treated, then maybe we’ll stop hating you so much and we can talk about forgiveness.

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*** Today’s short shot was contributed by a dear friend of mine, Des. She writes from life, from the heart, from the soul. I may feature more of her stories if she lets me. She’s a wonderful writer and she has a way with words. Thank you, Des! God bless. 🙂

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Short Story #2

short story sunday

The following short was written by a dear friend of mine, Linda. It is simply titled ‘Time’ and the moral of the story is quite simple: don’t waste the limited time that you have on this earth and spend time with your loved ones so when you die, you regret nothing knowing that you’ve lived life to the fullest pleasing God. This short touched me when I first read it and had me thinking about my very own life. Without further adieu…

Watches, Old, Antique, Time Indicating, Wind Up:

A Timer read 7 days, 2 hours…

Andrew Nelson’s eyes remain riveted to the screen as he flipped channels, stopping at his favorite shows.

The timer read 7 days, 1 hour.

There is a countdown for Andrew’s life, who had just celebrated his fifteenth birthday nearly a week ago. Television was his hobby, and most of his life was spent dreaming about what next awesome show was going to air.

Andrew hadn’t really accomplished many achievements in his life. He did 4H one year, but that wasn’t for him. Sports- the two didn’t mix well. A accomplished scholar-not so much.  so much. Andrew was your typical freshman kid-go to school, come home, sit in front of the television, eat, go to sleep, and repeat the whole process again.

“Andy come on down, let’s have a family game!” Andrew’s father called up the stairs.

“I’m a little busy!” Andrew called back, as he slipped in one of his favorite movies.

“Okay, I guess we’ll play without you.” Andrew’s father called back, as his voice drifted away in Andrew’s brain.

“Come on Andy! Let’s go play!” One of Andrew’s little brothers tugged on his sleeve.

“No, just leave me alone! Go and play with someone else.” Andrew snapped, angry at being disturbed.

His little brother looked hurt, as he walked slowly out the door and down the stairs.

The next few days were pretty much the same routine, until…

The timer now read 30 minutes.

Andrew had been rushed to the hospital when he started experiencing chest pains…

The medics worked on him as quickly as they could, a race against time. But this was it, the time that Andrew was assigned to die was coming quickly, too quickly. The thought of what Andrew could have done with his life were running through his head. But it was too late for regrets.

The timer now read 5 seconds, 4 seconds, 3 seconds, 2 seconds, 1 second…

and he closed his eyes in death….

But what if Andrew’s childhood had been different? How could it have turned out in the end?

Andrew excelled at school, but he especially enjoyed extra-curricular activities, enjoyed playing in the school band, and leading a young adult bible study at their church.

When he got home from school, his younger siblings were always excited to see him because he would spend a few minutes with them before making himself a sandwich, giving his mom a boyish smile, and heading upstairs to do his homework.

The timer now read 1 day.

“Come on Andy, let’s go play!” One of Andrew’s little brothers tugged on his sleeve.

“Okay, I’m coming, let me just put my book away.” Andrew said grinning at his brother.

Andrew’s brother jumped up and down excitedly as he waited for his brother.

To spend time together as a family, the Nelsons decided to go to the park and skate around the small pond, that glittered in the Saturday sun. After a few hours of this activity, Andrew began to experience chest pains that seemed to strike mildly, but they still hurt.

As they grew stronger, his parents became worried and called an ambulance. At the hospital the medics began working on him as fast as they could, it was a race against time.

But there was nothing that they could do, it was over.

The timer now read 5 seconds, 4 seconds, 3 seconds, 2 seconds, 1 second…

and he died… His only regret? He had none.


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Take a look around. It’s such a lovely blog! A huge THANK YOU to Linda for allowing me to post her wonderful story here. Are you spending your time wisely?

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