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Blog cleanup!

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A few months ago, I toyed with the idea of starting a new blog, but given that I did not have enough time to spare for blogging, I let the idea slide. However, I came to a decision earlier today to clean up this blog which I’ll be doing probably for the rest of October be it God’s willing. I’ll be deleting posts and categories and probably adding new ones in the process. That’s 2,039 posts to go through!

The cleaning up may take a while, but it won’t affect my posting schedule. 

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17 thoughts on “Blog cleanup!”

  1. I can relate, just not on the same level. I applaud you :). I’ve been going through, since last night, adding my banner, and a link to my second blog. I have 191 posts written so almost 200 to go through. But over 2,000! I can see why it would take you some time!!

    Coming from someone who has two blogs, it definitely just depends on what you would want the second blog to be for. My second one is more personal, lifestyle, and writing posts. I’m working on finding what balance I want to have there, but I think I’m starting to find my footing. 🙂

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    1. I already went through over 500 posts so I guess I’ll be finish before the allotted time period. I use to run 4 blogs, but now I only have two; the other is about football, but I haven’t updated in a while due to lack of watching football lately.

      I enjoy both of your blogs!

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