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Catalonia parliament has declared its independence from Spain.

It’s chaos in Spain!

On 9 July 1816, Argentina, Uruguay and part of Bolivia declared independence from Spain.

Catalonia’s parliament has declared independence from Spain in a vote earlier today. And how did Spain react? They sacked Catalonia’s government and assumed direct control over the region. This means that central government ministries will assume direct powers of the Catalan administration until a regional election takes place on December 21.

It is not going to be smooth sailing for Catalonia where it concerns EU given that countries such as Germany and France are among European countries that back Spanish unity. The US State Department also issued a similar statement on the matter. So far, Finland is the only country preparing to go against Spain and recognize Catalonia’s independence.

What does this mean for FC Barcelona?

Football fans are more concerned with what would happen to their beloved FC Barcelona when Catalonia is finally independent. Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu said that the Catalan giants are determined to remain in La Liga. However, at the moment, nobody knows. All we know is that their future in the Spanish league into jeopardy.

I’ve supported this football club for years and whatever happens, I’ll continue to support them.

Visca el Barça i Visca Catalunya!

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Phobia Challenge: C

Back again!

I have some free time before I get down to some writing, so let’s see what I can dig up today. 🙂

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GIF via KidsHealth

Cacophobia – Fear of ugliness

Caligynephobia – Fear of beautiful women

Cancerphobia – Fear of cancer

Cardiophobia – Fear of the heart

Carnophobia – Fear of meat

Catagelophobia – Fear of being ridiculed

Catapedaphobia – Fear of jumping from high and low places

Cathisophobia – Fear of sitting

Catoptrophobia – Fear of mirrors

Centophobia – Fear of new things or ideas

Ceraunophobia – Fear of thunder

Chaetophobia – Fear of hair

Chionophobia – Fear of snow

Chiraptophobia – Fear of being touched

Chrometophobia – Fear of money

Chromophobia – Fear of colors

Chronomentrophobia – Fear of clocks

Chronophobia – Fear of time

Cibophobia – Fear of food

Claustrophobia – Fear of confined places

Cleptophobia – Fear of stealing

Climacophobia – Fear of stairs, climbing, or falling downstairs

Clinophobia – Fear of going to bed

Coulrophobia – Fear of clowns

Cyberphobia – Fear of computers/working on a computer

Cynophobia – Fear of dogs/rabies

Whew! That was a pretty long list!