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Reflection Week!

Let’s see how far we’ve come.

Time stopped and everything around me suddenly came to a grinding halt. In that moment, I stood still with the world. I made a promise to myself to appreciate life more and the people in it. To give as much love as I can. To do His will.

Most of all, I promise myself to love life no matter where it may take me, as I continue to help others seek the pursuit of happiness.


I wrote those wordsย last year November after I came across that photo of Tom Cruise looking out at the sea. I like attaching words to photos. ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

Every now and then, we have to sit and reflect on how far we’ve come, the goals we hope to achieve in x amount of time, but most of us, we have to reflect on our growth as an individual. So this week I’ll be doing a little reflection. Join me?

Possible topics:

^ How was your day?

> Entertainment then and now

^ Look back and thank Him for bringing you through

> Am I who I want to be?

^ Living for Him.

365 Days of Writing

Daily Prompts: October 21st-22nd


October 21st: Blank is the new blank

Click over to your favorite blog, and pick out the 4th andย 14th words (that arenโ€™t โ€œtheโ€ or โ€œanโ€). Drop them into thisย phrase: โ€œ_____ is the new _____.โ€ Thereโ€™s your post title.ย Now write!

I got ‘to’ and ‘you’… To is the new you. ???? Doesn’t make any sense, does it?

Image result for gif that makes no sense

October 22nd: Sand but true

Tell us about the harshest, most difficult to hear โ€” but accurateย โ€” criticism you’ve ever gotten. Does it still apply?

Hmmm… I have no idea where to start looking because nothing comes to mind at the moment. However, when I was younger, I was told that I have the ability to be a better writer if I would just apply practice to my craft every day. Does it still apply? I guess so because I haven’t been practicing my craft.