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Let’s talk… why do you write?

People often ask me why I write and sometimes I don’t want to answer the question because I don’t need a reason to write. I write because I enjoy it and it makes me happy. I also write because I can’t kidnap people and force them to act out my make-believe world otherwise I’ll get arrested! 

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Now, wouldn’t that have been a grand thing? 

Joking aside, today is National Day on Writing in the USA. The National Day on Writing asks Americans to consider the role of writing in everyday life.

So why do I write? I think I answered this question on my friend Mandie Hines blog at one point, but I’ll put it here again:

I write because I want to read something that hasn’t been in print before. I write for the sheer fun of it and for the pleasure. I write because it is my passion and I express myself better with a pen in my hand. I write to get better. I write to explore my own universe. I write because it’s therapeutic and I empty my mind when I do. I write to inspire and to invoke thoughts. I write because I am in love with words.

I am not a perfect writer by any means, but I just love writing.

Why do you write?

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Phobia challenge: B

Here we go again…

We back again, we back again, we back… sorry, the Dobre Brothers’ new song is currently on replay for a new short that I am writing and Dari… again, sorry. 🙂

Anyways, let’s just get this over with, eh?

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GIF via KidsHealth

Bacteriophobia – Fear of bacteria

Barophobia – Fear of gravity

Basophobia – Inability to stand. Fear of walking or falling.

Bathophobia – Fear of depth

Batonophobia – Fear of plants

Belonephobia – Fear of pins and needles

Bibliophobia – Fear of books

Bogyphobia – Fear of bogies or the bogeyman

Brontophobia – Fear of thunder and lightning

Bufonophobia – Fear of toads