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30 Day Writing Challenge: Days 25-30

Day 25: What made your day special?

Any Sabbath spent in church is a special day. ❤

Day 26: Something you could never get tired of doing

Praising and thanking God.  ♥ ♥

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Day 27: How you envision your life to be

Hmm… let’s just say that now I put my trust and faith in God, I don’t envision my life to be anything, but to be fashioned by His will.

Day 28: What do you want?

At the moment, I just want to curl up in bed and sleep for a month. 

even spiderman needs to sleep

Day 29: Family

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Day 30: Daily routine

I think I covered this with the 365 days challenge that I’m doing, but my daily routine consists of waking up, thanking God, praying, getting ready for work, eating breakfast, reaching to work on time for punctuality is utmost important to me. Do some work, blog, have lunch, take some time to Bible study and write/read something until work comes to an end. 

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365 Days of Writing

November 29th: Humble pie


Tell us about a time you found out after the fact that you’d been mistaken and you had to eat a serving of humble pie.

How does humble pie taste like, though?

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I’m sure it’s hard to swallow.

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Joking aside, I’ve had a few instances back then when I was young and ignorant. I am just happy that I am not the person I used to be when I was a teenager growing up.

Books & Reviews 📚

Book #84: The Echo of Violence

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When terrorists attack a missionary school, brutally killing their hostages and posting videos of the senseless murders online, time is running out. Sentinels’ agent Alexa Marlowe is forced into an unlikely alliance with a relentless mercenary. But he is no stranger.

Jackson Kinkaid witnessed the raid, and only he can track the killers to their mountain stronghold. Guarding a dark secret, rumored to sell his services to the highest bidder, Jackson is not the same man Alexa once knew. And although he can lead her to the terrorist leader she’s been ordered to take alive, how can she be sure he won’t sabotage her mission to save the one person who got him through the worst nightmare of his life?

Author: Jordan Dane
Publisher: HarperCollins (August 31st, 2010)
Chapters: 23
Pages: 353
Series: Sweet Justice #3

Alexa Marlowe who? Jackson Kinkaid was the best character in the story period. Dark and mysterious, he steals from drug dealers to give money to the needy, just like Robin Hood. Stealing is stealing even if you’re stealing from drug dealers. No one questions where he’s getting the money from and when he gives it to a children’s charity run by Sister Kate, he has to attend a function honoring him. The missionary school function is gate-crashed by terrorists and they succeed in taking the children and Sister Kate as hostages.

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Jackson is obsessed with saving Kate and he doesn’t care how he does it. He asks for help and Head of the Sentinels, Garrett responded by sending a group of agents – headed by Alexa – to rescue the hostages. In the end, Jackson ends up rescuing them and they see him as a hero. Still, Sister Kate has to be rescued and he can’t stop to rest.

The so-call attraction between Alexa and Jackson is a myth. It was suddenly tossed in there to mix things up. I didn’t buy it. There was nothing between them. The backstories took too long to come into play and I almost hurled the book across the room. Other than this, it was an all right ride, not too thrilling, but also not for the faint of heart.

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Singleholic by Katherine Bing

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Reading some blogs and leaving some likes

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Good morning, everyone! Well, it was morning when I started composing this, but looking at the time on the PC, I see that we’re easing into the afternoon. We just have like four more minutes and bam! Afternoon.

Anyways, I just wanted to leave this here: I am a little slow in replying to comments, following, and reading blogs because I’ve been trying to complete the challenge that I’ve set for myself for this year’s NaNo: 50,000 words by November 28th. Well, it is the 28th and I don’t have 50,000 words as yet, for I’ve taken a small writing break over the weekend to focus on other things. I might have to wait until the 29th to pass 50,000. 😛

I have 11,000 words more to reach my goal, but I’ll see how that goes. I think I have two posts scheduled for this evening, but I am not sure. Anyway, I hope you’re having a wonderful Tuesday! I hope to get back into the swing of blogging things around here soon, but in the meantime, I am reading some blogs and leaving some likes.