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Fall Again

Short Story #17
A Fall Romance

I apologize in advance for the story cover being better than the actual story. Please proceed with caution.


My Love,

I know we’ve been through a lot in the past two years and with us being separated for almost one, it brought me back to where I needed to be. I had the time to cleanse my system and re-purify my soul.

Dari, I know no one is perfect. No, not even I, but I’ve acted the hypocrite with you. For that, I apologize. I am writing this letter to make a promise to you that I am going to try as hard as I can for us this time. Also, it’s Fall.

The trees are shedding their old to make way for the new, the leaves sway, rushing against the many leaves on the floor, the wind blows a burst of fresh cold air, I can smell apple spice bread baking from Mrs. Darcy’s shop down the hill and I know it’s your favorite…You know how Fall makes me sentimental! We first met in the Fall after all! I was biking through the park enjoying God’s grandeur when I almost knocked over a man in uniform! We laughed about it, chatted a bit, and then we went our own way. I did not expect to see you again, but I did, the very next day, at the same spot and what were the odds that you were riding a bike? As leaves softly fell to the ground making a blanket around us, you presented me with a flower and asked me out and of course, my answer was yes.

It didn’t take long for us to confess the most powerful words in the world to each other and we were married by the next Fall.

I hope this letter finds you well and that you’re in good spirits, Dari, for I never want to take our love for granted again. We’ve wasted too much time during this separation. However, if you go back on your promise of waiting for me, I’ll understand.

As long as you’ll have me, I am yours for the long haul.




Sergeant Darius reread the letter once again with a goofy grin on his face. You can fall in love twice when second chances won’t leave you alone and he was determined this time to make things work until the rest of their lives. He folded the letter and placed it in the jacket near his heart. He had work to do in winning back his wife’s heart and he knew just the place to start; after all, the bikes were parked in the garage for way too long.

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***I was leaning towards a sad story, but there’s just something romantic about Fall! I also admit that I had quite a few story ideas before landing on this one and sticking with it. I wanted to write the story based on a soldier falling in love again with his wife, but I ended up with this cheesy thing.

And Michael Jackson’s ‘Fall Again’ set the mood right. This beautiful song tells the story of my story that I wanted to tell… if that makes sense. 🙂

I wanna spend, time to live in
I wanna fall with you again
Like we did, when we first met
I wanna fall with you again

Espresso Shots ☕

Journal entry #6: Happy 01st spiritual birthday to me!


29th October 2017

This is the day that I answered the call to accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior… exactly one year ago.

As a little girl, I attended church with my mother, and I’ll sit down and pay attention to the pastor. I thought that having God in my life was a win-win situation, but growing up, I slowly, but surely drifted away (by neglecting His Word and not attending church). School got in the way and then work (I believe that school and work is a form of imprisonment!). Eventually, I put Him on the back burner in favor of trying to make it on my own. No, I did not attend parties for where there is a crowd, I don’t hang, but I was interested in the entertainment industry as I wrote songs and scripts.

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I would still pray and thank God for waking me to see another day, for the meal He provided and for the roof over my head, but it was not the same as having an intimate relationship with Him. Last year, I sat down and prayed about it and I was pointed to church, an important part of my new spiritual life that I knew I was missing, but somehow ignored. After attending a few months of church, my spirit was renewed and I started to draw/feel closer to Him.

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There was only one more step left for me to do: baptize. The decision was not mine to be made, but His, and at the time He made known that it was time for me to go into the water, I was excited and nervous. Excited because I was finally putting my life in His hands; nervous because I dislike venturing out at sea although I love the sea! 🙂

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Being baptized and accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior was singlehandedly the most incredible experience of my life. I wished I had accepted His salvation sooner, but those trials and tribulations made me who I am today. I am still a newborn babe, but I strive every day to live as He wants me to and to do His will and not mine.

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365 Days of Writing

Daily Prompts: October 28th-29th


October 28th: Seven wonders

Khalil Gibran once said that people will never understand one another unless language is reduced to seven words. What would your seven words be?

I disagree with Gibran, but my seven words are: All you need is the Saviour Jesus.

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October 29th: First

Tell us about your first day at something — your first day of school, first day of work, first day living on your own, first day blogging, first day as a parent, whatever.

My first day of reattending church went well. I remember being excited and the members were warm and friendly. They welcomed me without asking questions and I was even assigned to a Bible Study class!