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Phobia Challenge: U-Z

Welcome back to the last installment of this Phobia Challenge. Yes, it’s ending… today. Thank you for joining me on this interesting journey into Fear Land! Allez!

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Uranophobia – Fear of heaven/skyΒ (EXPLAIN THIS FEAR RIGHT NOW!!)

Urophobia – Fear of urine/urinating


Vaccinophobia – Fear of vaccination

Venustraphobia – Fear of beautiful women

Verbophobia – Fear of words

Verminophobia – Fear of germs

Vestiphobia – Fear of clothing

Vitricophobia – Fear of step-father


Walloonphobia – Fear of WalloonsΒ (How? What? WHY? Walloons are beautiful!)

The Walloons are Belgians who live in Wallonia and speak French and Walloon (a type of romance language). *sighs* What’s not to like?

Wiccaphobia – Fear of witches and witchcraft


Xanthophobia – Fear of the color yellow and the word yellow

Xenophobia – Fear of strangers/foreigners

Xerophobia – Fear of dryness/dry places

Xylophobia – Fear of wooden objects and/or forests


Ymophobia –Β Fear of contrariety or being contrary.


Zelophobia – Fear of jealousy

Zeusophobia – Fear of God/gods

Zoophobia – Fear of animals

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23 thoughts on “Phobia Challenge: U-Z”

  1. Okay, seriously, xanthophobia? I’m imagining finding out one of my friends had this and then chasing them around with the word yellow cut out of yellow construction paper…this may make me a really bad friend.

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    1. Thanks Tammykins. πŸ’™You’re right about that for I’m looking to do another alphabet series challenge. I just have to get some ideas and then I’ll go from there. And thanks for tuning in always.

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      1. Not a problem at all by me. I was thinking of books (but I talk about them so much already!) or movies & TV shows.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I thought about the countries too. As for the names of boys and girls, I have a post coming up on that, but I can do that. Thanks much for the suggestions, Tammy! I may do one of yours and it just might be food or countries.

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