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Day 20 & 21: What Makes You Happy/Sad

Yesterday’s question was what makes me happy. Co-incidentally, yesterday was also International Happiness Day. Anyways, a lot of things make me happy especially when people answer God’s call for them to be saved and to lead a better life.

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Today’s question is what makes me sad and that’ll be people who reject or don’t know their Lord and Savior. 

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I Gave Up The World For You

Today is World Poetry Day and I’ll be contributing a poem. I don’t write poems unless I’m inspired. The one that I’m about to share was written in 2016. I found it in a book last evening and decided to use it for today’s event. 

I Gave Up The World For You

I gave up the world for You
The songs I used to listen to

The movies I used to watch
The curses I used to utter
The lies I used to mutter

I gave up the world for You
But I still have much to do

It’s never done
It’s never over
I can only get better
And day by day, stronger
With You by my side

I gave up the world for You
I lost friends in the process

And precious family, too
But nothing matters
For you’ll never forsake me
in this cruel cold world.

Thank You, Jesus! 💙

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