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BFF Q&A! 💙

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Hello there. Today, we’re going to talk friendship. And whenever I think of friendship, I think of Téa of YGO giving her friendship speeches…

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No, Pharoah, everything does not revolve around trap cards! 🙄

Anyway, welcome to this special edition of BFF Q&A. Before I begin, let me introduce you to my bestie, Tammy over at God Inspired Art.

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She is like a burst of sunshine and she laughs a lot which is a plus. She encourages me and pushes me to achieve my goals no matter how small they may be. She is like a sister to me. Tammy, girl, God knew exactly what He was doing when he made us met on that fateful day. 💙

I know that sounded like a winning award speech, but Tammy is really special to me. And, erm, I sort of needed a fab intro because I fail HARD at this BFF thing. I kid you not. Here’s what happened: Tammy sent the questions in January; they were for the blog, but I misunderstood and ended up sending my answers back to her. I also thought that I had to answer 1 item per question… oops, I think I’ve talked too much already so let’s get into it.

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#BestieSwag 🔥

1. Your bestie’s favorite color?

There’s only one color for this girl and that’s pink, although she also fancies purple.

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2. What she dislikes?

So the story kicks in here. Like I said, I thought it was one answer per question so I answered gossip. Then she sent the rest: anything that crawls and is slimy (looking at you, snails), when metal scrapes against metal, dishonesty, raisins, cornbread (never knew this one), racialism, and stereotyping. 

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3. What she loves?

Our King and Savior is her top love. 💙 Tammy is an outdoorsy person so she’s in love with nature. She loves ketchup, reading, acting, singing, dancing, being creative (writing, designing, painting) learning new things and making someone laugh/smile. Two other things that this girl in the entire world is eating and sleeping. She says she loves me, but there’s no room on the love list for me. 😅

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4. Favorite food?

This girl is a human vacuum cleaner! She can make food disappear faster than you can say ‘Abracadabra!’ Okay, maybe not, but she’s a foodie and she simply loves food be it a burger or fried chicken. Break out the ketchup!

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5. What does she do in her spare time?

Study the Word, eat, work on new stories, think about what to cook so she can eat it, listen to music, eat, research for her stories, hang out with the family, and did I say eat?

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6. Favorite books of the Bible?

Psalms and Job.

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7. Color of eyes?


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8. Favorite story you ever read from her?

Tammy is a brilliant writer and I enjoy all of her stories (and poems), but my overall favorites are Meeting You and Misty Islands. I am a sucker for an adventure-action story and Misty Islands (set here on our beautiful island) is life! 💙 And Meeting You is just beautiful! 

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9. Future trips/adventures in and out of de islands?

Tammy basically covered this already. This year if possible, we want to explore our island and we look forward to visiting our Caribbean neighbors in the near future.

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10. How often do you talk with her?

Eh, sometimes I go an entire month without talking to her. Kidding! We talk every day!

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11. How often do we argue?

We may disagree on certain things, but we don’t argue we reason. 😃

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12. Favorite actor?

Here’s the thing, Tammy never really told me who her favorite actors were, but she liked a bunch of them, but that’s okay for none of them could walk in TC’s shoes. Yes, I went there. 

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Joking! Joking! Or was I? She liked Hugh Jackman (terrific actor, this one!), Brandon Fraser, Angela Bassett, and Viola Davis among several others. 

Well, it’s been fun doing this. Maybe we learned more about each other, maybe we didn’t. Hop over to my girl’s blog and see her responses to these questions if you haven’t done so already. Tammy, I love yuh, girl! 

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