Français ... et autres langues.

Welcome to French Friday!

Salut! Bienvenue! Est-ce que tu parles français? Oui? Non?

Okay, before I get into it, let me begin by saying that this new series is actually for me. As I said in my last edition of  Thursday Ten, I am very fond of many languages especially the French one which holds a special place in my heart. Whenever I hear French being spoken by someone who is not French…

Image result for gif i'm in love

But when it’s coming from a French native’s mouth…

Image result for gif is this love

Even when they’re talking about cobwebs on the ceiling…

Image result for gif i'm in love

Okay, I think by now you’ve gotten the point. I am simply in love with the French language and it’s been a blast relearning it so allow me to introduce you to my new series.

Image result for gif bienvenue

I’ve loved the French language ever since I was little, but during the school years, I’ve lost interest in it because I had no one to speak it with and I was afraid to butcher the pronunciation. In due time, however, I learned that it was okay to start by speaking badly when entering a new language territory. 

Image result for "The only normal way to begin speaking in a new language is to begin speaking badly."

With this new series, I can look back to see how far I’ve come in learning French (and probably other languages). My aim is to update this weekly with the new things I’ve learned in French for the week, but we’ll see how that updating thing goes. 

If you speak French (or is French), I welcome all the help that you’ll be willing to give during this series. 😃

À bientôt!

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10 thoughts on “Welcome to French Friday!”

  1. well this series is one that i eagerly look forward to following along.
    I have studied French and dated a French dude for a short while in 1992 – but my French is choppy and shoddy – and well, look forward to your posts – and so far I have read two and I Like how you keep them simple and still dense with learning points – but the amount seems very good!

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    1. I’m happy to hear this, Yvette! 🙂 This series was made to chart my French progress this year for I keep slacking off on learning the language. I can learn from you as well so I look forward to your participation. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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