Français ... et autres langues.

Welcome to French Friday!

Salut! Bienvenue! Est-ce que tu parles français? Oui? Non?

Okay, before I get into it, let me begin by saying that this new series is actually for me. As I said in my last edition of  Thursday Ten, I am very fond of many languages especially the French one which holds a special place in my heart. Whenever I hear French being spoken by someone who is not French…

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But when it’s coming from a French native’s mouth…

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Even when they’re talking about cobwebs on the ceiling…

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Okay, I think by now you’ve gotten the point. I am simply in love with the French language and it’s been a blast relearning it so allow me to introduce you to my new series.

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I’ve loved the French language ever since I was little, but during the school years, I’ve lost interest in it because I had no one to speak it with and I was afraid to butcher the pronunciation. In due time, however, I learned that it was okay to start by speaking badly when entering a new language territory. 

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With this new series, I can look back to see how far I’ve come in learning French (and probably other languages). My aim is to update this weekly with the new things I’ve learned in French for the week, but we’ll see how that updating thing goes. 

If you speak French (or is French), I welcome all the help that you’ll be willing to give during this series. 😃

À bientôt!

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A to Z

Phobia Challenge: U-Z

Welcome back to the last installment of this Phobia Challenge. Yes, it’s ending… today. Thank you for joining me on this interesting journey into Fear Land! Allez!

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Uranophobia – Fear of heaven/sky (EXPLAIN THIS FEAR RIGHT NOW!!)

Urophobia – Fear of urine/urinating


Vaccinophobia – Fear of vaccination

Venustraphobia – Fear of beautiful women

Verbophobia – Fear of words

Verminophobia – Fear of germs

Vestiphobia – Fear of clothing

Vitricophobia – Fear of step-father


Walloonphobia – Fear of Walloons (How? What? WHY? Walloons are beautiful!)

The Walloons are Belgians who live in Wallonia and speak French and Walloon (a type of romance language). *sighs* What’s not to like?

Wiccaphobia – Fear of witches and witchcraft


Xanthophobia – Fear of the color yellow and the word yellow

Xenophobia – Fear of strangers/foreigners

Xerophobia – Fear of dryness/dry places

Xylophobia – Fear of wooden objects and/or forests


Ymophobia – Fear of contrariety or being contrary.


Zelophobia – Fear of jealousy

Zeusophobia – Fear of God/gods

Zoophobia – Fear of animals

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Espresso Shots ☕

It’s been a weird week

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Greetings fellow human beings. How was your week?

I know I said that I’ll be logging in twice a week during my time away from the blogging world, but things didn’t work out this week somewhat. I logged in on Wednesday but I didn’t get the time to catch up on as many blogs as I would’ve liked to. The same thing happened yesterday which concluded in me spending close to an hour trying to read blogs. I have to be honest though, my heart wasn’t into it. 

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So I decided to log back in today and see if I can catch up on what I’ve missed in the past days, but this week wasn’t a good one for me generally speaking. I did not get as many things done as I would’ve liked. I still have emails to return and appointments to make, but it just wasn’t happening. When I got home on evenings before I know it, I was out cold until the next morning. I’ll try to get to the emails on the weekend if not this evening and I had my mind set on updating Bible Studies this weekend, but that’s most likely not going to happen. 

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I hope I can make up for this week sometime next week God’s willing when I’m all rested up. May your weekend be stressfree and restful. 

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