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Day 2: 20 Facts About You

20 facts? I don’t know if I can get up to 20, but let’s try.

1. I dislike talking about myself.

2. I love God so much that words can’t describe the feeling.

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3. I write. A lot. Hence the reason why I have a lot of incomplete stories as far back as 2009. Or maybe it was from 2007? Eh, who’s counting anyway!

4. My favorite number is 4.

5. I’ve never worn make-up and don’t intend to start anytime soon or later.

6. I am a child of the Most High.

7. I love cheese pizza… topped with pineapple, green peppers, and onions!

8. I have a little reminder (a bump) on my right leg from when I fell off the bunk bed ladder. I was about ten or less. Eh, stuff happens when you play too much. But it was worth it!

9. I’m a nerd. 

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10. I am in love with languages! 

11. My favorite song of all time is ‘Save the Last Dance For Me’ by Ben E. King.

12. My favorite sport to watch is football. Go Les Bleus!

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13. I’m mixed, but for the most part, I’m Indian.

14. I like Shah Rukh Khan, Mattew Gray Gubler, and Will Yun Lee, but my all-time favorite actor is Tom Cruise… even when he’s throwing things in anger.

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15. Tyler is a pseudonym.

16. I don’t have a dream car.

17. I once wanted to be a lawyer.

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18. I like ice cream, just not Häagen-Dazs.

19. I love blue eyes.

20. I want to live in France one day. If that does not work out, Los Angeles can call my name on her lips.

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And that’s it. Nothing tabloid juicy. 😆 I scheduled some posts for this weekend and for the rest of the month. I also scheduled the rest of this challenge. I’ll see you guys sometime next week God’s willing. Take care and God bless. 💙

***GIFs via Giphy and Tenor.

A to Z

Phobia Challenge: T

Welcome back! 🙂

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GIF via KidsHealth

Tachophobia – Fear of speed

Taeniophobia/Teniophobia – Fear of tapeworms

Taphephobia – Fear of being buried alive/graves

Tapinophobia – Fear of being contagious

Taurophobia/Bovinophobia – Fear of bulls

Technophobia – Fear of technology (Seeing what this world is coming to in terms of technology, I don’t blame people who have this fear)

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Telephonophobia – Fear of telephones

Testophobia – Fear of taking a test

Teutophobia – Fear of German/German culture

Textophobia – Fear of certain fabrics

Thalassophobia – Fear of the sea

Thanatophobia – Fear of death/dying

Theatrophobia – Fear of theaters

Thermophobia – Fear of heat

Tomophobia – Fear of surgical operations

Tonitrophobia – Fear of thunder

Toxophobia – Fear of poison/accidentally being poisoned

Traumatophobia – Fear of injury

Tremophobia – Fear of trembling

Trichopathophobia – Fear of hair

Triskaidekaphobia – Fear of the number 13

Trypanophobia – Fear of injections


Favorite YouTube videos for February

This wrap-up is kind of late, but it’s like they say, “better late than never”. 

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Mission: Impossible – Fallout trailer

This trailer is the best thing I’ve seen in a long time and I am living for it. It feels like it’s the final chapter in the Ethan Hunt saga and I look forward to this movie in July God’s willing. I feel like it’s going to be the biggest opening for an MI film.

I think it’s time for Ethan Hunt to get his own cartoon. And if you’re reading this, vote yay or nay for a short Ethan Hunt story which I’ll most likely publish in April God’s willing. Ah, don’t bother. I’m sure I’ll write it anyway.

Tom learns to fly a helicopter for MI 6

This man learned to fly a helicopter in a short period of time (2000 hours) just for an action sequence in the upcoming MI movie. There’s a scene in which he is flying, acting, and filming at the same time. I’m sure if I look up the word commitment in the dictionary, a photo of TC will be next to it.

Hayley’s beautiful cover

This woman is gifted with music and listening to her voice is soothingly refreshing. I subbed to her channel last month and I’m happy whenever I receive a notification from her. You can find Hayley over on her blog red letters.

Benefits of… banana peels?

Banana has a lot of benefits. It can help with acne, fertilize plants, whiten your teeth, polish your shoes, soothe bug bites etc. Some I knew, some I didn’t. Overall, this video was informative. 👍

Thanks, Lynn! 💙

Lynn shared a lovely reminder that God can renew, restore and refresh us when we hit life’s messy middles. I was also happy to sub to her channel.

You can find the creative Lynn at Through ink and Image.

My favorite BookTuber tested weird book products.

These products were really weird! I wouldn’t use any of them. How did some of these products even make it past the testing stage is beyond me.