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2017 Rewind: favorite devotional writing

Looking back on 2017, I’ll say my best achievement was writing spiritual posts. I love and enjoy writing, but I feel fulfilled whenever I write/share His Word.Β 


A few of my favorite posts to write included life lessons that we can learn from Jesus, not blaming God for the suffering which we humans brought upon ourselves because of our sinful nature, and nourishing my spiritual life.

Favorite Spiritual Posts!|Life lessons from Jesus

Do not blameΒ God for the suffering

Who Was Melchizedek

Nourishing My Spiritual Life

How To Fast and What To Fast For

The Significance of I Am

Jesus is the Vine and God is the Husbandman

I'm ready, God, so ready, Wake up, soul!! Wake up! Psalm 57:7-8:

If I ever stop writing today, I can always look back on these writings with a smile.Β 


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