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50 Foods #49: Powdered Milk

Origin: America and other parts of the world
Date: 1990s onwards
Type: Dry milk

I guess everyone is familiar with powdered milk. Back in 1295, the Mongolians boiled milk, when the fat rose to the top they’ll skim it off to make butter. The defatted milk was then left to dry in the sun as reported by Marco Polo. 

Today, powdered milk is spray dried.

Would I eat/drink it?: When I was younger, I used to it eat it with sugar as a treat and drink it in tea, but I haven’t consumed it in years.

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Bible Activity/Discussion

We’re going to study the Bible!

Reading and studying the Bible has been an immense blessing and joy in my life. Although I have read a few books twice, the Bible is the only book that I take pleasure in reading cover to cover over and over again whenever I come to the end of Revelation. As I write this, I am currently reading Exodus, 1 Chronicles, and Philippians.

When I started to do book reviews, the Bible was the first book I reviewed, but I didn’t go into details knowing that one day I’ll be writing in length about all 66 books for I’ve been taking notes.

Beginning next Sabbath, we’ll start exploring Genesis. Although it contains just 50 chapters, it’s a big book and I’ve sectioned it off at the moment so I’ll see how best I can make it work. At the end of each post, we’ll pause and ponder until the next one. I also hope to have a discussion as my main goal is to get people excited about reading the Bible and/or understanding it better. I’ll also be including my favorite verses probably at the end of the study. 

I hope you’ll join me in exploring our Father’s Word next Sabbath. And we’re here to learn, so if you have a burning question on your mind, feel free to ask it during the study. Happy Sabbath!

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2017 Rewind: favorite devotional writing

Looking back on 2017, I’ll say my best achievement was writing spiritual posts. I love and enjoy writing, but I feel fulfilled whenever I write/share His Word. 


A few of my favorite posts to write included life lessons that we can learn from Jesus, not blaming God for the suffering which we humans brought upon ourselves because of our sinful nature, and nourishing my spiritual life.

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I'm ready, God, so ready, Wake up, soul!! Wake up! Psalm 57:7-8:

If I ever stop writing today, I can always look back on these writings with a smile.