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How to fast and what to fast for?

Know what to fast for.

How to Fast?

Before you fast, you should consult a doctor first if you have any health conditions.

* Pray about the type of fast that you should undertake. The Holy Spirit may call you to do a specific fast.

* Choose a fasting plan that works best for you.

* During the fast, pray for your church leaders, family, friends, the world etc.

* Focus on drawing closer to God. Instead of watching TV, open your Bible and read scriptures. Instead of cheering on your favorite football team, pray. 

* Make it your priority to attend church during your fast.

* Make it a spiritual practice.

What to fast for?

There are different types of fast. You can fast from food, entertainment, and social media among other things. You can also fast for a financial breakthrough. But as mentioned above, seek the Holy Spirit’s guidance in prayer before you fast.

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