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Day 9: What place are you most grateful for?

That the nation of France exists!

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While I am grateful that France (and the French) exists, that is not my actual answer, though. I am actually grateful for my home. I have somewhere to lay my head down when nights fall and people I love.ย 

What place areย you most grateful for?

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Phobia Challenge: Q

I only found a few phobias, but they’re still better than nothing, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

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Quadriplegiphobia– fear of quadriplegics or fear of becoming a quadriplegic

Quadrophobia – fear of the number four/things that come in fours

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Quintaphobia– fear of the number five

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50 Foods #41: American Buffalo

Origin:ย The Great Plains of America
Date:ย 19th century
Type:ย Large mammal

Also known as American bison had nearly become extinct in the 19th century due to excessive hunting. I tend to associate this animal with the Native Americans.

Would I eat/drink it?:ย My stomach is actually fine and I’ll like to keep it that way.

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