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We’re going to study the Bible!

Reading and studying the Bible has been an immense blessing and joy in my life. Although I have read a few books twice, the Bible is the only book that I take pleasure in reading cover to cover over and over again whenever I come to the end of Revelation. As I write this, I am currently reading Exodus, 1 Chronicles, and Philippians.

When I started to do book reviews, the Bible was the first book I reviewed, but I didn’t go into details knowing that one day I’ll be writing in length about all 66 books for I’ve been taking notes.

Beginning next Sabbath, we’ll start exploring Genesis. Although it contains just 50 chapters, it’s a big book and I’ve sectioned it off at the moment so I’ll see how best I can make it work. At the end of each post, we’ll pause and ponder until the next one. I also hope to have a discussion as my main goal is to get people excited about reading the Bible and/or understanding it better. I’ll also be including my favorite verses probably at the end of the study.Β 

I hope you’ll join me in exploring our Father’s Word next Sabbath. And we’re here to learn, so if you have a burning question on your mind, feel free to ask it during the study. Happy Sabbath!


21 thoughts on “We’re going to study the Bible!”

  1. I may have missed it somewhere, sorry if so! I’m question is, when we start on the book of Genesis (next Sunday?):
    1. are we going to stay on the same pace?
    2. you mentioned you had split up Genesis in a couple of sections what are the sections and
    3. are we going over where we split it or are we just reading Genesis and ask any questions we may have along the way?

    I hope my questions aren’t crazy 😜 but this is my for time in my life every blogging or studying the Bible online… There’s a lot to learn about blogging. πŸ“•

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    1. We’re starting the book of Genesis this Saturday be it God’s willing.

      1. Yes, as I’ll be starting from the very beginning. We’ll work our way from the very first chapter.

      2. I’ve rearranged my notes yet again, so beginning this Saturday, we’ll look at creation, then we’ll work our way to the day God rested on, the first man and woman etc.

      3. Is it fine to ask questions anytime you feel like! They’ll be all welcome.

      No, your questions weren’t crazy at all. I thank you for your anticipation. I was just over at your blog and you’re doing a good job thus far! If you have any questions regarding blogging, I can always direct you to a wonderful blogger who wrote posts to help beginning bloggers. God bless you and have a great day.

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  2. I will join in when time allows and catch up with you. Studying the word of God was a passion of mine. But today, He has led me to short verse or passage meditations. Looking forward to reading what He spoke to you. Have a blessed day.

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