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30 days of gratitude: Days 14 & 15

Day 14: What sight are you grateful for today?

Honestly, yesterday was a blur given that work closed at noon so I went home, cooked, and Bible studied… but I was grateful for the pretty sunset splashing across the sky at evening. Now, that was a sight to behold!

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Day 15: What season are you grateful for?

Here, we only have the sunny and rainy seasons and I am grateful for both of them.ย 

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50 Foods #47: Campbellโ€™s Soup

Origin:ย USA
Date:ย 1962
Type:ย Canned soup

Here’s a…

Andy Warhol did individual paintings of all the 32 varieties of the soup Campbellโ€™s were making backย then and they are now displayed at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Would I eat/drink it?:ย I’ve never had canned soup and I don’t intend to start now.

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