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Phobia Challenge: S

A few more letters and it’s over!

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Samhainophobia – Fear of Halloween

Satanophobia – Fear of satan

Scabiophobia – Fear of scabies

Scelerophobia – Fear of criminals

Sciophobia – Fear of shadows

Scoleciphobia – Fear of worms (esp. parasitic worms)

Scolionophobia – Fear of school

Scopophobia/Scoptophobia – Fear of being seen or stared at

Scotophobia – Fear of darkness

Scriptophobia – Fear of writing in public

Selaphobia – Fear of light flashes

Selenophobia – Fear of the moon/darkness on a moonless night

Sesquipedalophobia – Fear of long words

Sexophobia – Fear of the opposite sex

Siderophobia – Fear of stars

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Look at the stars. Look how they shine for you…

Sinophobia – Fear of Chinese/Chinese culture

Sitiophobia – Fear of food/eating

Soceraphobia – Fear of parents-in-law

Social Phobia – Fear of society/people

Somniphobia – Fear of sleep

Sophophobia – Fear of learning

Soteriophobia – Fear of dependence on others

Spacephobia – Fear of outer space

Spectrophobia – Fear of specters/ghosts

Spheksophobia – Fear of wasps

Stigiophobia/Stygiophobia – Fear of hell

Suriphobia – Fear of mice

Symbolophobia – Fear of symbolism

Syngenesophobia – Fear of relatives