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My reading so far…

And the TBR continues to go down, down, down! YAY! This calls for a confetti celebration!

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Expectation vs…

But there’s still so MANY books to go! 🙄

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I’m currently on my 38th book of the year as I write this, and I’ve realized that books are becoming even more meaningless and distasteful, so much, that I’ve been lowering my expectations with every book I choose to read. In this way, I won’t be totally disappointed if the book turns out to be boring or just didn’t quite live up to its gloating standards.

As for the classic challenge that I’m currently doing, well, let’s just say that I haven’t read as many classics as I would’ve liked to (as yet), but I’ll devote a month or two for that sometime just to get them out of the way and out of my life.

So far…

Books I enjoyed:

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Books I didn’t enjoy:

Murder, Handcrafted (Amish Quilt Shop Mystery Book 5) by Isabella Alan

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Amish quilt shop owner Angie Braddock solves mysteries and whines a lot! She’s not Amish, but her best friend is, and almost every chapter, she reminds readers about this and seems to subtly poke fun at Amish clothes and culture. I’m glad to get rid of this cozy mystery from my TBR. 

The Wife Between Us by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen

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Reviewers RAVED about the cleverness of this book, but it was all over-hyped, for there was nothing clever, new, or original about this story. I unraveled the so-call “you won’t see it coming twist” from the very first page and the other one as soon as Emma stepped into the picture, so I don’t understand the glowing and high-as-the-mountain reviews for this book. The entire book is a joke.

All of This Is True by Lygia Day Peñaflor

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All of this is stupid, irrelevant, pretentious, poorly executed, bland, and downright boring. 


Books I revisited:

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Books I DNF’ed:

#Prettyboy Must Die by Kimberly Reid

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This so-call pretty boy CIA agent didn’t do it for me. He spends the majority of the story being sexist, and he’s a proper right arrogant jerk that looks down on everyone. He spends almost every chapter talking about his so-call good looks and whining. I have a strong dislike for whiny protagonists. I had to put this book down for many reasons that if I were to go into them, it’ll end up being a full review and I don’t want a reminder of why I STRONGLY disliked this drivel.

When it comes to saving the world, I’d rather leave my life in another pretty boy’s hands: Ethan Hunt’s. 

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Book #47: The Bishop’s Daughter

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This is the last book of the ‘Daughters of Lancaster County’ series.

Leona Weaver is Bishop Jacob Weaver’s daughter. She is a dedicated teacher in an Amish one-room schoolhouse, yet she is no stranger to tragedy. The man she had set her heart on marrying died in a freak accident and when things couldn’t get worse, her father got into a tragic accident of his own. She questions God on why He allows something like that to happen, but God had plans for the Weaver family.

Jimmy Scott is an outsider. After his mother died, he learned about his ‘adoption’ and set off in search of his real family. Away from home, his father then comes clean and confessed that he was not adopted but kidnapped. The cold truth throws Jimmy off and he decides to stay longer in Lancaster as he tries to uncover the truth all the while finding himself falling for the heartbroken Leona.

Abraham Fisher, unaware that the outsider was his very son, was hostile against him. He was envious of Jimmy’s relationship with Jacob and did not like the young man around Leona. Things became complicated between Abraham and Jimmy and Jimmy decides to return home to the man he calls ‘father’ all of his years.

The story ends with Jimmy’s father finding redemption and finally accepting Jesus as his Lord and Savior, Jimmy returning to Lancaster County and being told that Abraham is his biological father, Jimmy accepting his Amish descent and eventually marrying Leona.

This is a series that would stay with me for a long time.





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Sweet Revenge by Diane Mott Davidson

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Book #46: The Quilter’s Daughter

The second book of this three part series was the most intense yet.

Abby Miller keeps having recurring nightmares about a house on fire and a cat needing to get rescued. What she did not know was that this was a warning of things to come and those things ended up being a double tragedy.

Abby runs a quilt shop and is engaged to Lester Mast, a thoughtful, kind and compassionate man, who didn’t mind his fianceé going away to Lancaster County to care for her pregnant mother, Fannie (who is now married to Abraham Fisher). While there, however, Abby receives some very sad news: her quilt shop has burned to the ground with Lester in it. Lester had run into the shop to try and save some quilts and didn’t make it back out the second trip inside.

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GIF via Tumblr. 

Dealing with a double tragedy caused Abby to question God and she eventually stopped reading the Bible and praying. It took some time in Montana to get herself in order. When she returns home, she is ready to face the world again and Matthew, who was harboring a huge crush on her like forever, finally gets around to confessing his feelings for her.

Meantime, Jim is still trying to come to terms with stealing baby Zach (named Jimmy after he was kidnapped) and is becoming more and more isolated from wife, Linda, who has learned to trust God again. Jim has some personal problems to deal with of his own, but he does not trust God as he believed that everything that he owned is his. I can’t wait to conclude this series!





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The Bishop’s Daughter by Wanda E. Brunstetter (This review might as well be up tomorrow God’s willing.)

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Book #45: The Storekeeper’s Daughter

I have always been fascinated by the Amish life and how they keep the faith when faced with difficult situations. Their lives are plain and simple and they do not use things like cell phones, electricity, and cameras. Out of touch with the real world? No, they are a people who have learned to live without material things in fear of becoming a rebellious people.

In this first book – which is a series of three – we are almost immediately introduced to the tragedy in the Fishers’ household when the mother is knocked down by a car. Her request before she closed her eyes was for Naomi to help take care of her younger brother and sisters.

Naomi Fisher’s life takes an about turn. She has to be on the clock 24/7. There is no time to rest, no time for courtships, no time for herself, yet her heart knew it already belonged to Caleb Hoffmeir. Her father seems to be critical of everything she does and often compares her to her mother. That is until one day, baby Zach is stolen from right underneath their noses from an English man, Jim Scott. Jim has a story of his own too. His wife, Linda wanted to care for a child and they set about adopting but when they got to Ohio, things changed and after snatching the baby from the Fisher’s yard, Jim never told his wife that he had kidnapped the baby, instead of faking ‘papers’ about the child’s real identity.

Naomi blamed herself for her brother’s disappearance and pretty soon she runs away from home with her good friend, Ginny. Out of faith and thrust into a strange world, she finds herself missing her family and eventually returns home.

Yet, if Jim hadn’t stolen the baby, Abraham Fisher wouldn’t have met Fannie and be happy again after his wife’s death. Naomi’s faith wouldn’t have been renewed much stronger. This book has helped me understand a little more about the Amish people and I admire their very strong faith in God.





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The Quilter’s Daughter by Wanda E. Brunstetter