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The Lorikeet and the Lory

Here we are again! The birds just keep getting interesting and more colorful and prettier and it’s getting harder to choose that one bird to represent the respective letter. But this challenge must wrap up, so here we go.

Rainbow Lorikeet (Trichoglossus moluccanus)

Image: The Rainbow Lorikeet

🐦 Black Lories are said to be amongst the gentlest and best natured of the lories. However, their shrill cries are said to be a disturbance.

🐦 The Rainbow Lorikeet is a parrot common to the eastern seaboard of Australia and also Tasmania. In some places, wild lorikeets are so used to humans that they can be hand-fed. They mainly feed on pollen and nectar.

Black lory

Image: The Black Lory

🐦 Tahitian Lories are also called Blue Lories, Indigo Lories or Violet Lorikeets. They’re endemic to the French Polynesia, Cook Islands, and 8 Tahitian islands out of the 23. These active birds can be found in small flocks of less than 10 birds and are endangered in their native habitat.Β 

🐦 There are only 8 species of Lorikeets.

Blue Lorikeet (Vini peruviana)

Image: Tahitian Blue Lory

🐦 Lorries and Lorikeets are arboreal parrots that range from small to medium-sized. The’re closely related to the fig parrots.

Via The Dodo (I love this channel!), here’s a beautiful heartwarming story about Elvis the Lorikeet and the visits he pays to the human for nursing him back to health:

Images: Pinterest; Google Search

Reference/s: beautyofbirds.org;Β YouTube

Flowers Floral Roses - Free image on Pixabay


The Anhinga

The Blood Pheasant

The Crane

The Duck

The Eagle

The Flightless Birds

The Gulls

The Hoopoe

The Imperial Shag

The Jays

The Kiskadee

***GIFs/Images that don’t belong to LPM are via Google Search (Right-click for original source)



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