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The Gulls

Gulls are found throughout the world in coastal habitats, and they’re often the largest birds along the shore. There are over 50 species of gulls that are found throughout the world, and they’re said to be intelligent and curious birds.

Photos and Videos for Bonaparte's Gull, All About Birds, Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Image: Bonaparte Gulls

🐦 Gulls have webbed feet with small talons; their webbed feet allow them to walk and take off from water. 

🐦 Gulls are capable of drinking both fresh and saltwater thanks to a pair of special glands right above their eyes. 

🐦 Seagulls often steal food from other birds, animals, and people. 

Crickets and Seagulls | SpringerLink

Image: Close-up of the “Miracle of the Gulls” monument

🐦 In Utah, the seagull is the bird of the state. They’re remembered for helping Mormon settlers deal with a plague of crickets and a monument in Salt Lake City known as the “Miracle of the Gulls” fondly commemorates the event.

🐦 The Little Gull is the smallest in the gull species, while the largest is the Great Black-beaked Gull. 

Gulls are mischievous, tricky, finders keepers with serial killer eyes (well, some of them) and you can see some of them in action via Fun and Positive TV:


Images: Pinterest; SpringerLink

Reference/s: Top Ten: Birds (book); softschools.com; onekindplanet.org; YouTube

Flowers Floral Roses - Free image on Pixabay


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  1. Watching the seagull steal something “yummy” inside of the kitchen window, brought some smiles. I am looking forward to a trip to Maryland’s Eastern Shore in the coming months to witness the seagulls in person again.

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