Thursday Ten

Thursday Ten: things to do with a blank book

It’s been a while since I’ve done a top 10 list!

While cleaning out recently, I came across some blank notebooks that I once had intentions of using, but I somehow forgot about them. I love notebooks, but lately, I prefer to use my laptop because of arthritis. However, the blank notebooks gave me an idea or two or three or ten…

1. Writing journal

Writing every day can spark new ideas for stories and help you practice your writing at the same time. It can also be therapeutic, ignite your creativity, and help you achieve goals.ย 

2. Daily journal

Chronicling your daily life can be a task at first, but it can help you connect with your heart. In the longย run, the entries can also be used in a non-fiction story. I used to journal when I was younger, but I haven’t done so in years.ย 

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Image via Besottment by Paper Relics

3. Bucket List journal

I had a bucket list journal when I was younger! Putting pen to paper and writing the things that I’ve always dreamed of was a blast!ย 

4. Quotes book

I collect quotes, so I’ll definitely be turning one of the blank notebooks into an inspirational book.

Related image

Image via

5. Fitness journal

Set health and fitness goals.ย 

6. Spiritual journal

Write down prayers, hymns, and give thanks to the Most High for life.ย 

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Image via Bible Journaling Digitally

7. Art journalย 

I don’t really draw anymore, but whenever I feel the urge to draw, I can practice my drawing in the book.

8. Dream journal

Track the significance of your dreams!

9. Handwriting practice

I had a better and fancier handwriting before arthritis kicked in so this sounds like a good idea.

Image result for Handwriting practice

Image via The Postman’s Knock

10. New wordsย 

I love coming across new words especially long ones! I also love trying to use them in a sentence.ย 

What about you? Any suggestions that you’ll like to add to the list? Do you keep a journal of any kind?


10 thoughts on “Thursday Ten: things to do with a blank book”

  1. I always think about having separate journals for different things, but it never works out that way. I always have a journal nearby, and anything and everything ends up in there such as story ideas, poems, blog post ideas or actual blog posts, words I love, story titles, book recommendations people make. The list goes on. They all end up in the closest journal I can find.
    I generally type my stories, but I have a journal with me just about everywhere I go, so when I’m out and a poem, story, or blog post comes to me, I’ll write it down wherever I am.

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    1. Same! Everything ends up in the closest notebook I can find. ๐Ÿ™‚ I just started carrying around a notebook in my bag and I hope I can put it to good use. Thank you for sharing, Mandie!

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  2. These are great ideas, I have a gratitude/daily/dream journal I use and I really like it. I’ve thought about turning my journal into one filled with pictures, quotes and stickers but I haven’t yet made the plunge yet.

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  3. Great post. I actually have two journals. One is a Bible journal where I chronicle anything in the Bible that I don’t understand, quotes, inspirational teachings, and even prayer requests.

    I also have a writing journal where I write down fictional characters, places, and anything that I think I could potentially use in a story.


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