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I never intended to do Bible studies… blogging-wise.

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Today, I want to talk about how I came into sharing the Word of God here.

We come to the Bible knowing there is a God. A Creator. It tells and shows us that God exists. It records His excellent intelligence! The universe showcases His marvelous glory!

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I enjoy devoting time to studying God’s Word. It shows us how we should conduct ourselves and instruct us in the way to go. It helps us understand God better in order to draw closer to Him. It is our history. And given that He is our Creator, ONLY God can explain why He created us.Β 

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I do love reading and studying His Word, but when God came to me about starting Bible studies on this blog, I did a Jonah and tried to run away. This was around 2016. I was perplexed and I had a bag of excuses to choose from, the main one being that I was inexperienced and I didn’t know how to put studies together. Another one was that many Christian bloggers were already sharing His Word.

But God had other plans for me. He reminded me that this blog belongs to Him now, and this was something that He wanted me to do. Eventually, I prayed about it and asked for guidance on how to go about His Work.

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The Bible is accurate and truthful. It says what it is. It is God inspired and reliable. Genesis is the most important book of the Bible for without it, there wouldn’t be the Bible. Teachings and doctrines have their foundation rooted in Genesis including the character of God, sin, the fall, redemption, the return of the Messiah, and more.Β 

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I normally schedule the posts so I won’t have to log in on the Sabbath to do so although there are times when I have to log in to edit/write a post.

In closing, I want to thank you for the support and encouragement. I’ll be continuing to do God’s will as long as He gives me breath.Β 

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29 thoughts on “I never intended to do Bible studies… blogging-wise.”

  1. Praise God. I am thankful you let God use you as He does. I don’t generally read a lot of Bible studiesas I find they tend to tell me what God was saying verses actually studying His Word. I don’t ever want to impede what God is trying to tell/teach me by muddying up the waters,so to speak. That’s whyI love yours. I get a witness with your studies. I feel it, I feel God in it, and I feel His guidance through it. LORD, thank You for using my dearest Sister, and thank You for continuing to bless her πŸ™‚

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    1. Your beautiful comment makes me even happier that I’m working alongside God to bring the Bible studies here. Thank you, me dearest for being a part of the Bible studies. All praises goes to our Father. πŸ’™

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    1. I am glad I followed His leading, too, Crystal. πŸ’™Don’t worry, as long as this blog stays open and as long God gives me breath, I’ll be continuing the studies. Thank you for your kind encouragement. πŸ’™πŸ˜„

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    1. Thank you, Sylvia. Had it not been for God, I wouldn’t even have this blog, so I have no choice when it comes to listening to Him. πŸ’™

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  2. I’m really glad you listened!!! I know doing the Bible Studies on my blog helps me be reminded to really look at scripture, and the more familiar we become, the better. He will always help us grow. He certainly guides you and makes your Bible Studies unique ❀

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    1. Me too, T.R.! I love studying, sharing, and discussing His Word. It surely do help me to be mindful of scripture. As He does for you as well, my friend, for I appreciate all of the effort you put into the Bible Study series as well.

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