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Share Your World – Week 5


Week 5 of  Cee’s Share Your World Challenge

What is the most incredible natural venue that you’ve ever seen in person?

I want to say the Pitch Lake (Trinidad) but I haven’t been as yet.

Image result for pitch lake trinidad

Image via Google

How many siblings do you have? What’s your birth order? 

I have two other siblings, both sisters. I am the eldest. 🙂

If you were a shoe, what kind would you be and why?

At the moment, comfy flats. I can walk up and down with ease.

Image result for flat shoes

What is the strangest/weirdest thing you have ever eaten?

When it comes to food, I am not adventurous. I try to stay away from unappetizing things.

Optional Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

I normally read and study the Bible save for that one Bible study class I had a few years ago. I started to study the Bible with renewed interest and I am learning many new things. I also downloaded some Bible study material via the Google play store (they have so many great apps!) and it has been a blast! Um, I don’t know what I’m quite looking forward to next week God’s willing as I haven’t thought that far ahead.


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