Passion for Praise πŸ›

Praising Him no matter what!

Despite yes or no,
the ups and downs,
the easy times, the tough times,
the times when I don’t hear Your voice,
the times when I hear it clear as day skies,
the darkest hour,
in ALL circumstances,
I will continue to praise YOU!

Image result for gif lifting hands in praise

No matter what, I’ll ALWAYS direct praise to God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth. All blessings, honor, and glory belong to Him.

Peu importe ce que, je vais fΓ©licitez toujours directement Γ  Dieu, le CrΓ©ateur du Ciel et de la Terre. Toutes les bΓ©nΓ©dictions, l’honneur et la gloire appartiennent Γ  Lui.

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