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Love Yourself

This is a wonderful reminder to LOVE YOURSELF. You are unique. You are YOU.

The Raw, Refreshing Writings of Roderick Wills

She said, “I hate my own body.”

The master replied, “Why?”

She said, “My ears and nose are all wrong, I’m not the right height and my eyes are the wrong color, just for starters!”

The master replied, “Why all this right and wrong about body? What is right body?”

She said, “You know… like those girls on TV and the magazine covers.”

The master replied, “You will only ever be you. You will only ever experience this moment. You will be the only one who will deem your body to be ‘right’ or, in other words, to love you. You, and only you, will love yourself. Or don’t. There are no other options.”

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Add your color to the world!!

“God was creative enough to give you a unique color, a specific purpose that only you can fill.”


We are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14). God isn´t content with using the same mold to create all of us. In fact, i like to think in order to paint this big canvas we call “world”, God uses a different color to create each one of us.

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Unfortunately, we as humans tend to think our color isn´t as bright, delicate, beautiful or important as those around us, and in doing so we stop ourselves from pouring out the unique color we have inside. It´s true that our color may be different from the other ones, but that´s exactly what God planned. In order to turn this world into a masterpiece He needs the exact tone only YOU can give. So don´t get frustrated if you can’t add the same colors others add; instead be proud that you can add your own essence… a special color no one else can.

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