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#WritersLifeIGJune Days 24-30

It’s time to put this challenge to bed.

Day 24: TBR List

I love law/courtroom books and as a verified Francophile, I also tend to buy books about the French. โค

Day 25: Childhood Books

I love Charlotte’s Web, The Three Musketeers is a part of my heart, I still have that Aladdin book, I had a crush on the Hardys, I wanted to be Nancy and I enjoyed my adventure out at sea. I loved adventure and mystery when I was a child and I still do. ๐Ÿ™‚

Day 26: Favorite Book Titles

I love book titles even if the book does not live up to its expectations. Lately, I am in an Egyptian mood and these books by Michelle Moran are on my reading list. I have Nefertiti, but I loan it to a good friend of mine. I’ll be acquiring the next two shortly.

Day 27: Title Chapters or No

Rought draft. ๐Ÿ˜›

It depends on if the story calls for it and my current story SWAPPED called for it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Day 28: Nonfiction vs Fiction

I love having the best of both worlds… except for memoirs.

Day 29: Why You Write?

Day 30: Writing Accomplishments

Thank you wonderful readers for coming on this journey with me this month. โค


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#WritersLifeIGJune Days 20-22 catch up

DAY 20: Classic Books

DAY 21: Book Covers

Some of my favorite covers…

I love the first cover of the interracial pair lying on the sand. The book was also good. Nick Carter’s book cover was stripped down to show that his story was serious and I love the smashed lollipop on the ‘Big Little Lies’ cover although it was a disappointment. As for the Lee Child book, I won’t read it, but it’s obvious why I love the cover.

DAY 22: Shelfie

I am working on my bookshelf right now, here’s hoping it would look like this when I’m through:

Image result for bookshelf

Image via Google Search


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#WritersLifeIGJune Day 15-19 catch up

Boy! It seems like I have a lot of catching up to do lately! I took a small break from this challenge in order to complete a pending project.ย 

DAY 15: Shoutout IG Writers

Related image

All the amazing writers that I follow inspire me to get work done at some point in time.ย Special shoutout to my writing partner in crime, Tammy. โค

DAY 16: Author Bio

DAY 17: Writing Uniform

Related image

Whatever I feel comfortable in.

DAY 18: Favorite Authors

I don’t have many favorite authors. Alexandre Dumas gave me my favorite adventure of all time inย The Three Musketeers and that is what kickstarted my love affair with France. As for James Patterson, he’s given me Alex Cross and countless of murder mysteries that I’ve hungrily devoured on cold evenings.

DAY 19: Day or Night Writer?

Clock Time Timepiece #11416

Day, night, in between, it doesn’t matter once I get to write.


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#WritersLifeIGJune Day 14: Favorite Font

When I first started to write, I was told that there was no better font than the Times New Roman. That may ring true, but when I am plotting and drafting, my go-to fonts are:

Image result for palatino linotype

Image result for garamond

Image result for century schoolbook font

For fancy headings, I use this elegant font:

Image result for edwardian script itc

I tend to make notes in this font:

Image result for papyrus font

And if I am writing in text form, I use this one:

Image result for consolas font

All photos via Google Search


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#WritersLifeIGJune Day 12: To-Write List



In which two strangers swap lives.


This is my very first crime series and I am very excited to finally see it take off.ย 

No Boundaries

In which a deaf man falls in love with a bubbly woman.

da Dรญxon shorts

This is a continual series that features wealthy identical French twins. It follows their lives from in front of the camera to their private one. I started writing it for fun, but after five years, my family and friends keep coming back for more. Maybe one day, I’ll retire it, but for now, I have fun writing it.


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#WritersLifeIGJune Day 10: Character Profiles


This is a mood board for one of my main characters in the current story that I am writing: Marcus Mapother. He’s 25 and his father wants him to take over Mapother Industries, but he has other plans. He is also nicknamed the Bad Boy of San Francisco by the gossip blogging sitesย because of his wild antics.

Trust me, you’ll be rooting for this character by the end of the story and not because of his obvious good looks! ๐Ÿ˜›