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Scripture of the Week: God imparts wisdom and knowledge

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Some days you will fall in love with life, and other days you will fall out of love with life. Remember to always live in the present and to appreciate what you have been given by God.

chasing light

Day 25:Kinaadman
(n.) knowledge, wisdom


The world is an incredibly exciting place when you are eight. The houses seem bigger, the lights seembrighter and the people seemnicer. You wake up each day and your insides are filled with all kinds of excitment,wonder, creativity, imagination andhopefuldreams. Donโ€™t ever lose this feeling, trust me when I say this.


It will be your first year of highschool. Donโ€™t worry, highschool isnโ€™t as scary as it seems in the books and movies.

Ofcourse there will be cliques and you wonโ€™t get to be best friends with everyone. Ofcourse there will be certain classes that you look forward to and certain classes that you dread. Ofcourse there will be some teachers who likeyou and some teachers who dislike you.

You may even begin to think that this is going to be your worst year. But to be honest, your first year ofโ€ฆ

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