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Teaser Tuesday: Cover wars!

Teaser Tuesday:

Good evening all. I hope that you’ve been having a blessed day. I still have to do some catching up where it concerns some of the blogs, so if I don’t get to yours anytime soon, I’ll certainly be doing so before the week is out.

In the past few days, I’ve been trying to come up with the perfect cover for my new story, Setepai. This story takes place in Ancient Egypt and modern London and yes, it was inspired by The Mummy (the Tom Cruise one). Had it not been for Sylvia of thatdiary this story wouldn’t have existed. So, this one is for you, girl. ❤

I’m still learning to use colors and what not, but these are the covers that I’ve come up with so far:

I like this one because it captures the Ancient Egyptian setting.

This one is actually my least favorite. Note the smudge. I thought it was creative
at first, but now, not so much.

This one kind of resembles the first one (& 2nd because of the top smudge),
but it’s not as dark as the first and you can see the words clearly.

My utmost favorite, but I still want to go with the first.

You might ask why do you fit in this. Well, you’re going to help me decide which cover do you think is best suited for the story. Let me know in the comments below. 🙂

#amwriting ✍

‘My Chosen,’

Short Story #14

My new short story offering is inspired by The Mummy (the Tom Cruise one that is now playing). I did not sit down to plan it. I just wrote whatever came to mind (mainly for the dialogue) so I take the blame for all grammatical errors.

“Hallucinating? Vail, does it look like I’m hallucinating? There’s a beautiful woman walking towards us.” Sergeant Nick Morton was livid. “How do you not see her?”

Corporal Chris Vail sat still on top of the black stallion and cups his hands to his eyes. “Maybe you’re seeing a mirage.”

“What?” Nick couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “I am telling you that…” Suddenly, the desert and his best friend disappeared and Nick found himself in Ancient Egypt. The woman who stood before him wore a white regal dress, her arms decorated with multiple golden bracelets, her feet bare. With the sunlight against her back, she looked ethereal, but when she raised her hand to touch his face, he took note of the cracks in her painted fingernails.

But he was drawn to her fierce kohl-lined eyes which were boring into his soul given that she was intensely staring at him. “My chosen,” she breathlessly whispered against his parched lips. 

Nick was stupefied. “I’m your what?”

“My chosen,” she repeated, her cool hand caressing his jaw. “My love,” she closed the remaining space between them. “I would have ripped the kingdom to shreds if I had to just for you. You’re my chosen.”

The reality of the situation finally hits him and he suddenly felt unworthy in her presence. He did not have a title. He plundered ancient sites for timeless artifacts and sold them to the highest bidder. He was a thief and here this crazy woman was looking at him as if he was her king. “I cannot be your chosen.”

“But I chose you and that is enough.”

His lips were moving towards hers when something dawned on him. “Wait, what am I chosen for?”

The Egyptian princess coyly smiles. “Soon, my chosen, you’ll find out.” she pressed her lips against his and everything went black.

WORDS: 308

Image result for gif the mummy sofia boutella tom cruise kiss


‘The Mummy’: Tom Cruise delivered, but the movie could’ve been better


I don’t like spending money on movies. This summer it was between Wonder Woman and The Mummy and it was a no-brainer in which movie I’d choose to spend my money on despite the negative reviews. 😛

While watching this movie, I kept thinking of a suitable headline for my review. I kept thinking of Egyptian gods and how amazing TC was as Nick Morton ( ❤ ) hence the title. And director Alex Kurtzman said that he did not make this movie for the critics. Critics don’t represent me as I like to make up my own mind, but I have some choice words for him at the end of the review. Okay, let’s go!

STORYLINE: An ancient princess is awakened from her crypt beneath the desert, bringing with her malevolence grown over millennia, and terrors that defy human comprehension.

Image result for tom cruise the mummy poster

Some people are actors. Tom Cruise is a movie star.

Shot gorgeously, The Mummy is a fast-paced movie with some funny one-liners and a ton of action. However, when it all comes down to the script (screenplay) and direction, it can make or kill a movie and this is what happened in term of the dialogue. Writing credits were given to six people (too many in my opinion) including Christopher McQuarrie and the director of this film, Alex Kurtzman.

Image result for gif the mummy sofia boutella tom cruise kiss

But, in a decade defined by superhero movies, reboots and franchises, The Mummy stands out as different. 

Nick Morton is a soldier of fortune who plunders ancient sites for timeless artifacts and sells them to the highest bidder along with his equally greedy sidekick Chris Vail. Jenny Hasley only cares about her work. Each of these characters has one trait in common: selfishness. Yet, it is this selfishness that led them to the monster (Ahmanet). What I love about this movie is the fact that as it progresses, the characters begin to change from their selfish deeds and begins to consider the safety of the other. A lot of people don’t know what a character arc is so when they see Nick upset over Jenny drowning, it was not because he loves her, but it was because he had started caring for her. She also influenced and shaped Morton’s transformation. He even gave her the only parachute on the doomed plane although he’ll later say that he thought there was another one.

 the mummy GIF

We learn that Princess Ahmanet was promised the role of Pharoah by her father, but after her father conceives a son with his new wife, Ahmanet is pushed aside and she goes on the hunt for vengeance by summoning Set the god of death (In Egyptology, he is the god of chaos, wars, and storms, but okay, Hollywood, we’ll just go with death), who gives her a blade that will help her carry out her plan to remake the world in her vision and take back what was promised to her: power (Yu-Gi-Oh! vibes, yass!).

Fast forward to modern-day Iraq. Army Sgt. Nick Morton and Corporal Chris Vail have come into possession of a map that would lead them to more than the treasure they bargained for when they unwittingly discover a tomb buried in Haram. Jenny Hasley arrives on the scene, slaps Nick and demands that he hands over the map that he stole from her, but soon lost interest when she saw the tomb the boys had discovered. Hasley wants to enter the tomb to study it and Colonel Greenway makes Morton and Vail go with her. After Nick unintentionally frees the mummy, a lot of mayhem occurs including Nick waking up in a morgue after a plane crash, his sidekick haunting him, being detained at Prodigium, the freaky creepy Mummy chasing after him, having to fend off zombies and eventually gaining Set’s powers (?).

Image result for gif the mummy ahmanet nick morton

I felt as if the movie was rushed, but I love the open ending as it sets up nicely for the Dark Universe. What even is Nick Morton? Monster? A god? The Mummy? Van Helsing? He is a cursed immortal, that is all we know and he’s going to live out the rest of his life searching for the cure to reverse the curse. There ain’t one, you dummy! 🙂 

Want to hear a funny story about why I love Morton’s immortality? No? I’ll tell it anyway. Twelve or so years ago, I wrote a mini-series titled RAMSES (yes, it was Egyptian related) and Ramses was cursed from birth by the midwife, thus making him immortal. He’ll eventually wander around the world searching for a cure to break the curse coming up empty handed every time. I wish I could say that I wrote a happy ending for this series, but I never completed it. After seeing that Morton has achieved the same fate as Ramses, I think it’s high time that I return to this story and put it to sleep once and for all.

 tom cruise the mummy GIF

But I got the movie’s message loud and clear: Even if you cheat others, you can change to be selfless. This is what that thief Nick Morton did when he finds himself in the ultimate sacrifice to save mankind.


Tom Cruise is Army Sgt. Nick Morton

Image result for nick morton tom cruise

Cruise’s comic timing in this film is pure gold! Take that, people who said that Cruise doesn’t know how to do comedy! This character was a change for TC and I enjoyed Morton to the fullest. Morton is a flawed man who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. His moral standards are questionable. When Jenny accuses him of stealing from her, his answer was, “But I didn’t lie.” There is a certain playfulness about him and a twinkle in his eyes and I want more of this character.

Tom gave a dedicated performance as usual, but they should’ve developed his character further. Yet, I get what Alex did here leaving room for a possible sequel to this soldier’s story.

You know what’s funny? Of all the negative reviews that I’ve read about Tom’s performance, not one reviewer complained about his body. I see why, though. I see why. The man is fit for going on 55! Tom is naked in this film. I mean *whistles* NAKED! Well, he covered his manly parts, but it didn’t stop the women in the cinema from whooping in appreciation. Tom, I love you and I admire your fitness regime, but this was not a film for you to be exposing the goods. 

I also have to note the reason why most people don’t buy Tom in this film. I mean, this is Tom Cruise. This is the man who runs around as a spy saving the world, but in this movie, he is running away from a Mummy of all things. I bought it. Change is always good.

Sofia Boutella is Princess Ahmanet:


The movie is titled ‘The Mummy’, yet Kurtzman saw fit to give Morton more screen time than Ahmanet. Why? Sofia was brilliant as this character. The way she moved, the way she talked, and the way she was relentless in pursuing her “chosen”. I was torn between rooting for her and condemning her. At one point, I was like, ‘Come on, Nick, just give into the woman! DO IT!’ Of course, he doesn’t give into her, but for the time she was sharing breathing space with Nick, there was something between them.

If they don’t write a love story between Ahmanet and Nick, then I will.

Annabelle Wallis is Jenny Halsey:

Image result for Annabelle Wallis is Jenny Halsey

Going into this film, I was skeptical about Wallis portraying an archaeologist, but she portrayed Jenny Hasley to a cold T. This movie would definitely make her a star in Hollywood, but I don’t see any love story between her and Nick. I see her as a companion for her employer, Dr. Jekyll. To the people complaining about her being a damsel in distress, what in the world did you want her to do? She couldn’t suddenly burst out some sort of martial arts technique because it would’ve been unbelievable (and laughable). She reacted normally in this situation.

Jake Johnson is Corporal Chris Vail

The Mummy

I LOVE VAIL! He was Nick’s funny sidekick, although he was constantly shouting at Nick. Haha! I love his bromance with Nick and I was delighted when Nick brought him back to life at the end. 

Courtney B. Vance is Colonel Greenway: 

Image result for Courtney B. Vance is Colonel Greenway

I enjoyed the short-lived performance of Greenway before Vail killed him. Vance enjoyed working with TC so much, that I wonder if his wife would share the same sentiment when she starts filming for MI6? 

Courtney is a self-confessed TC fan. He said that he has watched all of TC’s movies and here I am sitting grinning because I have not watched all of TC’s movies. ^.^

Russell Crowe is Dr. Henry Jekyll

Image result for Russell Crowe is Dr. Henry Jekyll

I was sort of skeptical about Crowe playing this iconic role, but he won me over with his portrayal. I can see a stand-alone movie with his character in this Dark Universe. He was funny, unpredictable, and just a fun character to watch. I am pleased with his portrayal.

“Where’s your sense of adventure, Vail?” Nick Morton


^ Love Tom delivering lines in Late Egyptian. Never thought I’d live to see that day. ❤ ❤

^ The bathroom scene with Nick and ghost Vail was fantastic.

When Nick referred to Ahmanet as ‘the chick in the box’. 

^ All the stunts, but my favorite has to be that stunning underwater scene. 

^ The best line of the film was at the beginning when Morton tries to justify his thieving ways, “We’re not looters. We are Liberators of Precious Antiquities.”

^ “I’m sorry. We’re just never going to happen. It’s not me. It’s you.” When Nick delivered this cheesy line, the spectators broke loose. 

Look at the stinking chemistry between the cursed and the crook! This could’ve gone somewhere had they, visual writers.

THE MUMMY (and beyond)

Although it was more of an introduction to the Dark Universe franchise than being a movie about a Mummy, it was not as bad as I thought it would have been. I don’t think the casting was bad either, but I have to blame someone and I blame the director, the screenwriters, and the editor/s. When Tom came on board, he said there was no script, just a photo of Sofia Boutella as the Mummy. This should have told him something: Alex Kurtzman, the director was not the one for this job. Why bring in an inexperienced director to reboot a project as huge as this? Of all the directors in Hollywood and the studio chose this one? An outlet is currently reporting that Cruise had taken over the project at one point. I can see him being “bossy” on the set (he’ll say he was helping and that it was a team effort blah blah blah), but if he had so much control, then why didn’t he improve his character (in terms of dialogue) given that he is a perfectionist?

Last month, I mentioned that I cannot see the Dark Universe extending beyond this movie given that I only came for Nick Morton, but after seeing it, I think Universal Pictures can revive this monster franchise with PROPER directors and screenwriters. Although I feel as if Tom sacrificed himself in order for the Dark Universe to be a thing.

This was supposed to be a reboot of the original Mummy starring Boris Karloff from 1932. I watched that one and thought it was boring and didn’t see the appeal of it. The Brendan Fraser franchise was cheesy and overly sexual. This one turned up the heat in the sexy body department. I mean, it was Cruise v Boutella in a showdown of whose body was sexier. I’ve watched all the Mummy films just once (yes, including the Fraser ones) and this one is no exception. But I’ll watch a movie with Cruise and Johnson in it because that bromance was LIT!

Image result for tom cruise jake johnson

However, here’s a thought: If everyone can agree that we’ve passed the stage where women don’t need to be playing the damsel in distress, then why can’t everyone agree that it’s time for a woman to lead the Mummy (there have been female mummies before)? Because she’s too sexy? There is no such thing. I remember Imhotep running around half naked back in 1999 and no one batted an eye, but because Sofia is a female Mummy, people have an issue with her sexuality. *rolls eyes*

Image result for gif the mummy sofia boutella tom cruise kiss

My suggestions for Universal Pictures: continue Morton’s story because you owe the audience one, fire Kurtzman, get a PROPER director and writers who know their history. Heck! I’ll write the story for free if you let me. The plot was weak in some areas and the dialogue (I live for dialogues!) could’ve been miles better. If I collect a penny for every time Nick said ‘What?’ I would’ve been rich.

Image result for gif tom cruise what

I don’t think that this movie is suitable for a younger audience, I don’t care if there’s adult supervision and I don’t care if the gore is not hardcore. There are sexual innuendoes (though, not overdone), kinky moments, a naked side shot of Sofia, a naked and fit TC covering his middle parts with his hands, fighting, destructive scenes, lots of dead bodies… parents, be wise and keep your children away from this movie.  

VERDICT Gavel-clipart-clipart-kid

I don’t know about the hating but Tom Cruise stays winning.

rating-blograting-blograting-blog… had to take one star off for the unenthusiastic dialogue, lack of execution and lack of character development especially Nick’s. Yes, the movie does not make a lot of sense, but I honestly don’t know which movie the critics had been watching. Universal Pictures might have disguised this as a reboot, but it doesn’t feel and look like a reboot (it’s an expansion of sorts) and they should’ve named it Ahmanet, but I know it’s an origin story. When the Dark Universe logo was shown at the beginning of the movie, I knew right away that this was an all-new adventure. 


Blue is the new black and ‘The Mummy’ cast is squad goals

I’ve seen some hits and misses over the past few weeks where it concerns women and fashion and don’t get me started with Cannes! Most of the fashion choices were dreadful! With Gal Gadot, Annabella Wallis and the stunning Sofia Boutella promoting their upcoming summer blockbusters, I’ve been seeing them around a lot lately. 

Gal Gadot

Premiere of Warner Bros. Pictures' 'Wonder Woman' - Red Carpet

Gadot wore this Givenchy red number at the Los Angeles premiere of Wonder Woman. I thought she looked stunning, but then when I examined the dress further and discovered the cuts (under the waist), it was a nay for me. I think the cuts ruined the dress. 

  Premiere of Warner Bros. Pictures' 'Wonder Woman' - Arrivals

A cut here, a cut there…

Annabelle Wallis

She is currently on The Mummy tour with co-stars Sofia Boutella and Tom Cruise. She failed to impress me until that lovely red number which she wore at the Taiwan premiere.

She was STUNNING at the Madrid premiere.

I also liked her Parisian look, but I disliked the triangular cut at the front.

'The Mummy' Paris Premiere at Le Grand Rex

Paris had the most stunning red carpet presentation on this tour! 

Sofia Boutella

I like her. A lot. I gave her a nay at the Syndey premiere because she looked as if she was dressed for bed:

She got it right with the green dress during the photo call…

TC and Sofia Boutella:

… and she deserves to be kissed for that!

TC and Boutella:

These two have instant chemistry. I’d ship that. Kidding. Kidding. No, really. I’ll ship that.

She also got it right in Taiwan and at the Madrid premiere:

Tom Cruise Attends 'The Mummy' Madrid Premiere

Seriously, I’ll ship ‘them’!

And that black number she recently wore to the Paris premiere was a definite yes.

'The Mummy' Paris Premiere at Le Grand Rex

'The Mummy' Paris Premiere at Le Grand Rex

'The Mummy' Paris Premiere at Le Grand Rex

Let the shipping commence!

Blue is the new black

Blue has to be the color of the summer thus far. Yes, I’m biased because I love this color and Tom Cruise wears it so well! He’s been wearing a lot of blue lately and I dig it!

Tom Cruise Photos Photos - Tom Cruise arrives ahead of The Mummy Australian Premiere at State Theatre on May 22, 2017 in Sydney, Australia. - 'The Mummy' Australian Premiere - Arrivals:


Tom Cruise:

I didn’t realize that TC had long lashes! No, it’s not Maybelline. He was definitely born with it.

TC. Taiwan.:


Tom Cruise Attends 'The Mummy' Madrid Premiere

Tom Cruise Attends 'The Mummy' Madrid Premiere

Spain. I love seeing him with the fans. The fact that he shows up an hour or so before his premieres to mingle with them is very professional. Who does that? Kudos to you, Thomas. ❤

'The Mummy' Paris Premiere at Le Grand Rex


Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is a man of style!

‘The Mummy’ squad

‘The Mummy’ squad wore it well on tour, but Tom and Sofia always looked as if they were going to prom. 

Tom Cruise Attends 'The Mummy' Madrid Premiere

Tom Cruise Attends 'The Mummy' Madrid Premiere

Sofia Boutella, Tom Cruise, Annabelle Wallis


*** Photos via Zimbio and Twitter.


The Mummy: TC pulls off historic Zero-G stunt

The Mummy:

“I said Annabelle… I said we’re gonna go in Zero G.”

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is at it again. He can’t stop bringing awesome stuff to the table. In this case, the awesomely shot plane scene in The Mummy trailer. It was his idea to put a set inside the plane and to design the plane crash “so that we’re shooting it live”. It happened in real time and there is no edit. Kudos TC! 


This stunt was something that was on TC’s mind for years and he’s finally getting to see it materialize in this film. Also, I just knew he had something to do with that plane scene! I would’ve been disappointed if he didn’t have anything to do with it. 🙂

I am eagerly anticipating this film more than I was before. The clip below takes you to the plane stunt scene in Bordeaux, France. Watch the happy expression on TC’s face as he listens to the Frenchman talk about Zero-G. He was the happiest person in the room. And this is the reason why I like him. He is always eager to learn and he makes the sets his classroom.

**GIFs/Images that don’t belong to LPM are via Google Search (Right-click for original source)