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Devotional Nugget #6: Choose wisely which master to serve.

No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.

Matthew 6:24

Last Thursday, my BFF Tammy and I met to have a day to ourselves and it was one of the best days I’ve had in a long time! We bought some fun stuff before sitting down to have a nice chat. We found ourselves reminiscing, talking about our writing, and the Industry from a Biblical perspective which led us to discuss serving two masters.

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The Bible makes it clear: WE CANNOT SERVE TWO MASTERS! There is a reason why the world is filled with hatred, greed, and jealousy. Why there are so many robberies and frauds taking place. Why our entertainment (magazines, TV shows, books, commercials, etc.) are filled with blaspheming products that are not of God (gambling, drug overdose, nudity, etc.). Why professing Christian actors play ungodly roles in movies. Why professing Christian musicians neglect to drop God’s Name from their lips. Why preachers thirst after riches. For the mammon (money, wealth, and material things) makes them compromise their relationship with God. And when you serve mammon, you do not serve God, but Satan, thus you’ll do ANYTHING for it.

So you go to church
Read the holy word
In the scheme of life
It’s all absurd

Want your pot of gold
Need the Midas touch
Bet you sell your soul
‘Cause your God is such
You don’t care
You kill for the money

You do anything for money

Money, Michael Jackson

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Don’t get caught up in all that glitters for what does it profit a man to gain the world, but lose his soul (Mark 8:36)? The world may look good dangling before our eyes, but the lust of this world cannot satisfy us like Christ can. God is our Sustainer and He doesn’t want us to worry (Philippians 4:6-7). Rather, we should learn to be content in whatever state we’re in (Philippians 4:11). When we’re content, we do not lust after mammon in any form, for we’ll be putting our trust in God for our provisions (Proverbs 3:5-8; Matthew 6:31-34).

We’re to be set apart from the world (1 John 2:15-16) and not conform to it (Romans 12:2) for the enticing, sparkly, glittery, shiny things of this world is deceitful (Mark 4:19). 



Are you storing up treasures on earth or in heaven (Matthew 6:19-21)? Be honest with yourself during your self-evaluation for God doesn’t do compromises. 

Espresso Shots ☕, Football ⚽

July 15th: a special day! 💙

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How have you been? I’ve been well and while things on my end are cooling down, I’m not sure if I’ll be returning to blogging full time as yet. Anyways, I’ll leave this for another time. I want to see how this week goes first. So, it’s July 15th and a very special day for me. 😄

Les Bleus

It’s exactly one year since Les Bleus won the prestigious World Cup. Going into that WC, France was not one of the most prepared team, but during the tournament, Didier Deschamps went from strength to strength with each game. Although France produces some of the world’s best players (ask the EPL and the La Liga), they were not outright favorites going into the tournament. Many were favoring Germany, Argentina, and even Portugal. Many fans rooted for Croatia in the final because society demands that we root for the underdog. What does that accomplish in football? 

Legend has it that I am still celebrating our victory… Okay, I’m not. I’m actually over it. 

Speaking of football, I am delighted that Antoine Griezmann is now a part of FC Barcelona! 🎊 With 5 French players on the team, FCB is slowly turning into FC Francelona! 😅

This season of football is going to be interesting and I look forward to what Griezmann is going to bring to his new team. 😄

Birthday Girl

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Another reason why July 15th is so special? It’s the day my best friend and little sis was born! You guys may know her as Tammy over on Godinspiredart, but to me, she’s more than just Tammy. She’s a woman after God’s heart, a ray of sunshine, an inspiration, my best friend and little sister! She’s multi-talented and she uses them all for God’s glory. 

One day, I’ll tell you guys how God made us meet. 💙😃

Joyeux Anniversaire, mon amie! May you continue to chase after God’s heart and may He shower you with blessings and grace in Jesus’ Name. All the best on this special day as you celebrate the gift of life which was given by the King and may today be one of the most memorable of the year! 💙🎂

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you;
Before you were born I sanctified you;
I ordained you a prophet to the nations.”

Jeremiah 1:5

Photo belongs to Tammy. She was gracious in letting me use it. 💙

And since it’s the beginning of a bright and new week, happy Monday everyone! 

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Blog Related

My bestie is on WordPress!

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Guys! This is an exciting moment for me because my partner in writing and sister in Christ has just joined this wonderful community. I have mentioned her countless of times in my posts and I had also featured some of her poems this past year, so I am happy that she’s joining the family.

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I’ve been asking her to join WordPress for a long time now and she’s finally here! She’s a brilliant writer, a wonderful friend, but most of all, God’s child. 

She is in the process of settling and shaping the blog in how she desires it to be, but you can check out Tammy’s blog via God inspired art

Welcome to the blogosphere, Tammy! ❤

Galaxial nigh meets flaming sunrise

Via Tammy

Inspiration & Words

Seeing the Sea


Warm thick body of huge translucent substance rolling on and off the golden bed laden with miscellaneous shells, 

Invisible breeze strolling along the vast rotations of the roaring and unsettled waves,

Motionless fabricated sea machines stand still on the outer coast waiting for their farewells,

The army of pelicans drove rapidly downward into the feeding base of the oceans before others invades,

Intake of saltiness stains the nostrils with constant inhaling of her unique restless body,

Nets explore deeply into the horizons of untamable feeding frenzy inhabitants,

Numerous seaweeds accessorize the rocks that was looking so angry,

Organized umbrellas dogged deep into the gold bed that lay below the enormous capacity of feet’s, so extravagant,

No time passes when you’re near to such blissfulness of pacifying nature,

Now I must get back to reality, back to disloyalty, watching my reflection disappeared on the mirror of your waters as I make my departure. 

© Tammy

*** Again, a HUGE thank you to Tammy for providing yet another one of her beautiful poetry. If you’re on Wattpad, you can check out her work there.

Inspiration & Words



One day I heard an awful cry
Way up from above the dark swollen skies,
They were the cry of his angels,
The ones that gained everlasting life from above in the heaven away heaven
That’s soon going to touch down
The master sobs profoundly whenever he looks down at his children,
Who daily hurts his heart so much,
He must come again,
Yes he is coming again,
To bring this current world to a massive end
The days are no more longer
The time keeps on getting shorter
The more we surrender
The better it will be  for both our souls and the heavenly father
He’s waiting
While we are senselessly killing one another and concurrently disobeying,
He’s calling,
While we only drink, party and continue to contain our veins with illegal substances to abstain pain,
He’s showing signs
While we continue to be blind by the devil and his targeted demons he assigns,
He screams from inside,
“Why have thou forsaken me? Why my children? Why?”
His angels are on their way on rapid flights,
When can they arrive?
Anytime either today or tonight
Are you ready for judgment day,
When he calls us up one by one for our individual judging?
What would you tell him?
Would we decide then to repent?
Why don’t we all do it now while he still gives us limited time
For one day this world will be no more for you and I.

© Tammy

*** The first poetry for Poetry Wednesday 2017 is a spiritual contribution from my girl, Tammy. She is now on Wattpad, so you can follow her there. Hopefully, she’ll be joining us in the blogosphere! 😛

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Challenges/Tags/Fun Stuff

Tammy’s ode

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DAY 28

Her name is Tammy and she loves to laugh. 

She laughs when she is excited, happy, or even when she feels a little down. She laughs when there is no reason to. She laughs when there is a reason to. She laughs off gossip, lies, and strife. Not even stress can get the better of her! The day I don’t hear a bit of laughter escape from her, I know something would have to be terribly wrong.

Tammy is one of a kind and I hope she never ever changes for anyone. 

© La Petit Muse 2016

july 28

For Word-High July

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Inspiration & Words

Pink love

There were days I dreamt of having you,

And nights I cried my face off,

Leaving my cheeks completely blue,

I don’t anymore because God has sent you,

My darling,

My joy,

My life,

My support,

I need you even more,

I love you forevermore,

As we sit side by side,

As the days slowly pass us by,

I had once gave up on love,

The one the Most High had all along,

He was patiently preparing from above,

The mistakes I made,

Had drowned my heart in shame,

But until you came,

My life has been rearranged,

We shall never depart,

Until death do us part,

We’ll remain forever as from the start,

This love we share,

The pink flowers around don’t you see them cheer?



Oh they’re everywhere,

Let’s stay together,

Under the umbrella,

Enchanting melodies of our favorite long songs

© Tammy

Inspiration & Words

Beauty’s lost love

Once again, I share another poem from Tammy. The images are also supplied by her.


Love come love goes,
It melts the soul sometimes fast or really slow,
Once said beauty,
To the prince of her dreams which is now just only painted in her,
Dark reality,
Met him at one of the fairest balls,
Down escaping into the clear skies,
Midway into the rich gold halls,
Green eyes danced in glee,
Holding hands in the sun and in the seas,
This was love not a fantasy,
No really said beauty it was love not a fantasy,
Romantic picnics by the running blue lakes,
Poured expensive mashed grapes into the mouth,
As the sweet aroma of roses intakes,
Diamond ring placed on the indicated marriage finger,
Cried over joyous tears, didn’t want the wed day to linger,
One day Mr. Love was on a trip to Venice,
“I promise I will be back” he retorted on his one bended knee,
Beauty believed her love is words and smiled at the time,
But that promise wasn’t back not in a wink of an eye,
Days turned into weeks and as months turned into years,
Beauty’s happiness was replaced by endless tears,
Sleep wasn’t needed anymore,
The rose love gave her withered with rootless sores,
She cried and cried until the meaning of cry didn’t exist any longer,
No consumption for years just dragged and rolled in hunger,
Mother and father got disturbed and left beauty to finish rot,
The greenness left her pupil now just filled with unwashed dust,
Love never returned,
Not one winter,
Not one summer,
Not one autumn,
Not any of the seasons whatsoever,
Her nails engraved before beauty’s expiration day,
Written by beauty’s last breath and decay.

© Tammy

Inspiration & Words

Poetry Wednesday: The painted mirror

For the next 3 Wednesdays, I’ll be featuring poems from my friend, Tammy. She writes from whatever inspiration she draws from nature and its surroundings and I think she has a way with words. Tammy is a magical being and many of her poetry are inspired by such imagination.

Placed on Bolivia’s glass floors,

I painted a mirror with huge colors,

That galore,

Painted on the world’s largest moor!

A paradigm of colors arrayed,

Through the thin bright stairways of angelic clouds,

They never dim they stayed.

White light rays from heaven shrouded,

Around, abound, up and all the way down,

Walking on this mirror of magic,

Seems like you’re in the air, not below where lies the tragic.

Just dream and dream and dream,

The sunlight rains constant beams,

Is that the sound of the angels from above?

Instrumented with violins on the reflected cloud with doves,

Imagination never ends here,

I don’t want to go home don’t you dare!

I stand on glass, I stand in the sky,

Don’t take my mirror away, not even for one night.

Solitude of happiness, I’m not allowed to cry,

Dear painted mirror of Bolivia, keep me infinite,

God’s grandeur shines its light,

Awaiting another day,

Another visit,

Yes, my dear you’re infinite.

© Tammy