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Journal entry #1: My Starbucks experience


Sunday 30th, October 2016

This journal entry is long overdue. I hadn’t realized that it was still sitting in drafts! 

Starbucks has officially opened its doors to its second branch in Movietowne (Port-of-Spain) to serve coffee/tea loving consumers in Trinidad. My sister and I hit it up in the evening to get the Starbucks experience that our American and Canadian friends craves and enjoy. We bought the vanilla latte. I love vanilla! The atmosphere was lovely and although the place was packed, there was still breathing room to move around and chat. Their menu is lovely and the prices are worth it.

On our second trip which was the following Sunday, I had a coffee frappuccino and she had a strawberries and crème frappuccino.



This is going to be our Sunday ritual for a while. 🙂

*** Zindagi is actually an Urdu word meaning life.

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