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Instagram’s Favorite Street! 🇫🇷

With its candy-coated pastel houses and weathered cobblestones, it’s easy to see why Rue Crémieux is a HUGE hit on Instagram. This car-free backstreet is the most Instagramable street in Paris, much to the annoyance of the locals. 

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While the picturesque street in the 12th arrondissement is garnering a lot of attention, tourists also have to be mindful of the residents.


The one-block pedestrian street was originally built as workers’ housing in 1857. From 1865-1898, it was known as Rue Millaud. It was renamed for Adolphe Crémieux, a French lawyer and politician. During the catastrophic Crue de la Seine de 1910 (1910 Great Flood of Paris), water from the Seine reached as high as 1.75 meters on one of the buildings. In 1993, the street was closed to vehicles.


We live in a self-absorbed world. With the hashtag #ruecremieux now linking to over 31,000 images on Instagram, Rue Crémieux might be a paradise for Instagrammers, but they’ve taken away the residents’ privacy. They used to be able to take their tables outside to have lunch, but now, they can’t do so with yoga aficionados, dance sessions, and fashion shoots blocking their doorways. The residents are okay with people taking photos, but they’ve demanded that the city of Paris to protect their privacy by closing the street to visitors on evenings and weekends which is fair enough. Imagine looking out your window and seeing this:

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Or this:

And this:

And even this:

It’s a beautiful street, but it’s rude to disturb the peace and snatch away privacy. Some even go as far as recording residents leaving their homes. People are sheep, literally, and when they see something goes viral online, they want to do it, too. You travel to experience, not to take pretentious photos of yourself.

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Day 8: A song about drugs or alcohol

The first song that pops into my head is ‘Beat It’ by Michael Jackson given that it was used during the Nancy Reagan’s anti-drug campaign (‘Just Say No’), but I want to take another course today and talk about a song about the media. 

I consider Depeche Mode the best thing to ever come out of England. They have sung many wonderful songs that can break a heart or heal a soul, but ‘New Dress’ is underrated maybe its because it encourages us to ignore the media given that they’re never focusing on the real news. Whenever something major happens, they dangle a celebrity in front of us to take away our short minded attention. This song also helps realizes that gossip is not okay and the world has BIGGER problems to deal with and we should stop focusing on the mundane issues. 

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Although it’s a short song, it’s packed with a lot of meaning: powers that be governments and elites not doing enough to stop/help tragedies/injustices; the hypocrisy of our politicians and their promises. This generation is under the wicked sway of celebrity culture and that’s why they find it hard to tear their attention away from distraction.

We’ve come a long way from Princess Di wearing a new dress to Kate wearing Rosemary’s Baby dress. The media says it’s an accident, but I don’t believe that for one tiny second.

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Jet airliner shot from sky
Famine horror, millions die
Earthquake terror figures rise

Princess Di is wearing a new dress

You can’t change the world
But you can change the facts
And when you change the facts
You change points of view
If you change points of view
You may change a vote
And when you change a vote
You may change the world

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An apology and blessed weekend

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                  You’ve got mail…

Earlier this week, I talked about starting the Social Media Theme which would’ve kicked off with cyberbullying, but I couldn’t get around to writing any of the presented topics. I started two of them, but I did not get the time to complete and post. I know a few of you (by few, I mean two 🙂 ) had expressed interest in this topic and I apologize for the delay.

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I also had to write my thoughts on Criminal Minds thus far and the premiere of the second season of Riverdale, but unfortunately, time was not my friend this week. I’ve scheduled a few posts for this weekend, but I’ll try my best to make up for Social Media Theme starting on Monday be it God’s willing. 

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All there’s left to do now is wish every single one of you a blessed and restful weekend! Thank you for stopping by this week to read and share your opinions. I utmost appreciate it. ❤


Social Media theme: the menu

There’s always a downside to every good thing.

I’ve been trying to come up with topics for Social Media themed week, but no matter how hard I try, I keep coming back to the negatives of social media. This generation is all electronic and cannot bear to live without their iPhones. We live in a time where we can’t eat, sleep, or think without our digital devices. 

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We depend on them like manna from heaven often neglecting our spiritual nourishment.

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So without further adieu, guys…

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Although I’ve labeled it Social Media themed week, it’s actually going to run for 2 weeks (or maybe 3) because I wouldn’t have the time to write all of the articles in one week. Also, I can’t decide which ones to write apart from a few. I came up with…

^ Tell a hater later

> Oversharing

^ Meeting potential killers online

> Are you addicted to Facebook?

^ The negative effects of social media

> YouTube drama

^ Conditioning

> In defense of your favorite celebrity

Disclaimer: I am not saying that you shouldn’t use social media because there are many good things that you can reap from it, but use it wisely and thoughtfully.

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