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July 22nd: The stat connection


Go to your Stats page and check your top three-five posts. Why do you think they’ve been successful? Find the connection between them, and write about it.

Well, since it was not specified if I should be looking at the all-time stats or current, I’ll just go with the current.

My top 3 posts according to the stat page:

1: Saif Ali Khan to Star in India’s first Netflix original series

2: Put on the WHOLE ARMOUR of God

3: ‘The Mummy’: Thank the Egyptian gods for Tom Cruise & Sofia Boutella!

There’s no connection, given that most of my posts are random. 🙂

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30 Day Song Challenge: Day 9

song challenge

Challenge: a song that you can dance to

At the moment, I can dance to any Bollywood item songs.

‘Pyar Ki Pungi’ from Agent Vinod. Saif Ali Khan’s dancing was pretty funny and awesome at the same time and it makes me want to get up and groove along with him. Saif was Bollywood’s answer to James Bond in this film.

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#MayBookPrompts Challenge: Day 4

May Book Prompts

Challenge: The Fault in Our Stars

Another book I did not read (and have no intention of reading), another film I did not watch (and have no intention of watching). John Green is not an author I’m gaga about.

I drew inspiration for the following piece from Kal Ho Naa Ho (one of the greatest tearjerkers of all time) in which Aman (Shah Rukh Khan) didn’t tell Naina (Preity Zinta) and Rohit (Saif Ali Khan) that he was actually dying from cancer.


He was dying. The bastard was dying, and he didn’t have the gall to tell her of his serious diagnosis. Sandra wept alone in her car, the big white hospital building in front of her a blurry mess. Tyson never told her that he was in the last stage of cancer, that he had actually come back home to make peace with his loved ones and to die free of burdens. It was unfair. She had given him all of her and never once did he had the audacity to give her a piece of his dying heart.

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